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The Survey to the Battery Power Consumption of GO Launcher


October 18, 2011 by admin

A number of users have reported that GO Launcher drained battery quickly, but we cannot follow up this problem precisely as we haven’t got enough data of users’ habits. In order to better GO Launcher and enhance the user experience, we would like to collect some data with your help:

1. What are the GO Widgets you normally set on screen and the respective version of those widgets?

2. What’s your common operation?

3. Have you turned on GO Launcher Locker? (MENU-Preferences-Themes Settings-Launcher Locker)


If your GO Launcher draining battery quickly, please replied to this blog with the answers to the three mentioned questions . We will follow up and make improvements as quick as we can.

Please don’t replied if you don’t meet the problem.

Thank you for your continued support to us!


GO Dev Team


  1. 3abboud says:


    I think that I don’t have this problem, baut I’ll ansewer these qustion as it could help.

    1. I use only Go Calendar widget

    2. Some internet browsing, some gaming and some caling and SMS

    3. No I didn’t tuned on Go Launcher Locker.


  2. Steve says:

    1) No Go Widgets
    2) Screen lock / unlock, notification (SMS) interaction, screen scrolling
    3) Tried but then uninstalled Go Locker

  3. Hendriik says:

    1) Switch widget
    2) screen lock/ unlock, sms, go contacts
    3)yes go locker turned on and in use

  4. inoirawus says:

    1) at first, calendar, contacts, messages. then i removed contacts and messages because of the battery use..
    2) twitter, facebook, some gaming and taking picture
    3) no, i dont use the locker.

  5. ariesyp says:

    1 日历,短信,开关,go天气,任务管理器,联系人插件
    2 回短信,看天气,用任务管理器禁用程序,用开关调节音量,通过联系人插件打电话
    3 没用go锁屏,那个反应太慢了。点亮屏幕后先进入到主界面,才跳转到解锁界面。

  6. Wedge says:

    1. What are the GO Widgets you normally set on screen and the respective version of those widgets?
    - Go ClockWidget (v1.21), Message Widget (v1.9), Go FBWidget (v1.8), Go Calendar Widget (v2.92), GoBookmarkWidget (v1.1), Go Note Widget (v1.1), Go SwitchWidget (v1.2), Task Manager (v1.3)

    2. What’s your common operation?
    SMS, phone, minimal internet, alarm clock

    3. Have you turned on GO Launcher Locker? (MENU-Preferences-Themes Settings-Launcher Locker)
    Tried it for 2 days, but not advanced enough to replace widgetlocker yet ;)

  7. Konstantins says:

    1) Go Weather, Go Note (taskts) , Go calendar, Go Switch . Last three with transparent theme
    2) call, sms, e-mail, web surf
    3) Yes, I have. The Sense theme is my favorite.

  8. Desirehd says:

    1.Go SwitchWidget,Task Manager and go twitter widget
    2.FB,Twitter ,internet and games
    3.Tried GO Launcher Locker but i dont use it any more!

    No battery drain on my DHD!

  9. iamthenewno2 says:

    1. Calendar, ToDo, Search, Facebook & Twitter. All with Transparent theme.
    2. Games, sms & calls.
    3. Tried Go Locker but it needs to be enhanced before it can replace the standard, so installed but not used.

  10. Sebastian says:

    1.I used to use every GO app i could get hold of, it drained more than 20% an hour on standby so i always had to have it hooked up on my desk, i am only using Launcher now, 3-5% an hour on standby, which is still a lot.
    2. About 20 to 120 minutes a day, surfing or listening to music when i go out, with the occasional phone call and SMS.
    3. Nope didn’t know of it, i’ve actually been looking for something like that for some time now.

  11. Antonio Mourão says:

    1. Contacts, Message (the lastest)

    2. Web surfing, games play

    3.yes, but have to kill the process to introduce PIN

    My Phone drain more battery with Go launcher than with “Launcher Pro” but nothing that would make change back.

  12. cvm says:

    i use
    *Go calendar
    *go switch
    *go task
    and it drains the battery

  13. cvm says:

    oh i forget i dont use all day and at night it was 8%

  14. Stavroz says:

    I use the following widgets:

    Go Facebook/Twitter/Calender/System Cleaner thing

  15. Jakub says:

    1. No go widgets
    2. internet and sms
    3. go locker on

  16. ruben says:

    1. Go weather, taskmaneger and go launcher (latest from market).

    2. Browsing one hour, game 30min and some sms and calling.

    3. Tried, but uninstalled

  17. eboye says:

    I don’t use GO Widgets and the battery drain is somewhat ok. It’s much better on other Launchers, but I prefer GO Launcher because of the deep folders integration. And yes, I use GO Locker.

  18. chen says:

    1 桌面短信插件 新浪微博(非GO) 人人桌面 天气(非G天气) 网易新闻 GO一键结束
    2 短信 拨号 微博 人人 网易新闻
    3 未使用GO解锁

  19. 李明 says:


  20. JB says:

    1) No Go Widgets.
    2) Screen lock / unlock, notification (SMS) interaction, screen scrolling.
    3) No Go Locker.

  21. akash says:

    no battery prob
    i use
    go launcher
    switch widget

  22. Rainer says:

    1. No Go widgets
    2. standby
    3. No Go Locker

    i had the problem three times after each update. after rebooting again no problems.

  23. Matt Sykes says:

    The battery problem has only seemed to appear recently, I have an old APK and it doesn’t seem to use as much battery, but it doesn’t have the “GoStore” I now use the latest.

    1) Go Calendar widget, Go Task widget ( and Gtasks & Audio Manager) I also use GoSMSPro and Go Contacts.
    They are all the latest OFF THE MARKET.

    2) Texting, Phone calls, Music, and Dolphin Browser (FB / G+ mainly)

    3)I do not have Launcher Locker installed, but I have System Persistent and Prevent FC enabled. (MENU-> preferences->Advanced)

  24. jt says:

    Go launcher, go notification widget, go SMS, and go calendar widget.. Nothing else, constant buttery drain since yesterdays update.. Galaxy s2 running gingerbread 2.3.5…

    Go launcher 2.60..

  25. jt says:

    Changed back to 2.59 and battery drain disappears completely.. Following on from my previous comment it would seem 2.60 is the issue..

  26. Masked says:

    1. Only calendar widget
    2. Texting, internet, listen to music
    3. Yes i use

  27. Marek says:

    1, task widget, calendar widget – latest from Market. I’ve temporally removed them from desktop and it seems that battery life is better now.
    2, I used to have original samsung touchwiz on my SGS and battery life was better with it (2 days vs. 1-max. 1.5 day with go launcher)
    3, not installed

  28. Kris says:

    1. task manager, weibo widget. remove了calendar和weather,感觉很耗电,老在后台更新,要说不更新吧,又要他们没用。
    2. weibo, text, gokeyboard, web
    3. install and waiting for custome wallpaper for the locker. switch between widge locker, but it has limited styling. hope go locker going to catch up soon!

  29. James W says:

    It’s funny that this has been mentioned. Recently I have noticed my battery life has been horrible. I’ve tried removing a lot of apps the other day and havn’t really tested it since. It was the back of my mind that it could be go launcher.

    I don’t use any of the Go Widgets, except for the Toggle Bar one.
    My homescreen only consists of a ClassBuddy widget and a few icons. Nothing that should affect the battery.

    My phone is stock Gingerbread, Telus, Fascinate. I keep my Go Apps updated. I don’t use the locker.

    Go Devs are awesome, you guys make some seriously usful apps. Awesome work.

  30. sebx says:

    No problem at all for me , using Moto Defy with Cyanogen 7.1 nightly 32 and GoCalendar , GoLocker, GoTaskManger and of course GoLauncher . For cyanogen rom tip for DEFY is not to use build in recovery cpu OC options but SetVsel application to oc cpu :-) .

  31. Siddarth malik says:

    1. Go calendar
    Go switch widget
    Task manager widget
    Go contacts (eats a helllllll lotta ram n battery) go message widget
    All with tje latest versions
    2. I download apps from the market
    Surf the market a lot
    Phone calls messages

    3. Where is the go launcher locker I dont see it in my preferences :-( :’(

  32. Travis says:

    1. no go widgets
    2. basic web browsing, text, and occasional gaming
    3. go launcher locker turned on

    drains battery faster then normal since installing go locker

  33. SIAO LYU says:

    1. 日曆、短信、聯絡人、便簽、開關、FaceBook
    2. 日曆、短信、聯絡人
    3. 使用 GO 鎖屏,反應速度太慢。

  34. CheerChen says:

    经过测试,其他都不变的前提下,使用GO便签并增加ToDo List,每小时耗电越1%,基本上8小时耗电10%;

  35. JIN says:


  36. Eric says:

    1. I have the most up to date versions of Calendar, People, Switch, Clock, and Task Manager
    2. Twitter, Facebook, Downloading Apps, Greader, Google Plus
    3. Hell Yeah I have Go Locker turned on!

  37. says:


  38. Milanm says:

    1. Only Calendar widget. Don’t know how to check version.

    2. Nothing sort of special. Rare calls, few clicks on organizer and so on.

    3. No, I don’t have it, cause I’m using Go Launcher EX 2.60

    My phone using habits didn’t change from Go Launcher EX installing (few days ago). Regardless of that, battery is drained after 20 hours or so, although the phone is new (Samsung Galaxy mini S5570) and it should last for at least 3-4 days.

    I’m really excited about quality of Go Launcher EX… so, please fix it!!!

    Best regards

  39. Todd says:

    1. Using current versions as of today 10/26 for facebook, twitter, task manager, calendar widgets.

    2. I am a moderate user, check my gmail, google reader, play some angry birds, manage my calendar, some light browsing.

    3. Yes, I have been using Go Launcher Locker

    I have noticed that my phone display is being shown as “on” for the majority of its uptime, even when I am not using my phone. My phone also stays quite hot. Also, the battery drain of my phone sitting idle seems to go faster than my USB cable can charge it when connected to my computer.

  40. desmo says:

    My battery life drains more or less 20% more than the original htc sense

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