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GO Locker V1.05 released


November 28, 2011 by admin

GO Locker v1.05 released

What’s news:

1. (New) (New) GO Locker Ice-cream Sandwich theme

2. (Improve)  Show/hide pattern lock

3. (Improve)  Volume button switch

4. (Improve)  Alarm clock information on lockscreen

5.(Fix) Some FC bugs

Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement in the beta version!



ICS theme


  1. emilime says:

    is it possible to have Go Locker & NoLed working together?

  2. nghia9123456 says:

    please add auto or landscape options for orientation

  3. Alex says:


    All buttons are waking my phone, home button bypasses lock screen.
    Will you address this bugs in near future? Would be nice to know so I can stop posting the same bugs over and over again… ;)

    Thanks for reading,

  4. hp222 says:


    It is possible to have a date format “” e.g. “31.01.1970″ ?

    Thanks for this

  5. Jack says:

    Does this locker works with Microsoft Exchange device locking policies?
    Is there any way to use this locker for Exchange device lock?


  6. 萝卜坨坨 says:


  7. Chris says:

    Please put “swipe to answer” for phone calls in the next version

  8. pd123 says:

    please add 24 hours for nexus – i saw the 24 hours on many screens in the market – but on my device its only 12 hours. Thx – Your products are great.

  9. david says:

    dear in my SGII, when the assets go locker set up the pattern usually put the phone is being unlocked with a simple tap on the phone’s home button, the physical button is probably a mistake.

  10. Nico rz says:

    I can finish the locker holding the back button

  11. marcO says:

    Littel bug – at least on desire hd and cm7: after comming back from plane mode the pin input screen is not showing up. therefore unable to unlock the sim anymore – restart needed. would be also nice to have an option to make the patternlock screen do not appear directly after a manual lock and unlock again. make it delayable like in cm7 and many other roms.

  12. nulda says:

    you must change date format in settings of your phone and restart go launcher for 24h

  13. pd123 says:

    sometimes if i unlock my phone the homescreen is flashing two or three times – not really a problem but not nice *g*

  14. pd123 says:

    Is there any way to to get an individual sound file (selectable) for unlock und lock.

  15. patrick.d says:

    please make this lockscreen available for galaxy mini. thanks!

  16. Link_of_Hyrule says:

    New version is awesome. I love the new alarm it even works with my third party alarm app! Please add option to have additional shortcuts on there ICS theme and other themes also have customizable shortcuts! Also it would be great to see music controls on Go Locker!

    One last thing I would say implement a way to disable stock lock screen forcefully look at the “no lock” app because that seems to work really well to disable the stock lock screen!

    Thanks Go Dev Team keep up the good work!

  17. supaflyboy says:

    On my huawei ideos u8150 when iam pressing red button, device automatically unlocked! please fix this!!!!!

  18. Gryme says:

    @Dev at times go keyboard comes up over the lock screen when phone locks and the keyboard is still open please fix!

  19. McGrowan says:

    Yes, please, add slide/swipe to answer during incoming call.

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  21. CYKY says:

    GoSMS popup window unlock phone with GoLocker (pattern). :-(

  22. CYKY says:

    Incoming call unlock the phone with Go Locker :-(

  23. thefatkid says:

    Samsung fascinate still brings up stock lock screen. Have to unlock twice. Anyone else with this?

  24. adam says:

    [GO Locker] if keyboard is shown when screen is locked, image of keyboard shows up on the locked screen. above the wallpaper, but below the unlock controls

  25. phil says:

    icecream theme doesn’t show any notifications on locker screen

  26. SD says:

    I’m reading reviewers posts noting that ads are showing up on their handset’s notification bar. Well, it just now happened to me as well. I definitely loved the use and feel of the launcher but not to this extent. Uninstall.

  27. I also have the problem that the keyboard doesn’t close when the screen locks please fix this thanks!

  28. Enguerran says:

    On Samsung Galaxy S2:
    - single Home button press unlock the device
    - double Home button press unlock the device
    - double lock screens (native lock + Go locker)
    - keyboard doesn’t close when screen locks and can be seen in background of the lock screen
    - take 2 to 3 second to show sometime

    I love Go apps, and I use all of them, but Go Locker.
    A lot of major issues need to be fixed before it can be usable.

  29. Enguerran says:

    … and I forgot SMS being displayed while screen is locked. Not very secure.
    Fix all those issues, and we’ll have a killer app, like all other Go products!

  30. Mark Steele says:


    Is there a way to change the default app for the messaging icon on the locker screen? I use the GO SMS app – but the GO launcher icon takes me to the default HTC Sense messaging app.


  31. Tim Dagger says:

    App drawer – when creating folders, they are not showing up – even empty ones. When creating a folder in the app drawer, then selecting the apps to go in it, then clicking ‘finish’, the selected apps disappear from the app drawer, but the folder isn’t showing anywhere. I’m also seeing a duplicate icon (which could be related to creating the folder) and also seeing a ‘gap’ in the app draw (i.e loke a ‘hole’ where an app icon used to be) – this seems to be where one of the app icons was before I tried to put it into a folder. Once these icons have gone into their invisible folder, I can;t get them back without resetting Go Launcher to it’s default and starting again. (Desire S, GL v2.67)

  32. Van Thanh Tin says:

    GO Locker Ice-cream Sandwich theme is very cool.Thank you so much.

  33. Matthew says:

    needs landscape please and able to pull down notification list from top please please please lol

    top job other than that!

  34. richard says:

    working nicely on my wildfire, could be bit smoother…

    biggest issue is the battery use. normally my phone will remain fully charged over night, but with go locker enabled my battery level drops 20%!

    would love to use but it currently using an insane amount of charge.

    installed, but not enabled.

  35. mimo57 says:

    Super GoLocker .. but my problem on GS1, sometimes the locker official is present at the same time as Golocker. Therefore forced to 2x unlocker. Is it can be remedied this?

  36. Jake says:

    I love the locker! My issue is that for opening messages, it automatically opens my stock message app (which I no longer use now that I have GO’s). How can I get it to open the GO SMS Message app instead??

  37. imutrix says:

    Still the same problem. Phone can be unlocked by double press the Home key without input of PIN on Samsung Galaxy S2, please fix this. thx

  38. reed says:


  39. Dark Knight says:

    Hi, Dev Team in the last theme ICS Theme do not are the shortcuts for the calls and message and is much much much more convenient with the shortcuts for calls and message, please update the theme and add the 2 shortcuts and add a option in the nex update of golocker for show/hide the shortcuts thanks

  40. Things needed to make Go Lockwe perfect:
    1. Integrated an option to disable stock lock screen.
    2. Ads options for Custom shortcuts, music controls, and maybe even widgets.
    3. Add option to allow pulling down the notification bar while the screen is locked.
    4. Display text messages and other notifications directly on lock screen.
    5. Release Theme template.
    6. Add options for what It’s displayed on the screen ie. charging status, notificationa, and alarm times.

  41. trazalca says:

    since this version, i can’t upgrade my galaxy tab p-1000, it say that the device is not supported… until version 1.04 i had no problem. thanks

  42. hiten says:

    Updated Go-launcher on my Samsung Galaxy SII. I have enabled go-locker with PIN security. Now in locking state, If I press HOME key, it does not ask the PIN number and directly displays Home screen.

    It is a very serious security issue.

  43. Windseeker says:

    Samsing Galaxy S2: Just pressing HOME button again to unlock is a real SERIOUS BUG!

    And it correlates with the problem, that when I wake up the phone without unlocking it, it takes really long to sleep again. I assume it uses the default timeout of the phone. This should be just a few seconds, perhaps 3 to 5! It drains battery a lot this way!

    So if I accidentially press HOME while phone is in my pocket, it switches on. And when I accidentially press HOME then again within (in my case) 2 minutes (!) the phone will be unlocked in my pocket!


  44. io says:

    Pressing the big button in SGII on the first screen voids the security lock

  45. Domica says:

    Locker is near perfect, although widget and button customize support would be great.

    Who uses CM7 rom can permanently disable stock lockscreen from CM options.

  46. Andrew says:

    My email sync is not working on IMAP or pop3 its a gmail account but the domain is whenever I sumbit the one keeps saying invalid username or password I triple checked and I know for sure I had the right username/password.


    Love everything about GO launcher, discovered it today and I feel like I have a brand new phone.

  47. Tony says:

    can you plz solve the issue with home key button
    whenvr i press the button lockscreen diappears
    plz solve this issue

  48. carlos says:

    guys why after i restart my phone, the ics theme returned to stock theme?

  49. Ryan says:

    I have a few of the same issues as others on here. Using the Droid Razr, stock, unrooted atm.

    Sometimes I get a double locked screen, native lock first then the Go locker
    I the keyboard is shown when the phone is locked, it doesn’t close and can be seen in background of the lock screen, above the background, but below the Go Locker.

    Would love to find a way to fix this, or an update to correct it. It is annoying.

    As for other features, I would love to be able to add different shortcuts to my ICS style locker, and a pull down of the notifications window while the phone is locked would be nice.

  50. David says:

    I run with an Atrix and use the biometrics unlock feature. It is a law enforcement work phone and they require the biometrics. Is it possible to add that feature to Go Locker to unlock the phone instead of the pattern or pin? This is phone is set up to use the biometrics and it would be so much easier for me. Thanks for an awesome product.

  51. Rob says:

    Loving the app(s)! Just a few points:

    - please add the option to turn the screen off when not unlocked after a few seconds (saves battery when accidentally touched in your pocket, just like the stock lockscreen)
    - make sure popups of apps (like go sms) dont present themselves on the forground when locked. (makes sure you dont accidentally do crap when in your pocket)

  52. Tito Ruiz says:

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with Android 2.3. There is a bug with Go Locker. When phone is locked you can unlock it by pressing the home key twice, even if it is configured with security lock option with a PIN number. I’m using the “Four Key” theme

  53. Snakiest says:

    Something is draining my battery really fast. Turned off Go Weather, and it improved significantly, but I still was down to 10% after less than 5 hours. With a more moderate use, I think, it will survive an additional hour or two above that. Disabling Go Locker today and will see how it will behave tomorrow.

  54. Heather says:

    forgotten the new pattern I just changed it to…how can I open phone up?

  55. Fluxman says:

    New Go Locker themes aren’t working for me. I tried ICS and the new Christmas one and they both just go to the default theme

    Nexus S
    Cynagonmod 7.03 (Android 2.3.5)

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