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GO Launcher v2.68


December 6, 2011 by admin

Help us to translate Bahasa Indonesia and Malay please:


v2.68 is available on Market now! Next version is 2.69 and we will release it next week.

1. (New) Update message in GO widgets list

2. (New) Custom help info of app drawer/ dock and wallpaper

3. (New) App drawer supports to custom grid size

4. (Improve) Message of “lock screen” in notification

5. (Improve) Interface of selecting highlights color

6. (Fix) Error of the custom icon size option


Download v2.68 : please click here


Notice! Here is the beta version of GO Launcher 2.68.  We will release it to Market next week.

1. (New) Update message in GO widgets list

2. (New) Custom help info of app drawer/ dock and wallpaper

3. (New) App drawer supports to custom grid size

4. (Improve) Message of “lock screen” in notification

5. (Improve) Interface of selecting highlights color

6. (Fix) Error of the custom icon size option

Download v2.68 beta1: please click here

Download v2.68 beta2: please click here



Sorry for not replying your message on crowdin.

For this time, we update the translation files after releasing GO Launcher to android market (maybe Tuesday or Wednesday), and recycle translated completely files on Friday. So there will be some difference between the Language pack and GO Launcher. It’s hard for us to make them match up perfectly.

Anyway, thanks for your great effort for helping us to translate GO Launcher.





  1. Tang says:

    Please improve the smoothness of orientation switching animation.

    Go Launcher is already amazing enough, just need to streamline the code.

    Thanks for bringing us this wonderful app.

  2. yken says:

    + iphone style folders
    + option to hide/remove home icon
    + dock visible under appdrawer
    + shortcut for recent and task manager
    + bigger dock icon size

  3. koni5 says:

    Still lagging – transition Zoom When opening apps !!! PLEASE FIX IT
    LG P500

  4. Everything looks awesome I would however love to see some features similar to the ice cream sandwich launcher like there Widgets in the app drawer and multi-task manager. I think That’s about it really just optimize the code and make everything more amazing!

    Thanks a lot Go Dev Team!

  5. Dimitar says:

    I think somebody else must be responsible for the translation project at crowdin. This guy jiubang never answer questions and puts incomplete translation in the market.
    Very disappointed.
    I will post this every day till fixed.

  6. hellmut says:

    I have galaxy note
    -Can’t move items between screens in the vertical mode
    -There is no option for editing folders in App drawer

  7. cooppe says:

    首先 设置大图标 最大那个

    接着在 桌面 新建一个文件夹

  8. Мастер says:

    Идиот,хватит лисать каждый раз одно и тоже.Ребята,ничего не добавляйте больше.

  9. Kill4File says:

    Мастер, а что это ты возникаешь-то?! Парни, побольше б анимаций крутых!! ДА и более мелких настроек как в AdwLauncher. А так все супер!

  10. Gryme says:

    @Dev please add aphabetical sort for homescreen apps and homescreen folders also give us different transitions when opening and closing apps instead of just the zoom!! Thanks

  11. thetrisatria says:

    transparent statusbar?

  12. robert says:

    option to hide status bar in app drawer please

  13. Domie says:

    One word best describes this build… (Step to) Perfection!!! :)

    One suggestion only… Custom size for Dock icons…

    Thx for being such a good audience and tester listener.

    *If anyone interested – Croatian translation for Go Launcher EX is on the market*

  14. Chints says:


    Use the Galaxy Note. Works fine but why the lags in transition? The resizing of the widgets, the dock, the app drawer is all great.

    Please bring smoothness to transitions of home screens, and the 5 stars are waiting.



  15. Carmelo says:

    +biger icon size (like miui launcher)
    +transparent status bar
    +remove the empty space when the screen indicator is disabled

  16. GoExNewbie says:

    Awesome app
    Would like to know why I have to continue to select Go launcher EX vs HTC Sense when I press the home key from within an application even though I check the box for making Go my default app? HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread

  17. alan725 says:

    1. remove the gap (empty space) on top if set not show the indicator
    2. custom number of dock icons, need more than 5 on Galaxy Note (1280×800)
    3. Go launcher widgets are all too small. They should make use all the precious space in mobile device!
    4. optimize the memory usage and performance (too many useless transition effects!)
    5. shortcut to go to “Recent” tab directly, wanna have swipe and then go into it
    6. standard folder / bubble type
    7. use dark menu instead of white

  18. Aleebaan says:

    1. Please add the option to show/hide home button!!!!!!!!
    2. Maybe improve the scrolling in landscape mode? Lagging pretty much on SGS.
    3. Dark menu
    4. Remove the empty space when not showing screen indicator.

    Thanks really much for listening to what we want, GO DEV FTW!! By far the best android devs!
    Thanks for adding custom grids in app drawer!!!!

  19. Aleebaan says:

    Oh, and stock android widgets like Gmail in ICS (Android 4.0) are chooseable, but you can’t scroll them…

  20. cortez.i says:

    has the hide/show notifications feature changed? it now requires 2 swipes to show the notifications. first swipe displays the status bar and the second swipe shows the notifications. this occurs if i swipe up or down. fyi, my device is the HTC Sensation 4G

  21. Seong hun says:

    Plz fix disappearing icons after reboot on homescreen bug.
    I don’t have time to make another launcher. T^T
    I’m tired of saying this.

  22. Jong Min Han says:

    PLEASE add the ability/option to REMOVE/HIDE THE DOCKBAR like ADW Launcher EX offers. This is the 1 feature that’s holding me back from making the switch to your awesome launcher!!!!!!


  23. SAF DESIGN says:

    Please, add more folder styles, let the users select ANY ICON as a folder as the older versions of Go Launcher worked before.

  24. Bala says:

    Animation for foldr open/ close would be amazing

  25. Dimitar says:

    OK. Thanks for answering me. I will be more patient from now on. I understand that it is a lot of work.

  26. Jong Min Han there is an option to hide the dock bar it is under the gesture settings. Hope this helps you.

  27. Karan says:

    These ppl dont come up with any new stuff despite suggestions! Its disappointing you wait for a week for the update and u get nothing!

  28. hahn says:

    nice updates! can you please have and option to not lock appdrawer when using homescreen lock? i dont wanna unlock everytime i need to uninstall an app!

  29. Gainn says:

    Good update.. lots smoother and the large icons now work much better.

    @Alan. Long press on widget and tap resize.. which has been in glex for ages. look for stuff before you whine.

  30. Gainn yeah I told him before he didn’t listen :(

    what do they mean by message of lock screen in notification?

  31. hahn says:

    like many complained, please work on improving performance in landscape mode, it is too slow and laggy, I am forced to make go launcher portrait only, imo, you guys should focus on this before anything else.

    @alan: I prefer the white menu the way it is!

  32. Gainn says:

    You can apply different themes to change the menu colour.. transparent space by azooz is a good dark one..

  33. Provos says:

    It’ll be great if we can overlap widgets like ADW or LauncherPro

  34. Archijs says:

    Please FIX random reboot problem!!!!!

  35. S says:

    Please make a gap between icon and an icon label smaller.

  36. Tang says:

    Just found that this Beta is over 4M. It’s time to trim the code.

    Go Launcher is awesome! Thanks.

  37. muddasir says:

    i installed go launcher beta 2.68 on galaxy mini and galaxy i9003 it is working flawlessly

  38. Jack says:

    + 1 to not locking the app drawer.

    Ability to shortcut, either by dock item or gesture, to any tab in the app drawer so that I can go to them directly.

    + 1 fix widgets sizing so they don’t leave so much empty border space!

    Add ability to capture double / triple tap gestures. Maybe to even create your own custom gestures?

  39. Ajay kajla says:

    Please add the notisfication bar in your launcher so that we can customize our nofisfication bar easily with diffrent icons
    i have xperia x10i but m fadup of default notisfication bar please do somthing

  40. Dark Knight says:

    Hi dev team, the task manager with the last version of go launcher do not update on real time the running applications and i need always press the refresh button for see on real time the last applications open and i have go task manager installed on the phone and before with old version of go launcher the task manager work perfectly, please fix the problem as soon as thanks. P.s. i use samsung galaxy next 5570 froyo 2.2.1

  41. alan725 says:

    make my GS2 Wakeups: 27

    Alarms: 24, Intent: com.jiubang.intent.action.ACTION_TIDY_DATA
    Alarms: 2, Intent: com.jiubang.intent.action.AUTO_CHECK_UPDATE

  42. D says:

    **********Normal size dock icon**************

  43. Jonasz says:

    Thanks again for your great work!

    I have an idea for a new feature: A CAR LAUNCHER !
    A special folder with 6 big customizable shortcuts that can be launched from HOME button.
    ( see my example: )

    And some improvements ideas:
    -Feature to set individual wallpaper/live wallpaper for each home screen.
    -A way to remove label for customs folders on home screen.
    -Configure number of lines for folder display.
    -Allow to remove the empty space when the screen indicator is disabled.

  44. NA says:

    Option to remove the HOME icon in the App Drawer. Transparent status bar would be nice but I don’t think the Android OS allows it.

  45. Gainn says:

    Jonasz – you can use Desktop Virtualizer from the market (it’s free) and make that yourself very easily..
    just as an example I did a WP7 style screen with go and DV..
    here >

  46. pc says:

    Hi… awesome launcher.

    However it would be great if we could customise the size of the dock icons alone.

  47. Jack says:

    I like the idea of creating a page for the car dock. What if we could hide pages, that way, they won’t show up when swiping through them. Then, we need a way to access them. Maybe, a direct page shortcut. I could then create a car dock page, maybe a page that has battery/system info widgets and then hide those and access them through a shortcut, ie, by assigning it to a gesture, dock bar item, home screen shortcut, etc. Heck, maybe even create one for when the device is locked and be able to tell go locker to use that page when locked?

  48. Tang says:

    Icon label showing in the folder is different for app drawer and home page. For folder in app drawer, the are 2 lines of label. For folder in home page, there is only 1 line of label.

    Please make it 2 lines of label for home page folder too, thanks.

  49. Dimitar says:

    I have problem with big icons option. When enabled the application names looks like in the picture. I don’t think that it is correct.

  50. Frederic says:


    I love Go Launcher and I use it as my main launcher. Only issue I have with it is that when you open an app, the transition animation is a zoom. A nice feature to have would be to use default Android transitions for that particular function and have that under the effects tab. Alot of ROMs build these modes (Like the ICS transition or flying windows) and it would be nice for Go Launcher to support that. If you want an example of how it works, Launcher Pro and ADW use the “Use default Android anims” function.


  51. 8-Hype says:

    I would like to see following improvements:

    1. ADD:
    a) Flexible indicator position (top and bottom)
    b) Custom transition times/delays (e.g. home screen app drawer)
    c) Transparency slider for background of app drawer
    d) Higher amount of dock icons (>5) for Galaxy Note

    …more suggestions to come.

  52. Super Series says:

    * Please remove the empty space when screen indicator is off.

  53. Gainn says:

    @Dimitar – try going into.. preferences>visual settings>icons> and turn off ‘Icon base’

  54. AB says:

    + Option to choose between zoom and fade effect when opening apps.

    Otherwise, excellent launcher!

  55. 556733 says:


  56. BigR says:

    Hands down most feature-rich launcher

    I would like to see optimization for speed improvements… Other than that its PerFeCT

  57. D says:


    Default dock icon size. Those small icon looks So old school and No one is using.

    Highlight type – those square blocks looks horrible
    Add the appdrawer highlight type, also glow the highlight color glows around the icon

  58. Nico Rz says:

    Please black menu!

  59. Dimitar says:

    I have tried and still have the problem. Hope the dev will look into it.

  60. Gainn says:

    Does it happen when you choose custom icon size as well as large?
    I get that issue with folders (shows the default bg of the selected theme when using a custom image) but never with icons before.

  61. jd says:

    + options to disable the icons and leave the label on, for a simpler look

  62. lid says:


  63. jdds says:

    希望在程序 与 界面 加入层叠特效 感觉 好有人性化 使用咕咕噜噜特效时有毛刺感觉

  64. roby says:

    when u choos ‘big icons’ the page indicator shows in the bottom and the space taken cant be used also if u hide it

  65. who says:

    In older versions you could long press folder in app drawer to edit. Newer versions do not have this option. Would like to see it put back in.

  66. ToniZEN says:

    Wrong information in the market about the compatibilty. In Archos G8 tablets works fine.

  67. sim says:

    Thx for this really cool launcher.


    1. Option to set custom icons for folders
    2. Option to use the whole screen in folder-view. Not only half of the screen. It wastes the space and you need to scroll where it would not be necessary.
    3.Option to configure number of lines for folder display.
    4. Option to scroll vertically in folder-view
    5. Option to hide the home-button in the appdrawer
    6. Remove the empty space when the screen indicator is disabled

    Thank you very much!

  68. abqnm says:

    I really appreciate the new feature for custom grid sizes in the app drawer. This is great, however I find an issue with implementation in the horizontal view. The app drawer, recent apps and running apps all have a different amount of screen real-estate associated to the icons, therefore setting the grid for the app drawer can cause appearance issues with the Recent and Running tabs. My request would be to allow the grid sizes to be changed independently for each of the three tabs. It is not a huge issue, but it does make for strange appearances.


  69. reqiuem says:

    For some reason custom icon size does not work with miui…. any chance you can fix this in future releases?:)

  70. thepibe says:

    we need “quick” transition on “horizontal scroll efect” in App drawer

  71. Peter Duris says:

    Pleeeease , remove the empty space when the screen indicator is disabled. It looks terrible :-(

  72. masayan says:

    The dock icon remains small at the time of custom size with an icon. I ask to be able to customize the size of the dock icon.

  73. dode says:

    I want to design program go launcher

    E-mail to


  74. Fredrik Andersson says:

    I really would like to have my screenindicators just above the dock, instead of on the topside of the screen. Could you guys implement this option?

  75. Dark Knight says:

    Hey dev team i have request the easy thing and your do not have make nothing…i have request one option for choose the indicator position in the home with big icon for choose if see the indicator on up of page or on down please in the next version add this option not is difficult.

  76. HaYaboOza says:

    Hey, guys! You’re doing probably the best launcher and other stuff ever! Thank you! Looking very much forward to get your launcher on my Galaxy tab 10.1!!!

  77. Snakiest says:

    I’ve noticed that the shutter effect in the app. drawer lags when you work in the landscape. mode. Hope it can be fixed. Thanks!

  78. blast0id says:

    staying on 2.65 until the screen indicator gets fixed, that empty space is HORRIBLE, also hate it at the bottom, want it back up top… otherwise this app is damn near perfect on every rom I’ve used so far… so much better than launcher pro (plus even) and adwEX…

    and I would like to ditto these suggestions already made by other users:

    +car launcher folder (six or nine) large icons
    +Feature to set individual wallpaper/live wallpaper for each home screen.
    +A way to remove label for customs folders on home screen.
    +Configure number of lines for folder display.
    +Allow to remove the empty space when the screen indicator is disabled.

  79. Art Trevethan says:

    When may we see a version that works on HoneyComb? Specifically I would like to install on my Acer Iconia A100

  80. Malti says:

    GO Launcher works fine on my Xperia Arc S but always when GO Launcher is activated, the Timescape Widget disapears and can not be installed to the homescreen.

  81. Zoltan says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and I have a problem with updating my go launcher: after having downloaded on my device the .apk file found here, each time I try to install it, it says: application NOT installed… I tried the older versions as well but neither of them worked… The market says: the application is not signed ‘properly’…???
    What should I do to fix this problem?
    Thanks for your help!

  82. gegoula says:

    If you create a direct call shortcut anywhere a small icon is created from a contact’s photo or a default icon if used if there isn’t one. If you change or add a photo to a contact the icon is not changed in the previous created direct call shortcut. EVEN IF YOU DELETE THE SHORTCUT and try to create it again the previous icon remains.
    PLEASE fix this to automatically refresh the icon or add an option to refresh or rebuild the icon.

  83. gegoula says:

    It would be great if you could add a direct video call shortcut also.

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  85. ppc52776 says:

    Can you support tab resolution? ex: 1280*754 ?

  86. I have updated the latest GO EX Laucher version and now I can not edit may screens. I can not delete or move any icon/widget from the screen and when I do the long press action a message “screen locked” appears in notification bar. When I opened the notification list the message is gone and I don’t know how to edit/delete/add my icons and widgets from the screen. Also when I press the home button and all the screens show up, I don’t have the possibility to add a new screen or to remove any screen.
    Please let me know if I can workaround this problem and I think this should also be fixed by Dev team.

  87. This was not a bug. I just found the Lock Screen configuration option and disable it. Now it works just fine.

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