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GO Locker V1.01 released


October 28, 2011 by admin

Notice! Here is the version of  GO Locker v1.01

What’s new:

1. Add Date Format setting

2.Better locker feedback settings and add vibration swith

3.Shorten the time of screen closing when locker enabled

4. Better UI and performance

5. Fix bugs on some phone models

Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement in the beta version!



1. Cool Locker Screen, Let your phone to be outstanding;

2. Good compatibility with GO Launcher EX and it is stable;

3. Easy to use and change some settings.;

4. Activate phone, SMS and Camera easily;

5. Various of Locker Themes, fits your Patterns of use;

6. Emergency unlock is enabled;


1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above have been installed;

2. Click “MENU—->Preferences—->Theme Settings—->Launcher Locker” to use it after installed;

3. Click “My locker” to preview and Download more Locker themes;

Download link:

GO Locker

GO Locker Theme Fourkey

GO Locker Theme Right

GO Locker Theme Green

GO Locker ThemeSense



  1. alexterra says:

    I was waiting for something like this from you! Can’t wait to see all the future features!
    any plans to support Screebl Pro like Widgetlocker?

  2. brypie says:

    Very nice!

    Any plans to allow the choice of what app shortcuts are available to the lockscreen?

  3. Jack says:


    This is the best AddOn for the GO Launcher EX. Can’t wait to see more Themes and Settings.

  4. yken says:

    Next file explorer and music player applications?

  5. Nonolol says:

    Maybe I did not search in the right place, but It should be nice to have a setting to change the locker wallpaper.

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  7. miky says:

    First of all, thank you for this nice feature. But I have a bug in my phone (N1 with CM7.1 stable). When I reboot my phone after installing the apk, the screen asking for my pin-code is hidden, and so I can’t unlock my SIM card. Also, the home button stops working.
    Thank you again.

  8. Antonio Mourão says:

    Try this new application, I like it a lot, it fast, simple.
    But I had to uninstall, with this aplication install I cant put PIN, the screen does not appear. I have a Zte Libre with CM7.

  9. George says:

    I agree with Jack, this is awesome! I’m using ThemeSense on my LG,Optimus with no issues at all. More themes please. Thanks :)

  10. George says:

    Just think it would be great if we could add widgets like widget locker. For example change the clock. Also choose wallpaper. Thanks again.

  11. Van Thanh Tín says:

    very nice.thanks

  12. WoW!!! Awesome……….. make it user customize too….

  13. gmp009 says:

    make performance wise better coz it is not giving performance like as smooth as other lockapps gives

  14. Cruzan says:

    On my samsung galaxy s 2 if I press home key it cancels the lock screen and goes directly to go launcher

  15. sebx says:

    Hi, most important improvemets for now are 24h clock format and configurable data format , next localisation – then speed optimalisation . Good work anywhy !!!

  16. D says:

    WOW LOVE IT. Here’s a few suggestions that would make it complete

    1. Custom wallpaper or use the same as desktop
    2. Date format options here where I live the date goes like this 10-14-2011 also the time goes like this 9:45 am not 09:45
    3. Better clock font

    Request please a green glow fourkey theme
    Also galaxy s style glass screen. Also a default android lockscreen. I would gladly pay or donate to you guys. I’m going to the market an buying a couple of themes for your hard work and appreciation

  17. D says:

    On my samsung galaxy s 2 if I press home key it cancels the lock screen and goes directly to go launcher


  18. JLG says:

    Installed on my droid 3. Appears to work, interesting.
    When I unchecked sound it had no effect. Unlock sound and vibration stayed on.
    Unless you can customize, I don’t see much advantage over standard lock system.
    Since all Go product seem to be excellent, I’ll keep experimenting.

  19. George says:

    Using ThemeSense and just noticed there’s a cool charging indicator. Love it!

  20. sebx says:

    BIG ERROR – on DEFY with official CM7.1 when GOLocker is enabled after phone restart network login screen is unavaiable . So there is no network avaiable , after disabling GOLocker logon screen appears imedietly .

  21. robert tan says:

    pressing home again will go directly to launcher ? can that be fixed please ? on SGS2

  22. Mark says:

    Great !!

    Confirm in Galaxy S 2 if I press home key it cancels the lock screen and goes directly to go launcher…

    Please can you add the possibility of wallpaper change ?

  23. Carmelo says:

    what about add a widget like nolock for disable and enable lockscreen?

  24. Gabby says:

    Adding our own widgets would be great like George said above. I have widgetlocker currently &that’s why I’ve kept it..because I can access all my fave apps &widgets directly from lock screen.

    Add unlocking vibration levels..the vibration is too intense on my phone would like it less intense.
    ***it does not work w/lock pattern it by-passes it everytime even when I have it set for my pattern lock to come on when display is off. On go screen it juss ignores that completely/: so anyone can go through my phone.

    But for the most part good job go dev team!!!! looks nice can’t wait to see updates on this and how much better it can get! :D

  25. Gabby says:

    You know what else would be cool if we could change the icons used in the unlock system &the message &phone w/icons from our icon packs from our themes for Go Launcher Ex!!! Like widget locker does w/adw icons.
    Checkout Widgetlocker it willll help you guys get lots of ideas(:

  26. Sebastián Porta says:

    Please add support for music controls in the lockscreen.
    Also would be great a whitelist to add specific apps in order to deactivate the lockscreen when those apps are active

  27. Django says:

    Wow nice!!
    But since i have installed and activated it, my Galaxy S2 wont get in deepsleep anymore.

  28. IanB_uk says:

    Works perfectly on my Nexus S, it would be nice to be able to apply your own wallpaper, but I still would could this 10 out of 10 :) Thanks

  29. IanB_uk says:

    I meant to say….but I still would still give this 10 out of 10 ( Blinking keyboard !!)

  30. David says:

    When on lockscreen, if I touch status bar it tries to come down but shots back up also custom launchable apps would be cool :) . Love this tho, very cool!

  31. Aftab says:

    i have almost 30 lockscreen themes but i am not able to make them for go launcher, Is there any guide or specific software to make lockscreen themes ?

    if any one caan guide me i can provide different more than 30 beautiful lockscreen themes

  32. Link_of_Hyrule says:

    Amazing it needs an option to launch go sms and other apps instead of just the default. Also a custom background option would be amazing keep up the good work.

  33. Sunny says:

    Can anybody tell me how change the wallpaper or background in golauncher lock????????

  34. calos says:

    love it now go launcher it’s above all launchers. one little request can you ad android default pattern lock too… thanks for all you hard work..

  35. alan725 says:

    Please implement to change lockscreen wallpaper automatically in specified time interval

  36. Van Thanh Tin says:

    how about we can change the background and a space to show the name owner phone on loker screen.

  37. fall says:

    Waiting for more personality settings! So love go launch am I!

  38. martin says:

    it works more stable than some widgetlocker themes and agile lock for example.. but i will not really use it until i can customize it way more.. atleast let me set my own background. good work though

  39. Jack says:

    Some Ideas:
    - Add more personalization Settings (Change Wallpaper, set Onscreen Information [Clock, Weather, Calls, Messages], select Quickstart Apps)
    - Optionally remove Statusbar
    - Add Support for K9 Mail (Like for the Statusicon Addon for the GO Launcher EX)

    Thank you

  40. elthar says:

    Thanks,I want to tell more than this.But thank you is the best,….

  41. Ex_Silentio says:

    On my samsung galaxy s 2 if I press home key it cancels the lock screen and goes directly to go launcher

    The Same here..

  42. EddyGeek says:

    not fit for ldpi.. however this is great component to be added for go launcher ex collections.

  43. henrik says:

    simply love it. please keep on the good design.

  44. getcase says:

    the locker will let NoLed lose effectiveness

  45. Kon says:

    GREAT APP!!! Do something with Go Contacts(Too buggy) and release GO PACK!!! :-)

  46. Gryme says:

    @Dev..when my phone rings it causes a little red rectangular box to show up on the upper left corner of my screen with numbers going up and down and when I close this app it disappears ..EVO 4g gingerbread! im currently using ex locker theme green!

  47. Gryme says:

    @Dev.. previous comment.. its the float window service thats causing the red box to appear.. PLEASE FIX! very annoying

  48. Bala says:

    Good!! This is totally unexpected!! Once this gets optimized, this will be one of the top application

  49. peter says:

    same problem here “little red rectangular box to show up on the upper left corner”
    ..please fix this

  50. regs says:

    is there any way to switch to 24 hours? lockers shows me 12-hour clock

  51. Gainn says:

    great idea, and it wakes the SGS2 up much faster than it normally does..
    cant wait for security and customisation options..

  52. peterbonge says:

    Like someone already said above: The locker prevents the PIN input screen to appear. That is very annoying. You have to disable the locker to enter the PIN.

    - An option to change the background or at least to use the launcher background. The latter would be useful for live wallpapers.
    - Options to change the (additional) shortcuts.
    - An option to change the display timeout while the locker is active.

  53. ghenarys says:

    Awesome !
    But need an icon to launch it again when it stop and to change settings.
    Thx again for this great job.

  54. Chase says:

    I really like how this looks right now, however my main issue is that I cannot use my notification bar while locked, add that as an option and I will switch over from widget locker

  55. Hendriik says:

    Can you please make it so that you can change the date format on the locker.

  56. acabtr says:

    On galaxy s2 I’m getting that red rectangle after calls and it doesn’t go away

  57. jackyspeed says:


  58. Gryme says:

    To get the red rectangular to go away try uninstall and reinstall it worked for me!@Dev ex locker is keeping my default pattern lock from working phone doesn’t lock anymore! Please fix..

  59. rowi says:

    I can confirm that the current Beta on CM7.1 (on HTC Desire/Bravo) prevents the SIM Unlock to show up so that you can’t use the mobile Network.

  60. Miky says:

    Please add GMail and Whatsapp Notification

  61. Hey on Android Gingerbread I can’t set go sms to the default messaging app on the dock bar and if i use the sms shortcut in GOLauncherEX Locker it doesn’t open GO SMS it opens the regular sms app :(

  62. alin says:

    I’d love to have a tablet version..!

  63. William says:

    Great lockscreen. The only issue is, it by pass the pattern lock. Thus if I enable this, anyone can unlock my phone. Hopefully an update will fix this.

  64. Unknown says:

    Please add background feature to this cool locker!
    very nice

  65. Derick says:

    As mentioned already, I would love to pick my own wallpaper & SMS app. That being said, holy beta what? This thing works better than any lockscreen app I’ve shelled out cash for. Slick ass! Good work boys!

    Working flawlessly on HTC Inspire4G

  66. Jakub says:

    Pls make it more smooth..some theme lagging a little bit when you unlocking..and pls wallpaper change opportunity

  67. Mark says:

    Very much enjoy this addon – thank you…

    Like others, I find the following:

    1. Lags a little
    2. I get the ‘red box’ bug – resolved for now by uninstall/reinstall
    3. I miss the ability to change the wallpaper
    4. I would like to be able to configure the shortcuts on the lockscreen
    5. It doesn’t pick up the location for things like date style etc
    6. Pattern lock is bypassed

    Is there a way for you to combine all of these launcher add-ons into 1 downloadable pack?

    Cheers guys – much appreciated! :)

  68. pavel says:

    perfect work!! but when I president a red button, it is unlocked! plz fix it..

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  70. regs says:

    Does anyone figured out what means those numbers T, S and P in red box?

  71. Thomas says:

    Great, just one more issue to the view who reported other poster. When i activate the lockscreen i have two times a lock sound, because of the system sound settings. Please add also a lock sound and not obly a unlock sound. Than i can deactivate this feature in the system configuration.

  72. nick says:

    Looks great. I hope in full release there will be fingerprint scanner support for motor atrix.

    Also ability to add 3rd party clocks and weather Widgets.

  73. Carmelo says:

    -widget like nolock for enabel disable locking
    -no vibration option
    -no go lockscreen option (default lockscreen like miui)

  74. marcco says:

    This is great! Bravo for GoDevTeam!
    Add lock background necessarily

  75. Jeremy says:

    Overall i love it. It would be super nice to make it a little more responsive, and have support for widgets (at LEAST GOwidgets) and also give the option to change the wallpaper and give the option to mute the phone.

    For a beta though, it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    looks very promising

  76. akash says:

    pls add the vanilla lockscreen

  77. elefan87 says:

    Very good. Excellent indeed.
    +1 for local date format

  78. BAC. says:

    I tried the locker. Good idea, but for now it lacks options to customize (clock/date, wallpaper,…). I still use WidgetLocker, and i’ll try Go Locker again when it will be improved :)

  79. Domie says:

    Great idea, lacks more functionalities (like Livelocker)

    1. PIN screen
    2. Custom buttons add (number selectable)
    3. Option to hide or show notification bar
    4. Option to enable/disable certain features (background, buttons,…)

    I noticed a red log line while the Lock service is active, only problem is that it can only be removed by stopping the GO Lock service.

  80. sebx says:

    Update – this red rectangle with digits and letters T,S,P,All after calls I get only when I also use GoContactsEX together with GoScreenLocker . So it must be some debug info but GoContactsEX triggers it ?

  81. akash says:

    this so cool
    pls add the famous vanilla lockscreen pl

  82. Aeroman says:


    why can not change the Background Picture from Lockscreen?? And why not Secure Code for Lockscreen? Thats Important, Solved this plz.

  83. Bill says:

    I just found this today and love it. I have an unrooted(for now) HTC Thunderbolt with GoLauncher EX. I’m using the sense lock. I do have a few comments.
    1. (most importantly) Can you add an option so that when I hit the volume button nothing happens? On the stock screen lock, the only button that does anything is the power button. I like that since I’m constantly bumping buttons when it is in my pocket, or even when it is in the case on my hip. If I bump the volume button now, my screen lights up causing me to waste the already poor battery that comes on the thunderbolt.
    2. as stated above, the option to change the wallpaper would be great.
    3. as stated above, the ability to change the actions of some buttons, ie switch the message option on the sense to mail, would be nice.
    4. you guys are awesome. I love GoLauncherEX and now this. Thanks for the great products.

  84. regs says:

    Got a real problem. Unlock buttons/sliders are way too sensitive. You only need to slide them by some 40-60 pixels (just about 1/10 of screen height) to get device unlocked. I think it should be at least 40 for slider and 30% for four key style (when slider reaches outter borders or least center, not inner border).

    I’m wearing 30S jeans with phone in back pocket. Electricity goes well through jeans, so it’s oftenly gets unlocked by ass :) while just walking.

  85. sebx says:

    Hmmm … beta2 … we need beta3 – more errors than before , I send reports from application .

  86. Mark says:

    Uhmmmm…beta 2 and NO background change ? See you later….back to widgetlocker…

  87. sant0s says:

    Pattern screen shows over the lock screen when i wake the phone – htc inc running cm7 nightlies

  88. Sid says:

    Fantastic! Go team delivers again.

    A couple of issues.
    1. I can’t slide down the notification bar in the lockscreen
    2. A bit laggy

    HTC Desire with dGB ROM.

  89. George says:

    Really need to be able to use our own wallpaper, and the ability to add/remove widgets. Ok so we’re a hard crowd to please LOL. I guess what we REALLY want is the Go Launcher version of widgetlocker!! You guys rock and thanks for all your hard work to make our phones rock too!

  90. Chris says:

    Force closes on my HTC Desire (Android 2.2).when I unlock. Tried the Sense and Simple lockers and had same problem with both.

  91. cvm says:

    can you put an ice cream sandwich theme plz?

  92. Derrick says:

    Force closes after unlock on droid x also

  93. [...] with some nice themes including a HTC one. You have to use it in conjunction with Go Launcher. GO Launcher | GO?? : GO Locker V1.0 Beta 2 It's free. __________________ dGB rom; ManU 1.4; Bravo sense hboot; AmonRa 2.0.1; S-OFF; [...]

  94. Rick says:

    Great job! I’m very excited about this new. ew feature and cnt wait to see what options are in the updates.

    Just a couple suggestions if you’re looking.. Custom wallpapers, notifications integration! Good job guys, keep them coming..

  95. pcloth says:


  96. Rits says:

    Great effort but there’s quite a few things that need to be fixed:

    1. Please add the minimum required customization like the wallpaper and add weather to the lockscreen.

    2. The stock lockscreen on my SGS running 2.3.5 comes on randomly after a call or after closing an app. It also sometimes comes on before the GO Lock. So, I have to swipe that and then the Go Lock to unlock my phone.

    3. PIN, Password, Pattern locks are bypassed (very unsafe!).

    4. Performance is still a bit laggy sometimes.

    5. Swiping the phone icon when there’s a missed call alert takes me to the phone dialler instead of the call log.

  97. Unk says:

    I want to change the background.

  98. Gainn says:

    Please dont release this to the market until it has security features and customisation options..
    you will have so many people complaining about it if you do.. it will not be good for your reputation, and will put people off using it.
    I like the locker idea, but it’s just not got enough features to make it release worthy yet.

  99. D says:

    For all those complaining about security issue. What security issue? Its common sense that you have to disable go locker in orders to use the stock password lockscreen again. Why would you enable Go locker if your going to use the the pattern lockscreen? Idiots.

  100. Mike says:

    Bug on dx 2.33 with the docking station. The phone ends up going to sleep mode.

    I really like this app otherwise, but can’t use until this is fixed.

  101. Félix Antonio Gutiér says:

    Using Nexus One 2.3.6 stock unrooted, each time i go into plane mode, when i try to go back, i get no PIN number screen, so i have to restart the phone. Back to widgetlocker ’till that issue gets solved.

  102. Deepak ramchandani says:

    Very nice software

  103. gmp009 says:

    U guys have to make this app for all launcher/………

  104. mike says:

    I agree that a wallpaper change function is important, but most importantly, the buttons only go home/messages/dialer… stock dialers and sms suck, they should be able to link to go dialer and go sms pro instead

  105. lccv says:

    this lockscreen is amazing, the themes does a lot of features difficult to find at other apps, is that any way to costumize the lockscreen background? hope to see this feature for future updates. sometimes the default lockscreen appears first, some bugs to correct. but i loved it, congratulations, guys!

  106. kabulbl says:

    when using the go locker (great!) sometimes the original theme locker pops up. how to disable it?

  107. sam says:

    I got the same problem as well.
    kabulbl | 25/10/2011 at pm 2:58 | Permalink
    when using the go locker (great!) sometimes the original theme locker pops up. how to disable it?

    The lock itself is great. Please follow the agile locker to get more feature out of it.
    Currently I don’t think that it is good enough to replace agile locker.

  108. lightpower says:

    On DEFY with Pin enabled I am getting double lock screen ( One stock and next Go Lock) Is there any work around for this?

  109. Marius says:

    Awesome lockscreen. Only option i’m missing for now is setting a personalized wallpaper for lockscreen. Keep up the good work. Now i won’t be forced to use another lockscreen. Goodbye Widgetlocker :)

  110. Andies293 says:

    I get a double lockscreen on stock Droid Charge. (Glass/Puzzle – then Go Locker). I would love option to have Go Locker as the default lockscreen.

  111. Ezequiel says:

    please add an option to change the wallpaper!!!! pllllllllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaase, could be the best locker app!

  112. Ronald says:

    Does anyone know how to disable the stock unlocker on a Samsung Droid Charge? Only two choice right now are the Puzzle or the Slider and don’t see how to disable them. Right now I have to unlock with it and then unlock the Go Lock. I really want to use this new unlocker I’ve gone into I’ve emailed the team and I’m sure they will be able to tell me how or if it can’t be done.

  113. sebx says:

    Hmmm … it is already released to Android Market – full version , I’m testing it now :-)

  114. sebx says:

    It is nice that errors are fixed , locker works now as it should for me – custom wallpaper would be nice , some more customization also .It is time for localisation – I can help in Polish . :-)

  115. jimmy says:

    Cant seem to disable my droid charge lock screen (touchwiz) and only use go locker, even with go locker enabled. Any suggestions….

  116. [...] it gives you the best control of the way you want to customize it. And for free.Recently they have released a lock screen replacement, Go [...]

  117. Laurentiu says:

    Can you add the possibility to change the lock screen default orientation landscape or portret!!!! I have a tablet and the default orientation landscape and the lock screen is portret so when I unlock is very slow

  118. ashd says:

    1. Compile all the different ways of unlocking into this app, and let the themes handle the different looks.
    2. Includes password/timer/clock/date/size/background/sound/vibrant options.
    3. Does not go into Go SMS when unlocking via the SMS button.
    4. Report wrong number of missed calls

  119. 儿童摄影 says:


  120. Adis says:

    I love how you make an awesome locker with easy access to phone cam and sms only to obliterate its best use by not allowing to change the sms shortcut from stock to go sms :/ mind = blown.. Come on don’t make me loose faith in you! :)

  121. Arj says:

    I will be waiting patiently for these fixes/features to come:

    1- support for pattern lock
    2- a way to disable the default system lockscreen completely
    3- support for apps like “unlock with wifi”
    4- ability to set transparent background like app drawer so that we can also see the live wallpaper on the lockscreen ( its awesome! )
    5- support custom ROMs like Cyanogenmod
    6- ability to set “custom quick apps” on lockscreen, which also bypass pattern lock if set

    I know these features will come soon, because Go Team always brings best releases! CHEERS!!!

  122. George says:

    Widgetlocker just updated and it seems unbeatable. Go devs really gonna have to step it up here to compete. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with but for now I’ll be sticking with widgetlocker.

  123. Xavier says:

    Controls for music player would be nice. Appreciate the 24 hour clock setting (love to try that out when Beta 2 is out)

  124. Melissa says:

    One my droid Charge it will not work-even when enabled. It’s the original lock screen. THEN the Go Locker screen. Please fix and you will have a fan! Thanks!!!

  125. Tahir Akram says:

    To Go Team:

    Congrats for this new app.

    A feature that’s missing is, if I am playing music. And my phone is locked with Go Locker. I can not use my volume keys to inc/decrease volume. The keys do not work. Yes, if I press long music key. It unlock my phone. But I want to increase/decrease the volume of the media I am playing.


  126. Marco Antonio says:

    I really like the Go Locker, but when I’m using a music player application like Player Pro that have a special Lock Screen when you listening to music, the Go Locker don’t show this special Lock Screen (Player Pro)… And you can’t choose a music or other functions with a bluetooth headset.

    Will be really interesting if Go Locker accept temporary Lock Screen of other applications like music player.

    If Go Dev solve that, I will use Go Locker.


  127. Dex_nic says:

    I would like to suggest some improvements and some bug report. So, I would like to offer:
    1) add to customize lockscreen: set own picture(wallp) of lockscreen; choose color of light when you unlock slider in default theme (orange set as default, may be add some another colors? – yellow, green, blue, red end etc.)
    2) add to choice shortcuts on the lock screen: to be able to change message shortcut to camera shortcut, or another app (calc, gallery, music player, browser and so on). Or make camera shrotcut in Default & Sense themes, like in FourKey theme, because its very easy and fast to open camera. Example in Default theme this can be done by dragging the lock up.
    3) add always show battery charge in percent on lockscreen, not only during the charging. Or add an item in the settings, to show charge as option.
    3.1) add in others themes show battery logo during the charging, like in Sense theme.
    4) add show the name of mobile operator and set alarm (you can do this as an option from the settings)
    5) add lock by PIN-code (or password), like in Samsung Galaxy SII

    Some bugs that I noticed:
    1) unlock sound is very loud! may be add setting of volume unlock sound? Also you can add lock sound? (example, SGSII has lock and unlock sounds)
    2) On SGSII screen lights up by pressing volume rocker, even in settings “emergency unlock” is disable. I would like to lockscreen appeared only when pressing Home or Lock buttons.
    3) On SGSII lockscreen closes and moves to the home screen, when double-tap home button. It appears that I can unlock device only by double-tap home button. I think it should not be.

  128. cASE says:

    I don’t understand why there is no implementation allowing you to change the lock screen wallpaper..but other than that great app..just wish i could have my wallpaper back!!

  129. Link_of_Hyrule says:

    I really want to use go locker but I can’t until go sms is integrated into it! Also I would love to see an option to allow access to the notification pull down while on there lock screen. And if course fully customizable shortcuts and wallpaper maybe a way for people to create go locker themes!

  130. says:

    Maybe You Should Have A Look At Magic Locker To Make GO Locker More Stable.

    Here You Must Set The Locker As Your Default Launcher.
    In The Locker Settings You Can Choose Your normal Launcher.
    With This Locker I Have No Problems With Double Lockscreens Or Plain Mode/PIN…

  131. davide says:

    Improve the possibility to change the wallpaper or to catch the current wallpaper. another thing is the possibility to change the app at left and right in the lock screen

  132. vega says:

    go locker there is not an option “landscape mode”
    i use motorola charm, so the default view in landscape

  133. Dan S says:

    One of my biggest complaints about GoLauncher is purely cosmetic – any image set for the dock is distorted in landscape mode. This causes the icons for any apps on the dock bar to appear shifted. I wish you you guys would fix that.

  134. vk7xp says:

    +1 @sebx Defy with CM7 pin screen issue

  135. amir says:

    very very gooood

    thank you

  136. regs says:

    There is DD.MM.YY, but no DD.MM.YYYY, which is used on mainland Europe

  137. Daniel says:

    GO Launcher. The launcher that needs 1000 apps to function as a complete launcher. This is getting ridiculous . Seriously.

  138. Daniel says:

    As compliment to my last comment;

    Re-write, write right.

  139. Atrin says:

    great work…

    i like ur work & use all go production!
    i did make a theme for GOLocker like fourkey theme!!


  140. kiloeminem says:

    For the next step,
    Can you add the funtion of password or gesture to unlock the phone?
    It’s quite important for someone like me, to protect our privacy.

    Looking forward to your next improve
    Thank you.

  141. TIMMY says:

    My issue is the default lockscreen will come on after the phone has been shut off. Also, the default lockscreen will show then go locker will come up. It’s laggy as well

  142. da says:

    I would like to suggest some improvements and some bug report. So, I would like to offer:
    1) add to customize lockscreen: set own picture(wallp) of lockscreen; choose color of light when you unlock slider in default theme (orange set as default, may be add some another colors? – yellow, green, blue, red end etc.)
    2) add to choice shortcuts on the lock screen: to be able to change message shortcut to camera shortcut, or another app (calc, gallery, music player, browser and so on). Or make camera shrotcut in Default & Sense themes, like in FourKey theme, because its very easy and fast to open camera. Example in Default theme this can be done by dragging the lock up.
    3) add always show battery charge in percent on lockscreen, not only during the charging. Or add an item in the settings, to show charge as option.
    3.1) add in others themes show battery logo during the charging, like in Sense theme.
    4) add show the name of mobile operator and set alarm (you can do this as an option from the settings)
    5) add lock by PIN-code (or password), like in Samsung Galaxy S

  143. 19jakub96 says:

    I’ve got a problem. I’m using godialer and gosms, and in this locker godialer works, but sms is stock (from htc). I can’t change that…
    I’m waiting for updates ;)

  144. Dark Knight says:

    Go lock is very good but put the option for change the background wallpaper and another option for change the sound of unlock screen, thanks hello.

  145. Sj says:

    Bug report :

    Go locker is disabling NoLed.

    I’m using Galaxy s 9000 and when I enable Go locker it’s disable NoLed notifications.


  146. ck says:

    Great, very nice but 2 main things to fix 1- when screen is locked the home button works
    2- When reboot the go locker app doesn’t came strait on
    Can’t wait to see more Themes and Settings.

  147. 蚂蚁啃桌 says:

    把状态栏下拉后 按HOME,直接到了主屏了
    好像就没有GO LOCKER 这回事

  148. tobi says:

    very nice really but i want my own pic as a wallpaper for the locker ….can you make this possible

  149. LC says:

    A couple of things to make GO Locker feel more versatile:
    1. Allow pulling down the notifications at lock screen.
    2. Allow volume buttons to be used at lock screen.

  150. Jay says:


  151. ken says:

    Love this new feature only 1 extra thing. Should be made so you can remove the clock/date as well as change which app to the left and right. Anyway wonderful job

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