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GO Launcher v2.55


September 6, 2011 by admin

v2.55 is available on Market now! Next version is 2.56 and we will release it next week.


1. (New) 4 new home screen transitions

2. (Improve) Restore option of hiding notification bar

3. (Improve) Supports screen rotation of first installation

4. (Improve) User experience of dragging operation

5. (Fix) Wallpaper zoom issue


Download v2.55: please click here


Notice! Here is the beta version of GO Launcher 2.55. We will release it to Market next week.


New features:

1. (New) 4 new home screen transitions

2. (Improve) Restore option of hiding notification bar

3. (Improve) Supports screen rotation of first installation

4. (Fix) Wallpaper zoom issue


Download v2.55 beta1: please click here

Download v2.55 beta2: please click here

Please let me know if you meet any bugs in the beta version.


  1. George says:

    Just installed v.2.55beta1 (Hmm…..I must have missed 2.54 roflmao)on my Samsung Intercept running 2.2.2 FroYo. No problems so far. Everything running smooth and new screen transitions are cool. Great work once again,always looking forward to weekly updates ツ You guys are still the king of launchers ♚♚♚♚

  2. Manuel says:


  3. Carmelo says:

    elastic scroll off in app drawer always missing
    and make the grid 4 (h) x 5 (v)

  4. says:

    I’m Visiting This Site 4 Times A Day, Hungry For New Things From GoDevTeam :-)
    Great Launcher, Love Your Improvements!

  5. Umberto says:

    please add the possibility to change the number and the size of icons in dock bar like miui.

  6. Tara says:

    Icons still disappear from my dock. It’s always the same ones: Go SMS Pro, Gmail, and Android Market. :(

  7. Ale says:

    The App drawer lags a lot, like the preview animation and the home scrolling. I have this issue on my Galaxy S2… Touchwiz 4 is always smooth, how can Go Launcher EX be so laggy?

  8. Chris says:

    Please introduce option to change folder icons (in App drawer & on home screen).
    For some reason, it’s not possible to change folder icons to theme icons. The only folder style is the one with the small app icons.
    Please change.

  9. Gryme says:

    Great job DEV TEAM y’all are UNTOUCHABLE!!!.. only problem I see with v2. 55 beta 1 is the icon redraw is very bad and it takes alot of effect from the new screen transitions and thats what really hurts this launcher the most overall and its been doing it for awhile… THANKS FOR LISTENING

  10. Bast says:


    Juste a little test, work smooth on Spica like always, For they new effect they Works smooth but have a little bug, my principal screen stay invisible all the time of the transition, the screen have Go weather widget (4×2), 6 icons and 2 little widget of alimentation control.

    But really a great job! Thanks a lot!

  11. Ryan says:

    I am still unable to reat the setting menu options on the Noot Touch. Is there a way I can manually change the color of the fonts so I can find something that works better in gray scale?

  12. Andre says:

    Hi, just installed on Galaxy S2. Awesome as usual :) Can you guys pls pls pls make the dock visible form the app drawer as well?? Or maybe make it an option. I’m really missing that.

  13. Robert says:

    Can I put in a feature request to get more columns and rows in app drawer?

    I’m on nook color/CM7, and 5×5 is not enough. Ideally it would be 8×10.

  14. Robert says:

    Where do we submit issues? Nook Color/CM7/Tablet Tweaks, the menu bar is cut in half on the home screen. It seems the soft menubar isn’t considered for the menu display. This works in other launchers though.

  15. D says:

    Bug- Facebook widget 4×4 with transparency skin it’s thinner than other go Widgets
    Request – Please cascade home transition like MIUI and qqLauncher in my opinion it’s the best looking transition. Please Thanks in advanced Also highlights color option and type prefer Glow instead of that big square icon highlights.

  16. cooppe says:

    bigger 文件夹 图标

  17. beyoung says:

    very nice,永远力挺你们,hope能吸收别家的更多优点,趋向完美`

  18. beyoung says:


  19. Jonasz says:

    I really love your launcher, but some bugs are there again and again :-(
    BUG: Unable to set 5×4 grid for drawer (5lines, 4rows).
    BUG: “Locked apps” settings don’t work, changes has no effects!!! (Unable to restore apps that have been successfully locked with previous release!!!)
    And, just for improving
    REQU: Do you plan to add feature to set individual wallpaper/live wallpaper for each home screen?
    REQU: A way to remove label for customs folders on home screen?
    REQU: Choose number of lines for folder display? Thankx

  20. Jeannette says:

    I posted a screen shot on facebook a couple days ago. Hope you saw it.

  21. kovdev says:

    Please release a new copy of the template since the old link is gone.

  22. [...] ne neue GoLauncher Beta 2.55 mit neuen "Effekten" und Verbesserungen, aber seht selbst GO Launcher : GO Launcher v2.55 beta Gruss [...]

  23. Sky says:

    New transitions do not work properly.
    Some part of screen appears slower than other parts.
    Xperia x10i.

  24. Paulo Resende says:

    Great as usual!
    Please make possible to hide the Homescreen button on App drawer. It takes screen space and we have already the Home and Back hardware buttons to go to Homescreen.

  25. srk says:

    do i need to say nething…alright….
    rep x99999999
    the best….love u dev.
    love the weather widget….with diff themes….
    supper sexy..
    my sgs s2 was 1st a smart phone…
    now its a GOD of smart phone.

  26. beyoung says:

    hi,GO Team好,
    2.55beta2解决了我HTC-DHD2.3.3原生rom 部分桌面特效旋转时出现黑屏的bug,

  27. elthar says:

    Please fix wallpaper from album is can’t full screen and can’t scroll.

  28. TMoura says:

    Hello, I’m GoLauncher user for a long time. His speed, beauty, charm held me so far. Now, if possible, Golauncher would be perfect if it had the beauty of the Galaxy S2 launcher, the issue of adding widgets and see the whole screen just above. Anyway, I think you know. hugs

  29. Zekrom8686 says:

    Sorry, I went to and got Launcher 7 Donate for free, but I added a tile for GO Launcher EX, and I still use it. The app drawer is still slow as molasses on Christmas Day. Droid X 4.5.602

  30. Carmelo says:


  31. Carmelo says:


  32. Carmelo says:


  33. [...] the developers have also released a new Beta version that can be downloaded from their website at  New features in the Beta version [...]

  34. [...] the developers have also released a new Beta version that can be downloaded from their website at  New features in the Beta version include: (New) 4 new home screen transitions (Improve) Restore [...]

  35. June says:

    Hi. in my app drawer, there is a large pixelated icon in the background that wasnt there before the update. im using galaxy s. i dunno if this is a bug or just a setting i need to fix. i was previously on 2.53 before the update. thanks.

  36. Rex says:

    Plz provide option of Full Screen app drawer. I don’t want upper tab bar or lower home icon bar. Plz consider this request.
    Need not say that I genuinely appreciate your work and wish you huge success always !

  37. Gainn says:

    Getting some really weird effects on a galaxy tab with 2.3.3 XWJP9..
    the next screen appears on nearly all the transitions as an overlay on the moving screen.. it must be hardware differences as it works pretty well on my SGS2.. uninstalled, cleared and reinstalled but problem persists..
    the new transitions fail to display properly on the tab, with widgets not fully loading till screen has stopped moving..
    SGS2 does this with the new transitions on some widgets (‘glass widgets’ on the market being one)
    This didnt happen on any of the previous ones.

  38. dipdcrown says:

    If we intall the beta will it recognize the update in the Market? Will we have to uninstall 1st?

  39. Frank says:

    How come the Home Screen Folder sorting feature from v2.51 beta has been dropped??? It was so nice! I like when I sort my apps in the app drawer and they sort the same way on my home screen!! Bring it back pleeeeease!

  40. androidhu says:

    Anyone else finding a screen sensitivity problem (SGS2)? I click an icon, (it’s definitely a click as it’s audible) but nothing happens. Especially in the dock area. The second (sometimes third) click will work. Nether Touchwiz nor Launcher Pro Plus exhibited this.
    Other than that, a superior launcher.

  41. Kostis says:

    That launcher really is the best among payed and free launcher. I would like to have the chance to change the number (and maybe the size) in the dock’s icons. That would be just great! Thanks so far!!!

  42. Matteo says:

    Still… Please increase icon size for Home Screen and App Drawer. On high res devices (480×800) they are too small. Using 4×4 grid, the gap between icons is as large as icons.

  43. CioN says:

    This is the best launcher that I’ve proved

    I have a question, when I create a folder in the menu whit a lot of apps inside, only appear 12 apps at the same time (4×3)

    How can I change this to a 4×4 grid, 16 apps at the same time, like the menu?

    If this isn’t posible, please add this function in the next release

    I have a LG Optimus black, 4 inch screen

    thank you

  44. hanschke says:

    the app lock option dont work for me. the app is not hide but i have checked the hide option in the launcher prefs.

  45. Gryme says:

    @Dev Team.. I would like for y’all to bring the alphabetical sort back for folders it really kept apps organized and also the option to change icon touch background color… THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!

  46. Carmelo says:

    -disable elastic scroll in app drawer
    -transparent notification bar (but not in app drawer)
    -correct the empty space bug when i add simple calendar widget at the top of the screen

  47. Felix says:

    Hi, thanks for all the effort and update. I’m a user of go launcher for quite a long while. Recently, I got a Samsung galaxy tan 10.1. I’m just wondering whether there is a version for honeycomb in plan?

  48. John says:

    I just installed the new Go Laucher (2.55) and my Go Weather is getting “sorry, no city found by GPS, please add city by search” but Its showing my location. And so I’m constantly getting beeps of go weather problems.

  49. beyoung says:


  50. Shaun says:

    Please add support for changing font size in the app drawer. Using a lower DPI and 5 x 5 icons in drawer results in app labels a lot larger than the homescreen for example, and 10 character or longer apps truncated…
    You can guess what “Wifi analyzer” gets truncated down too…

  51. Noriaki says:

    Cool launcher!
    Still looking forward the widget auto fit function!
    Thanks so much!


  52. Rui says:

    Missing names on dock applications…

  53. Rui says:

    You could add applications name on dock….

  54. Gryme says:

    @Dev Team.. I’m really hoping y’all can fix the restarting and lagging issue of Go Launcher real soon because when the launcher often keeps restarting on its own it causes everything else to slow down as well… THANKS FOR LISTENING!

  55. Akash says:

    pls pls fix the lag in the app drawer make it smooth

  56. adONis says:

    Dock-Issue…. hello, i encountered an issue on the dock-icons. sometimes, when i click on an icon, i can hear the click-sound, but the app (phone, messages, appdrawer, etc…) doesn’t open. I really love golauncher, and its – in my oppinion – one of the best on the market ;-) keep on the good work

  57. TXguy says:

    Is there going to be a fix for the Acer A500 tablet?
    I got a message that it is incompatible with it & it won’t install.

  58. tb says:

    Still oversized AppDrawer font in my tablet, and probably in others as well. Makes the entire launcher unusable on tablets.

  59. Hendriik says:

    The only problem I have with this beta version is sometimes it loses all the widgets and just show “Problem loading widget” I then have to put the widgets back, and when I reboot my phone, it happens again.

  60. thebeardedchild says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve noticed some strange things in recent builds:
    1. There’s a gap on the left side of the screen in landscape mode. Happened in 2.52 I believe.
    2. Trash can is on the top, and I can’t move it back to the bottom?
    3. I can’t use the Go Theme Dock Background anymore. When I select it, it brings me to a crop screen with no image, and I can’t select the original dock background. Happened with like 2.5x or something..

    And of course, the burning and still unfixed issues:
    4. ALSO, there’s a gap at the TOP in portrait AND landscape mode, even when the indicators are gone. Option to remove would be AWESOME.

  61. g&l says:

    App drawer was definitely smoother on 2.53

  62. klint says:

    Thanks a lot for that update.
    Dragging an app from one home page to the other is now more obvious and very handy :)

  63. g&l says:

    App drawer in official v2.55 is still less smooth (by far) in comparison with v2.53 (default effect)…I’m going back to previous version.

  64. g&l says:

    ↑ CM7 nightly 104 galaxyS

  65. hugo says:

    I have a problem with version 2.53, when I leave an app and return to go launcher desk, All my folder and withet is reload. This take a lot oh time each time. Why?

  66. g&l says:

    After last update app drawer seems to be smooth again thanks:) u r the best

  67. Dario says:

    Please add the option to change icons in app drawer, this feature is really important in a app like yours, why haven’t you add this feature???

  68. joe says:

    just intalled from new version from app market to my s2 galaxy, old version worked fine new one is not working messing up the screen and the transitions???????????

  69. Scott W says:

    Just upgraded to 2.55. Drawing the icons on my home screen is much longer.

    Where is the option to hide the notification bar? Can the dock bar be enhanced to allow for auto-hide?

    Keep up the great work.

  70. Anssi Hannula says:

    Hi! I tried to reach you by email, but since I didn’t get a response I’ll submit this here.

    I have an Android tablet that doesn’t have phone functionality. GO Launcher EX is completely hidden and therefore uninstallable from
    Android Market on my device.

    This is because your AndroidManifest.xml declares

    which implies

    which causes Market to hide and prevent the installation on non-phone

    I have installed GO Launcher EX manually and it seems to work fine on my
    I therefore suggest you add

    to AndroidManifest.xml to declare that the app works without telephony
    support as well.

    See this link for a more thorough explanation on implied requirements:

  71. Anssi Hannula says:

    Seems the XML tags from my last comment got eaten by the blog comment system.
    uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.CALL_PHONE”
    uses-feature android:name=”android.hardware.telephony”
    So you’ll need to add this:
    uses-feature android:name=”android.hardware.telephony” android:required=”false”

  72. Carlos Blanco says:

    Hi. Is there anyway to download my HTV EVO widgets for us under Go Lancher? There were a few i liked like the phone image, larger menu icons, txt, mail, calls, coming in were displayed and notified much nicer on the home page. IU am trying to optimize my phone and could use help with it.

  73. marian says:

    hi friends! can you make a option, please, to resize icons when use iphone theme(i have motorola atrix) and another option is for show/hide icon lablels background? thank you!

  74. Jonasz says:

    !!! Unable to set 5×4 grid for drawer (5lines, 4rows). !!!
    -Do you plan to add feature to set individual wallpaper/live wallpaper for each home screen?
    -A way to remove label for customs folders on home screen?
    -Choose number of lines for folder display?

  75. Madsen says:

    The option to hide screen indicator of App Drawer doesnt work.

  76. Leo says:

    Make the vertical app drawer noticing the CORRECT position of the last use, please :)

    The rest works fine for me!

  77. Don Waheed says:

    I install go luncher 2.55 in my gallaxy s2 and I don’t found any deferential bettwen my old go luncher 2.53 ther is no new screen transition !!!

  78. Don Waheed says:

    I install go launcher 2.55 and I don’t found any deferential bettwen my old go launcher 2.53 there is no new screen transition !!!

  79. Don Waheed says:

    I install go luncher 2.55 and I don’t found any deferential bettwen my old go luncher 2.53 there is no new transition!!!

  80. Gabby says:

    Please fix the bug causing home to restart every few secs or mins.. last couple versions have been like this.
    Really annoying. very slow and laggy because of this fix soon please.

    Droid 2 running Stock Gingerbread 2.3.3

  81. sp3llv3xit says:

    The launcher seems to have screwed up my Samsung Galaxy S2 wallpaper cropping/resizing function. When I reverted or downgraded to the earlier version of the Go Launcher (v2.53), the problem disappeared.

  82. dennis says:

    Transparent Icon Labels in home screen – is this possible in this version?

  83. Johnny says:

    Would be really great to have a Google Voice counter.

    For some reason, the Gmail counter stopped working for me about 3 updates prior to 2.55. Either fix in future upgrade or email me to tell me how to fix.

  84. Mohan says:

    Can the labels get transparent background (no background) option like the ones in this thread

  85. Prakash says:

    Really great launcher!!! the most annoying wallpaper zooming issue has been fixed and my wallpapers works perfect! like to have an option to customize the number of icons in the dock and an option to change folder icons in both home screen and app drawer don’t like the looks of the default icon which always shows preview of what’s inside folder. other then the missing two if the options the launcher is the FB of android launchers :)

  86. Bast says:

    In the market update the effect works perfect with my screens. Bugs have been fixed thanks a lot.
    And now the transition with the paysage mode is so fast! Great job ;)

  87. Gopise says:


  88. DirkStorck says:


    I really like your launcher and use it for many weeks now.
    Two days ago I have switch the ROM to MIUI 1.9.2
    I have download the notification addon and put the gMail and SMS into the dockbar
    If I get an SMS or eMail the notification does not change. I don’ t see that I have a new SMS or eMail.

    Could you please help?

    Thank you :)

  89. Carmelo says:

    -disable elastic scroll in app drawer vertical mode
    -transparent notification bar (like miui launcher) (but not in app drawer)
    -correct the empty space bug when i add simple calendar widget at the top of the screen
    -when press a application shortcut, add other coloured boarded styles (like a thin boarder orange like launcherproplus)

  90. MOHANNAD says:

    Wallpaper zoom problem back again in v 2.55 ):

  91. yeellow says:


    Some of the dock icons are changed to the default icon and I can’t get the proper icon anymore, even if I delete the shortcut and add it again. What can be the reason?

  92. sean says:


  93. luetkmeyer says:


    I love your software.

    A suggestion that I would love:
    Integration with Tasker:


    Home Screen Intent

    Tasker’s Go Home action can specify the page of the home screen which should be shown. To support this action, a home screen need only accept the extra
    with the launch intent, the value being an integer from 1 to 20.

  94. Zekrom8686 says:

    One word: epicly awesome. Oops, that’s two, but I have a laggy GO Launcher EX, like others… but it would be nice if the beta versions were uploaded to the Market, like GO Launcher EX Beta

  95. Kiran says:

    The wallpaper zoom issue was temporarily fixed for a first few runs but now it has come back.. Can you please fix this?

  96. Craig says:

    Can we get an option to turn off the icon highlight when tapping or long pressing an icon? That’s the only thing stopping me from jumping ship permanently from ADW.Launcher

  97. Winston says:

    I love this launcher, but I don’t why it always tends to be more laggier than ADW or launcher pro… and this reason keeps making me revert back to ADW and Launcher PRO.

    If this laggy problem and enhanced smoother overall performance I’ll definitely stick with this launcher. Please fix?

  98. Steve says:

    The wallpaper bug seemed to be solved when i updated the app on Tuesday, but this morning the android market app updated Go Launcher EX again(don’t know why, as on my phone i already had version 2.55) and the problem came back again… the program is perfect but this bug is really annoying…

  99. hakusf says:




  100. Lorenzo says:

    Hi, in the page on market there is a picture where the menu have a form of sphere (instead of vertical o orizzontal)… How i can obtain that?

  101. Fyre says:

    Please all us to *change font size* in the App Drawer. Using a lower LCD Density (DPI) causes items in the App Drawer to have very large labels. Many labels are shortened and you can’t tell what it is.

  102. YigiT says:

    please make bigger icons :) everyone saying this :)

  103. fall says:

    还有新增的效果没做好啊,我用go calendar的页面在新效果中会出现问题,望修正!!

  104. Hiram says:

    Great launcher!!!
    Docks icons are very small in my Motorola Atrix. Please make an option or a preset to make dock icons bigger and less closer to the system buttons.

  105. Walter says:

    Problem with the newest update. When moving from one screen to the next I get echo images of the icons. These accumulate leaving much of the screen ineligible, rendering widgets useless. Only workaround is to leave the launcher, then return. I have a Droid Charge, running 2.2.1 firmware

  106. David Kinlay says:

    Something went seriously wrong today with Go Launcher .Had to delete completely as a lot of missing icons and kept reverting to home page . Hope you can fix soon,was a favorite .

  107. Gryme says:

    @Dev Team.. can y’all please find a way to keep Go Launcher from constantly restarting itself and having to redraw icons on homescreens everytime I exit an app.. it causes the whole phone to lag real bad to the point I have to reboot my phone I’m currently using Evo 4g 2.3 software. THANKS FOR LISTENING!!!

  108. Alex says:

    Does not see all original Samsung Widgets on Galaxy 2, running stock ROM (XK3)

  109. Philip says:

    2.53 is working good on the Galaxy S Captivate. Once upgraded to 2.55, the wallpaper is shrunk, the colors of the icons and app drawers are inverted. When click on the app menu to show the app drawer, click home to exit, the apps will remains on the home screen creating ghost images.

    Going back to 2.53 with Titanium Backup fixes the colors and icon issues, but breaks the layout. I hope it could be looked into in the next version.

  110. Simon H says:

    I have configured my homepage (portrait), but when I rotate the screen into Landscape my Minimilistic text, widgets overlap..?

    I was wondering if it was possible to be able to edit the home page screen then lock this, then have an option to also edit in Landscape (sorry if this is not clear)

    this will then allow you to edit the home page when in Landscape that does not alter the Portrait display?

  111. Toldo says:

    Is it possible for you to make a bigger dock (or ability to set some kind of dock height), and the option for four icons in dock? I’d love that.

  112. Zach G says:

    Sorry for the noob question, but how does a third-party go about making themes for this launcher?

    I have all of the images/icons/etc. pre-drawn but have no idea as to how to implement them in a Go Launcher theme…

    Any help?

  113. Werner Ruth says:

    I use Tasker. This program has a routine (Home Screen Intent), with which it is possible to reach every side of the homscreens on Click.
    Launcher Pro supported the order. It would be very nice if you could insert this in go launcher


    Many greetings

    Werner Ruth

    Thank you for your nice program.

  114. FP says:

    My dock disappeared! I would like to put back it visible ! How do I have to make?


  115. Kill the lag says:

    It saddens me that Go Launcher lags on a powerful phone like SGS2. Please stop adding new features if it is going to affect performance. Prioritize the next one or two releases for performance and code optimization as it is much needed.

    2.52 was the last stable and fast build. Not going to update until the lag is fixed.

  116. bulent says:

    I can not understand ? Why do you not add a “large icon” property.. dock and home icon

  117. Gryme says:

    Dev Team.. I would have to agree with “kill the lag”v2.52 was the most faster, smoother,and the most stable of the Go Launcher it just about ran perfect! The lagging and redrawing in Go Launcher now is terrible and annoying it really needs immediate attention it slows my Evo4g down to a crawl… THANKS FOR LISTENING! I HOPE Y’ALL CAN REALLY GET THIS PROBLEM FIXED ASAP

  118. Coolloyd says:

    Since I installed the new Go Launcher Ex, whenever I press the button, my Evo 3D asks if I want to set this as the default app. Although I click the make default button, every time I press the same question pops up. The weird thing is under the applications section in my phone preferences, the CLEAR DEFAULTS button is grayed-out. Any ideas?

  119. xenia says:

    I like Go Launcher but am once again preparing to replace it with another launcher apparently. I am endlessly frustrated that I cannot add 3 of my mo’s frequent actions go to Notification, return to Home screen and change Preferences from eh dock bar. Yes I know I can create gestures I hate gestures, I have arthritis in both himself and if I could disable al gestures on my phone I would. The ridiculous little press until my thumbs hburt, go dark buttons on my phone for my home screen are also useless. Why would you not offer these basic and important functions as options to the dock bar? If the is a way to do this, where I can just Pres the button please someonelet me know.

  120. x says:

    I don’t if this has been reported yet , but i changed my default install location to sd (using the sdk adb shell tool) in order to free up more space on my internal memory ,after few hours go launcher ex force closed , and it kept force closing till i changed my install location back to internal memory , will be much appreciated if this is fixed fast as it’s a bit of a trouble to keep switching my default install location whenever i wanted to move some apps to sd (android 2.3.4 , xperia arc , go launcher ex 2.55)

  121. Flo says:

    Please add email notification support for for app Kaiten to GO Launcher EX Notification

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