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GO Power Master V1.0 Beta released


December 31, 2011 by admin

Another new GO App is coming! It is called GO Power Master. A professional defender for your battery!

This is the first beta version of the GO Power Master. Have a try now.

If you have any problem, please tell us from the feedback.

You can check your battery using condition and the power using of the apps,

You can manage the running apps by the GO Power Master too. Killing the apps running background will help you save much power.

It can help you to take the least power to use your phone too. Just by changing the phone to any mode you want.

Many new features are waiting for for you test.


Download the GO Power Master: Please click here



  1. cake101 says:

    This is a nifty application and runs fine but just one problem is that it can’t tell how hot my battery is.

  2. daa says:

    Lets Make a try. :)

  3. Bala says:

    nice start with good set of features. would be happy if this app identifies the wakelocks in the device in future versions

  4. PUTIN says:

    It make my battery nucleaty?! :) ;)

  5. Disk4mat says:

    So working fine. I dont see a way to exclude apps & services from the task manager. But I’m sure its on the to do list.

    I’m guessing under consumption > hardware: gprs is data? At first glance I thought it was gps… Maybe re-label it as Data.

  6. Berny says:

    Have to wait 1 or 2 days to say if this app does what it should do.

  7. Me says:

    really? I heard taskillers don’t work and this app is something like a taskiller

  8. Ryan says:

    looks like a task killer… as far as i know, task killers drain your batter more than save them because they have to kill persistent tasks…

  9. karan says:

    great application
    will get alot of likes
    next version please include a data counter!

  10. PUTIN says:

    After use ten min. my gsmart reboooooo

  11. PUTIN says:

    Add pls property as Smart Prifiles & Battery Saver!

  12. MGDT says:

    kill app not work on Motorola DEFY CM7.2!

  13. lccv says:

    i’m using it on a huawei ideos x5 with a oxygen rom, i only can say that this is finally a great task killer. my battery runs a lot more than it used to with some other apps, the only problem is that when i use internet, it drops a lot, but i think that is normal. for an example, my battery stayed 32 per cent for more than 5 hours, sending messages and receiving calls. congrats, DEV Team, keep working on this one, it’s a great app.

  14. SeeNoFuture says:

    Please Make a display of the voltage to a few hundredths of a volt, and so it is shown in the widget

  15. MaHo says:

    Smart mode is not function properly, if the phone uses 24h format. Set the start time to 23:00 and end time to 06:00. The app changes the mode at 11:00 as well. Pls fix. Everything else, well done and has potential!

  16. supaflyboy says:

    on my huawei ideos U815 with latest fusionideos rom plane mode is always swith on after using any mode!

  17. Waelblack says:

    smart mode by power it needs to go back to the defult mode after recharge

  18. PUTIN says:

    Kills Dr.Web kernel continuously… (((((

  19. xaib says:

    ever best battery saver application found and runs great on my Samsung Galaxy Android phone.

  20. Tnh says:

    Give me link to android market this Go Power Master Application.

  21. Gainn says:

    after uninstall, my SGS2 heated up like crazy. had to reboot it to stop the overheating.
    odd behaviour indeed.

  22. Mute says:

    Hi! Thank you very much for all go apps. I wanna use this app with Android 2.1, but at the moment Go Power supports Only Android 2.2+

  23. Carlos Delgado says:

    Is there a way to change the CPU temperature in Go Power Master to read in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius?

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