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GO ThemesFactory v2.1 Beta


September 29, 2011 by admin

GO ThemesFactory v2.1Beta released !

GO launcher ThemesFactory is a tool to make your own themes for GO Launcher EX.

It has all the elements of a theme of GO Launcher EX that you can recover them.

It also has many beautiful material that you can choose to use freely.

It have many ways to allow you to edit the picture you input.



1.Preview area can show the effect of your replacement of the elements.

2.In the preview area ,you can click a element to open the editing area the element belongs.

3.The elements you can recover include wallpaper, icon, background, the text color and so on.

4.You can find the “import” in the “File-import”, then you can import a GO Launcher EX theme.

5.You should fill in the product description in the Export box. You will see it in the “info” of the theme in the phone.

6.The Generic icon will affect all the icons you didn’t recover.


1.You can only make the theme of GO Launcher EX.

2.You can open the file by open the folder with the name of your theme in the Software.

3.The JRE and JDK is the tool to help you run the software and export the APK files.

4.Thank you for your support.We will improve it step by step.

***This program only supports windows system, and your computer is installed with Java JDK***

[Install JDK]

1.JDK download page:

2.Accept License Agreement

3.windowsXP system and windows7 32bite system users download jdk-6u27-windows-i586.exe

windows7 64bite system users download jdk-6u27-windows-x64.exe

4.While installing JDK, do not change installation location, keep clicking next

***Double-click the file “themesfactory.jnlp” to download for first-time running***

[Change log]


1.(Fix) Windows 7 system environment can not run

2.(Fix) Export part of the themes fail

3.(Fix) Click Open themes emerged crash problem

4.(Fix) Home screen indicator location

5.(Fix) Folder in the background preview shows uncompletely

6.(Improve) Simplify installation and configuration process

7.(Improve) DOCK and app drawer icons display separately

8.(Improve) Preview pictures while choosing

9.(Improve) Replace menu item icon

Download GO ThemeFactory: Click here


  1. Gainn says:


    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

  2. Elia says:

    plz ubuntu support !

  3. Lumabizz says:

    There is no download file in the link, only a empty page.

  4. me says:

    take the off the front of the link and it will download

  5. Lumabizz says:

    Ok thanks, it worked.

  6. Jason says:

    I updated Go Launcher last night. Now my phone touchscreen is unresponsive, just shows black. Can’t use my phone because of the Go Launcher update. Its acting like a f/c, but with no way to select the stock home screen.

  7. yken says:

    Please BIG ICONS for your launcher.

  8. aftab says:

    Can you guys please add background application running preview by pressing long home button… preview like when adding page on home screens

  9. Anon says:

    It would be cool if you could support animation, for example animated wallpaper.
    also option to import custom icons even more.

  10. JLKinUS says:

    The Theme Factory is great, but cannot change the Folder Name color. Just defaults back to white after closing/opening the theme.

  11. Noemi says:

    Can you change highlight/click colors for icons?

    I will start making themes right away.

    @Anon Live wallpapers are supported, you can just add them after-the-fact. Animated GIFS would just be a mess.

  12. Laura Peralta says:

    sorry.. but i’m not so in .. with this. Can someone tell me how to open this? cos when it started to download.. a got an error saying some file was missing.

  13. admin says:

    u should download JDK first, after installing JDK, u can run it

  14. Ryan says:

    Will this let me create a theme without a dock bar?

  15. Rich says:

    I’m unable to open or create a new theme it says the file name cannot be empty. can any one help?

  16. Noemi says:

    I installed JDK 1.6, it says I don’t have it. Anyone else having this issue? BTW I’m running 64bit Windows.

  17. guillermo rosales says:

    I make the theme following the instructions… finally it seems work, but I don´t know how to apply the theme in my samsung galaxy fit…
    I use Windows Vista sp3.

  18. sianhulo says:

    you should make an unix(mac-linux)version, i don’t think it is that hard to port java, just asking….

  19. sianhulo says:

    well peps, i opened the .jlnp file(with gedit) and changed “Windows” to “Linux”, now it is downloading, however, my conection is slow, tomorrow will say if it works.

  20. chriscsh says:

    how to add app icon (the app not include in the themefactory)

  21. chirag says:

    hey how can i change the menu to transparent. ( the menu which pop ups when pressing ‘menu button’.

  22. Rich says:

    Im still having problems with theme launcher opening or creating new themes. it says theme name cannot be empty. this is after a update. can any please help

  23. johnpfm says:

    Is it normal the java download dures 1 day :o ?

  24. cvm says:

    exuse me when i do my theme it appears with smalls icons please help me ….. the problem will be the common icon

  25. Rich says:

    id appreciate some help with the theme maker can anyone help? I cannot create themes

  26. elthar says:

    Thanks For your Themes Factory.It’s work well.I want to change menu color but don’t know how…and want to resize icon.

  27. kayhan says:

    More apps and Widgets

  28. AzoozThemes says:

    I tried my best to make themes on ubuntu using the template AND the go themes factory, not working, so windows is the only supported, but I really am very happy that GO Launcher came back to go themes factory :D

  29. xqophx says:

    Launch themesfactory.JNLP

    Application Error
    Unable to Launch Application

    Running JDK 6.27 64-bit or 32-bit

    Win7 Pro 64-bit

    Any thoughts?

  30. Annoyed :S says:

    I cannot believe you can make such good android apps and such terrible desktop apps. it created directories called “c:\3G_GoLauncher_Dev_ThemesFactory” and “c:\ThemeMake_temp” on my linux desktop.. even if it WAS windows, why would you create 2 directories in the root of c:\ seems unnecessary. but PLEASE, PLEASE! Java is cross platform, Android is cross platform… this tool MUST NOT be tied to windows.. it is so unfair. it is not difficult to use the cross platform functions that java provides to create temporary directory and get information about the filesystem and operating system instead of hardcoding things like c:\ Almost makes me want to uninstall all of my GO Products for fear that they are equally poorly coded.

  31. zhfsxtx says:


  32. Thank you very much!!!
    This tools is amazing!!
    I do a lot of themes for Go Launcher!!!
    Awesome guys!!

  33. I’m thinking….
    Can you guys make a tool to do Clock Skins Widget???

  34. SNutzu says:

    Can someone upload the downloaded content from that weird chinese host to a normal sharing site? Like megaupload, mediafire etc… I waited for 2 hours today and yesterday and the progress bar just stops at about 1/3. It’s driving me mad! And the download speed is a bout 10 KB/s… I mean come on GO team…

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