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Switch Widget v1.50 Beta


February 10, 2012 by admin

Here is the beta version of Switch widget 1.50, Please have a try now!


1.  (New) Added a new toggle for flashlight.

2.  (New) Added a new control for alarm volume

3.  (New) Added a new control for notification volume

4.  (Fixed) The widget may get crashed when editing the sequence of the toggles.

5.  (Fixed) The Bluetooth toggle always has no feedback when pressed in the airplane mode.

Download the switch widget: Please click here


  1. gropius says:

    1. (New) Added a new toggle for flashlight.

    a white screen?? is it possible to add an option to use the camera flash??? that would be really usefull… thanks !!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your valuable suggestions and comments.
      We have recorded your feedbacks and will consider its feasibility. Please stay tuned for our next versions.
      Keep in touch!

  2. Master X says:

    Guys i really couldn’t figure out a music widget which can be placed in the home screen. u guys did really a great job in changing the UI. I searched for music widget in the go store couldn’t figure out one. I badly in need of music widget because the stock music widget is not visible in the widgets list. Does anybody know the download location or am i missing something in the settings, Any help will be much appreciated.

    My Email :

  3. THOR says:

    Hi, in the last version of go switch when i disable the mobile data with the toggle and i reboot the phone thw mobilw data not keep disabled, instead i want that the mobile data keep disabled at the boot, please fix this problem, and your can add also the toggle for rescan media and one toggle for disable the default lock screen please? Thanks in advance.

  4. sLim says:

    I have GO launcher EX and Go Locker installed on my phone.
    When I press “LockScreen” on Widget, it make screen off, then when I press Power button, I see standart lock screen, unlock it and see Go Locker screen.
    Can you make when I press “LockScreen” then I will see Go Locker and screen will not off.

  5. CaptainKeyes says:

    Just got it but can’t find a switch for 4G. Is there on there and I’m just not seeing it? If not an addition for 4G on/off would be great. Also to be able to change the color would be great as well to go along with different themes. Thanks and you guys are doing a great job. Best stuff I’ve found on the Market by far!

  6. Jermdog says:

    I love the launcher and the switch widget, but now the mobile network toggle is no longer functioning, have uninstalled/reinstalled. still doesnt work, any suggestions?

  7. Kasazza says:

    Could you please make a switch for enablig/disabling USB Tethering too?

    I’m using now another app, but i’d like to have one widget with the same skin/graphic layout of the switches of GoWidget!

    Thanks from Italy,

  8. Zom says:

    Widget works fine for most things, but a strange thing happens with 3G.

    After a while, the widget shows 3G as activated, whether it is or not. When that happens, you can no longer toggle 3G at all. The widget will show it as active, and toggling on the widget does nothing. Switching it on and off from the system settings doesn’t work either. It pretty much takes a full reboot to get it working again, for a little while.

    When you reboot the phone, it works again for a while, then it happens again.

    It’s a shame, because I really like it. It works just fine other than that though. :)

  9. name says:

    great widgets just make it so u can select multiple widgets on the 4×1 widget no one widget each time

    and a led light widget

    sorry for my bad english
    thank you for this great launcher

  10. Jason says:


    I have the Go Launcher App, and the Go Calendar, Go Note, and Go Switch, and Go TwiWidgets. All great! Love ‘em. I do have one complaint/suggestion for one of your widgets. When using the Go Switch Widget, when I toggle the GPS on/off, instead of directly affecting the GPS setting, instead it opens the GPS setting in ‘Location & Security’, at which point I need to check/uncheck the box, depending on whether I’m turning the GPS on/off. It’s actually annoying having that be a 2-step process, when the other toggles seem to work so well, why is this one doing that?

    Thanks in advance,


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