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Email Widget v1.83 Beta released


March 11, 2012 by admin

Here we released the beta version of the Email Widget v1.83. Please have a try. If you have any problem, please feel free to tell us.


1. (Fix) It may get crash when viewing new emails

2. (Fix)Support multiple contacts matching when writing new emails

3. (Fix)It may get crash when refresh new emails

Download:Please click here


  1. Andy Nöltner says:


    is it possible, that the exchange feature of the email widget will be extended to view the content of all mail folders of an exchange account?
    Currently only the inbox root folder is shown.

    Andy Nöltner

    • admin says:

      Hello, sorry I didn’t understand your meaning, excuse me, what is the specific needs.?

    • Andy Nöltner says:

      Example Exchange Account:
      -Mail Inbox
      –>Subfolder 1
      –>Subfolder 2

      The mail widget shows only the content of the root folder.
      I want to choose for each subfolder if it is also shown in the widget.

  2. ryanfg says:

    can U make all of go widgets separated from go launcher?

    • admin says:

      Hello, thank you for your feedback, as the requirements to achieve difficulty bigger, currently temporarily take no account of support, we have record your requirements to for reference, and thank you for support

  3. Vielebny says:

    Hi – nice work with launcher and widgets! Email widget also suits me, but there is one important thing it lacks: syncing widget with actual account on server so when I dlete email in widget it will be deleted on server. If you could achieve this, I won’t need any other app for email!

    Please think about it :)

  4. Nathix says:

    Hi, I seem to get an error when moving between emails “Network Unstable. Download attachment failed”. I also get an intermittent message “Connection error. Please check your network and try again” when I try to load more messages. I get this over wifi/3G even when I have full signal, no other applications experience issues with my network connection – so not sure what causes this.

    Only other issue is that the app doesn’t seem to actually delete any emails on the server, although I’ve specified in the settings to do so. I use GMX mail if that makes any difference.

    Although I have these concerns, I’ve been looking for an email widget which functions well and is aesthetically pleasing, this is the very best out there. Well done and many thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hello, please download accessories failed mailbox account, And do the current use version is 1.83.?

      thank you

      • Nathix says:

        I have re-installed the widget from the market place, the version is 1.83. While I can’t seem to replicate the connection error message (might be resolved), I still get “Network Unstable. Download attachment failed” when opening emails.

        My apologies but I don’t understand your request, download accessories failed mailbox account? I’m using a HTC Incredible S which has been rooted with Cyanogenmod 7.1 – I have the latest Go Launcher EX installed, is there something I’m missing?

        Many thanks

        • Thijs says:

          I have the same issue. Connection error. Reinstalling doesn’t solve the issue.

  5. Slavko88 says:

    I cannot get any of my email (gmail, hotmail) to work.
    I tried to reinstall, update go launcher ex, but nothing works.

    Thanks for your help

    • admin says:

      Hello, is this how to cannot use.? Unable to send and receive E-mail.?

      • Shawn Fath says:

        I have same problem I wrote below 1 email of mine won’t sign in but 5 other gmails no problem.

  6. Shawn Fath says:

    I have 3 Gmail accounts and a exchange account. Well I can get 3 of the 4 to work with the widget. But my most important one is and it keeps saying user name & password incorrect which I’m 100% they are not I even changed passwords nothing same problem. I have uninstalled and re installed both the widget and email and tried only that email and still won’t work. Then I tried my kids and all 5 gmsils worked except my coachfath one what am I doing wrong it doesn’t make since all others work

  7. ardavan says:

    Hi.I can not see my folders and contacts.there are only two or three contacts but no folders.would u plz help?

  8. Alexey says:

    Hello there ) I have the permanent trouble with mail widget.
    The main thing is that it gives an error every time I’m trying to send anything.
    Second question is how can I edit my account details if I’ve changed my password on my exchange server? I can work with built in mail app, but go mail widget doesn’t updating since I’ve changed my password distantly.Can you help with this?
    Thanks in advance

    • Alexey says:

      And yes, it doesn’t shows me any item in sent items. If it’s just not because I see error message every time i’m trying to send anything

  9. JOE says:

    i have the email widget set up with an echange account and i am receivng my email, however,the widget is unable to send any email out. keep getting a send error? it seems that many others are having the same issue. please advise

  10. Aicha says:

    thanks for such a nice information. i appreciate your work.

  11. Ariela says:

    your posts are always so explicative, and i like it because i have a problem in understanding such things.

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