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GO Launcher HD v1.0


March 8, 2012 by admin

GO Launcher HD is the exclusive tablet version of GO Launcher EX on Android platform. It brings you with the fascinating interface, practical utilities, as well as extremely personalized and smooth operating experience.

Ready for a brand new operating experience on Android tablet Platform? Try it out!



Support dragging operation on dock bar

Add / Delete screens

Self-define folders to categorize apps

Check running apps and clear all

Brand new adding interface



1. Not able to install GO Launcher HD?

GO Launcher HD is available for tablet devices with Android 3.0 or above.

2. How to add icons and widgets to home screen?

Long press home screen or click Add icon on action bar to enter “Add to screen” interface. You can add app icons, shortcut, folder, widget to home screen.

3. How to change wallpaper?

Long press home screen or click Add icon on action bar to enter “Add to screen” interface, and click Wallpaper tab and select wallpaper you want.

4. How to create app folder?

You can create folders in two ways. First, click “New Folder” icon on action bar. Second, long press an icon to drag and drop it with the other one to build a new folder.


Download beta1:  Please click here

Download beta2:  Please click here

Download v1.0:  Please click here


  1. This is really cool you should post some screen shots of it though.

  2. fundorin says:

    Always suggests to use Ex version on Huawei MediaPad (1280×800). When pressing “cancel” on tip, launcher restarts and here it is, annoying tip on the screen again. Fix, please.

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  4. Rokudze says:

    Do please support android 2.3

    • iAMpowerful says:

      Aren’t you reading, this is only for tablet version and that is Android 3.xx.

      • Anon9mouz says:

        Yea he can read but shit there’s more tablets out there that run 2.3 so yeah I’m with him support for 2.3,3.0,and 4.0 should be supported honestly. I run a nook tablet rooted and flashed with CM7 and yes 2.3 gingerbread so yeah….

  5. Janessa says:

    After my screen is off for a long peroid of time i get a blue screen and can you only get out of it by hitting the home button how csn this be fixed i love you this app

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  8. Phelicks says:

    It is trying to suggest to switch to phone edition and I’m not getting to use it

  9. mike says:

    on my 7″ 1280×800 ics 4.0.3 tablet i get a tip at startup to use go launcher for phone instead.

    so cant try this

  10. lorikarte says:

    Before I suggest you maybe you saperate your software tablet and mobile. At this time I want to say you really made good job. Perfect. Clean design, good icon size and screen grid size, perfect folder design. I really want to say again thank you for your great design and software.
    Thank you from Istanbul

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  13. Rex says:

    Seems good so far except for wallpaper when in horizontal orientation. It is aligned to top so the centre part of image is cut off. The wallpaper should be centred like so:

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  16. Joost van der Naald says:

    Hey guys, good start for a good tablet launcher.
    I have used Go Launcher Ex on my 7″ tablet from the start, finally a version for my 10.1″ tab!
    Please, make the text size in Go widgets sizable.
    I guess all the great effects of GLE will be applied to the tab version as well.

    Keep up the great work!

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  18. husain says:

    will this work properly on the HP touchpad with ICS installed?

  19. Eric says:

    I use a Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P-6800) but always force to me to install Ex version.
    How can i install in my tablet with HC 3.2

  20. Joe says:

    Acer Iconia Tab a100: 3.2.1

    Really stable for me. Haven’t noticed many bugs yet, However, I have noticed some minor things:

    *Wallpaper isn’t sized properly.
    *scrollable widgets are hard to scroll on (If I scroll down it goes to the next screen)
    *Some times it’s hard to press and hold to open the add screen.

    Some feature requests, which I’m sure to come in the future:

    1.Increase Folder Limit

    2.Add option to resize and/or remove dock bar (It’s really big)

    3.Themes (ICS Theme would be nice)

    4.Hide applications in app drawer

    5.Remove Screens

    6.Lock screen orientation

  21. gianni says:

    E bellissimo

  22. JB says:

    Well done. Installed on my Galaxy tab 8.9 and runs awesome coming from stock TW as waiting for ics. Widgets aren’t quite working but smoothness is amazing. Good work so far.

  23. Convict says:

    You should put an option to hide soft buttons and bottom status bar on ics tablets.

  24. Sandesh says:

    a good 3rd party tablet launcher. Only thing i would like to see is the ability to remove the dock.

    Http:// < my homescreen.

  25. chris says:

    I keep getting a parsing error when I go try to installl it

  26. quinu says:

    Widgets will not display any info they are blank and will not refresh

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  29. Jeff says:

    联想乐Pad S2007安装后不能正常使用,提示为得到更好的使用体验,请使用手机版GO桌面,

  30. sorrowrain says:

    wow it is working on my tablet and it is looking better than ex so thank you.
    waiting for hd in market

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  32. NKaado says:

    It would be great if you added support fpr 2.3 Android. Thanks in advance.

    • Anon9mouz says:

      + 1 and also 4.0 support for ICS folks out there honeycomb is overrated, it’s either gingerbread or ice cream sandwich

  33. PUTIN says:

    Make pls GO Launcher Lite for phones! ;)

  34. Jose Vte Enguidanos says:

    Work in tablets with 2.3 too?

    • Jefry says:

      “GO Launcher HD is available for tablet devices with Android 3.0 or above”

  35. Rob says:

    Love the progress so far. I am confused though as to how to change the theme for widgets like it is done in EX. Also, sometimes I will create folders and after switching launchers or restarting they will disappear. It happens in the apps section and all the items that where in the folder are returned to the list. Finally, I would like to see the number of apps in a folder increased.

    All that being said, it is soooo awesome to be able to fully take advantage of the size of my screen, XYboard 10.1, and love the horizontal dock.

    Keep up the great work!!

  36. bill says:

    just for the sake of asking…is this version of launcher ever gonna be for smart phones or just tabs?

  37. stone says:

    Could you tell me, how I enter the options of the Gowidgets to change the skin and update interval. Long press only enters scaling mode.
    XOOM Android 4.0.3

  38. Rob says:

    “GO Launcher HD is the exclusive tablet version of GO Launcher EX on Android platform.”

    Exclusive usually means only for, so I wouldn’t expect a smart phone version any time soon…..but, who knows

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  42. I would LOVE to see a feature for removing the Google Search and the Microphone icon from the upper left corner of the home screen.

  43. [...] ausgeführte Apps) sortieren. Es gibt auch eine speziell für Tablets optimierte Version, den GO Launcher HD. Er ist noch nicht über den Beta-Status hinaus gekommen. [...]

  44. Carlos says:

    Need to be able to customize icons on widget and folders, all else really good on Asus Transformer running Revolver 4

  45. Jeannette says:

    I get the ‘tips’ box telling me to download the phone version but i have a tablet and what i see behind the tips box looks just fine. Why won’t it let me run it?
    The tablet is a ainol novo7 800×480 running ics.

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  47. Amiran says:

    Make a version for Android 2.3.Thx

  48. Neokazaki says:

    Wow, the Tablet Launcher is amazing fast! Much faster than any launcher I’ve tried. Here are some things I would love to see in the next versions:

    - more options to customize the launcher (screen transition effects, app drawer…. like you can do in GOLauncher EX)
    - customize GO Widgets (transparentcy theme)
    - add or remove screens
    - dock bar:
    1) option to resize
    2) make it scrollable (see GO Launcher EX)
    3) option to change icons in the dock
    - add option to show all screens by gesture

    • lorikarte says:

      in this version you can delete or add screen. Long press screen and on top right

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  52. Vache says:

    I have a Go launcher 2.81 is Go launcher HD better?

  53. Dave says:

    Now I have to figure out how to install Android on my HP TouchPad first before I can try this. >.<

  54. Veronica says:

    No Gingerbread support? :’( why? hey not all tablet came with Honeycomb but and devs more likely start with CM7 and then CM9. Nook Tabet here 7″.

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  56. Just tried and found yet another reason to keep using my Galaxy Tab 10.1N – wonderful job… again! :) – I’ll be posting any mishaps if any! :)


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  59. Mogje says:

    I am using Galaxy tab 7.7 p6800 and generally i think that go HD is good
    But here are some bugs i found / suggestions:
    1. when moving folder in dock bar, the folder and neighbor apps icon may disappear/become blank, or even the whole dock bar cannot work. Hope can make better.
    2. Nearly all widget cannot show properly, like the original calendar widget, and even some widget can show in portrait properly but not in landscape and reverse also.
    3. It is better to allow more rows in home screens. (5 is not really enough)
    4. The dock bar icon is so big that the icon image is stretched, it is better to make the bar smaller and allow user choose to hide it.
    5. cannot like original samsung tw launcher that hold the multitask button to open the all applications page.

  60. Kiz says:

    Great Launcher. Big fan of your launcher.

    A couple of feature requests:-
    – Screen Grid size upto 7×7
    – Control Icon Size
    – Also a nice to have would be a migrated desktop from Ex.

  61. Pad族 says:



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  66. Chris Sorum says:

    Absolutely love this! Just hope it will soon have all the safe features as Go Launcher, like ability to hide apps.

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  73. lorikarte says:

    I use for 4 days.
    Some bugs I want to say.
    I use sony tablet s honeycomp 3.2.1
    I turn off tablet and open some folders are empty or some icons missed. I restart go launcher but same. Some icons also broken but they come again when I restart launcher.
    You can add option dock icons label. Because when we put alot folders on dock we forget or cant understandable.
    And when we press home button launcher dont go home screen.
    Thank you

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  76. filnirv says:

    Stable for me but need some improvements

    - Wallpaper isn’t sized properly (go launcher ex is perfect)
    - Increase Folder Limit apps and possibility to change the icon of the folder
    - Add option to resize and hide dock bar (It’s really big)

    Many thanks for hard work

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  81. Theo says:

    Please add support for 7″ (800×480) ICS tablets!

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  83. Robert S says:

    I get a popup that says I should use the normal GO Launcher for the best experience. It shuts down Go Launcher HD no matter what I do and I cant use it. Can you please remove this.
    I use a GNote with an AOSP ICS build in tablet mode.

  84. Kris says:

    Really good so far, would like you to make some different themes like the phone for this, otherwise no bugs at all and would like to have different screen effects.

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  87. Airmaxx23 says:

    Please support devices running software prior to Android 3.0, there are a lot more tablets running older software that will not be getting Android 3.0 or greater.

  88. Jean says:

    It works well on asus eee pad slider SL101. Thank you. Keep it updated.

  89. farok says:

    I cant use the beta in my 7” ICS tablet? why? the app send to the version EX…

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  91. brian says:

    Would like to be able to add shortcuts to dock bar (like the app drawer)

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  94. alidroid says:

    Thank you so much go launcher for your new launcher. Its awesome its the best launcher ever. Although still in beta but its really awesome. I tried many launcher in my Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 but after I installed this launcher I made it as my default launcher. My suggestions are make the widget rresizable, the dock bar same with launcher ex and add themes. Thank you again and please release the final app I’m sure I will update it immediately once it is released.

  95. Jorsh says:

    I’m already using this as the primary launcher on my Acer Iconia a100. I wouldn’t mind the ability to assign my own icons to folders, and circularly scrolling desktops, but so far I’m very happy.

  96. Heiko Privat says:

    hi at all,

    thanks for the great app “go launcher hd”.
    it’s run perfect on my prime, very good speed and stable but with some faults…

    i found the following bug:
    1. no more apps/games than 24 in 1 directory
    - if i create a directory in app drawer like “SPIELE” and i move in this directory 24 games i have a problem.
    after a short time or reboot the directory “SPIELE” is not exist anymore, so all my apps/games are normally selectable through app drawer without the created directory, becouse is missing.

    2. max 24 apps/games in one directory
    when i post more than 24 apps/games in one directoy, the new added app is not listed. on the app drawer the app is missing to. only when i make a new sort the app will be listed, but not in the directory itself.

    3. app drawer directory link and desktop directory link are not the same
    when i create a directory and make a link to my desktop quick start list, all ok, but when i add more apps/games with app drawer to this directory, the apps/games are not listed in my desktop, so i must delete first the icon on the desktop and add the new changed directory link to the desktop.

    4. no oppinion to add apps/games from app drawer to quick start list.
    add apps/games are only possible from app drawer to desktop and than from desktop to quick start list, but not from app drawer to quick start list.

    5. running apps listed are not correct?
    in app drawer category “running apps” are not correct, many apps listed for allways run, like
    some root apps like “samba filesharing” (is definite status “stopped”) and some asus standard apps like “mpe notice, mail, messenger, facebook, navigation, talk -> they are listed as always run, but i found no process for it.

    version beta 2 go launcher hd
    os: asus transformer prime DE

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  100. Beautiful piece of work! Could I suggest that you allow more or unlimited number of programs in a folder…or maybe even folder in a folder options. I’d love to have just one folder for games LOL. thanks so much for your hard work!

  101. Jeong says:

    I found a bug about shortcut.
    After rebooting, the launcher has lost extra of shortcut.

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  103. Albert fung says:

    I try go launcher HD beta 2, it is great one compared to other, i found some bugs about it on Galaxy tab 7.7 as bellow

    1) Cannot remove widget
    2) Wallpaper is not properly fit in landscape, wallpaper is shift downward in landscape, there are black blank on its top.

    I hope you can fix it on coming version. Thanks

  104. Bloodylipp says:

    LOVE that even in beta this is better than all the others. I love the edit screen and folder making tool (screens).

    One thing i would love to see added would be themes. I would like to change the buttons in the upper right corner. As others have said, the bottom dock is growing on me, but i would like to be able to change the size for height.

    This is one of the few launchers that when you go to portrait that all the widgets still look right. ADW and everything else i have tried messes it all up.

    thanks and keep up the great work.

  105. Allyster says:

    Some improvement that can be made:
    1. Themes
    2. Utilize more space on home screen (too much unused space especially in portrait mode I’d say)
    3. Grids interchange between landscape and portrait mode. Rows in landscape becomes columns in portrait.
    4. Themes for go widget like in go launcher ex.
    5. Option to resize dock.

    So far these are what concerns me most. Everything else’s seems perfect to me.

  106. Touya Kazami says:

    There was support 3rd party widget?

    I’ve try some widget on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 it’s not work properly.

  107. ggfb20 says:

    Didn’t know where else to suggest this but please can we have more than 3 dock rows for go launcher ex. In fact it doesn’t even need to be unlimited, but at least 5 thanks.

  108. [...] Der Go Launcher HD läuft auf Tablets ab Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Ihr könnt die APK direkt auf der Go Launcher-Internetseite runterladen oder alternativ aus dem Google Play [...]

  109. 晓新 says:

    HD版本 非常好用 希望能增加一些壁纸 ,或者增加一个壁纸专区 。

  110. Ziplomatic says:

    Will this work / be preferred to be used on the Galaxy Note??

  111. Mr.Yummy says:

    I have a puzzle about the launcher.I used lots of your launcher with different versions,but they had a same problem,it’s that the dock bar would disappear itself automaticly during I was usuing the lanuncher.I met the problem in different Android phones,I’m using HTC Desire(G7),please give me a reply.

  112. [...] currently not available from the Market Play Store, but you can grab the apk directly from here.Features, in their own words:Support dragging operation on dock barAdd / Delete screensSelf-define [...]

  113. David says:

    Works pretty well. Not as stable as I would like on my Acer A500. It will get better.

  114. Brett says:

    Works really well on Acer a500 running ics but.. Widgets and icons don’t look right.. as with Acer clock/weather widget pm icon is far right in dark minutes area compared to stock launcher.. wish I could post a pic to show what I mean. Anyway to fix so Widgets and icons so they fit right on the screen?

  115. [...] The Go Launcher team has released the first beta of the tablet version of the launcher. It’s currently not available from the Market Play Store, but you can grab the apk directly from here. [...]

  116. Pandik says:

    Hallo. Is any chance to get Eclipse template for Go Theme? Theres some on net but all of those arent “officialy” goforandroid templates.

  117. bizon says:

    Сделайте пожалуйста для P1000 на 2.3.6 андроид. Почему только 3.0?

  118. krilok says:

    Bug report: Apps will all disappear from app drawer all of a sudden and the only way to recover them is to edit grid size in go launcher preferences… Galaxy Tab 10.1

  119. farib says:

    krilok’s comment +1

    i also suggest making the top-bar icons a little smaller.
    you can use some honeycomb effects and animations too. it feels very plane.

    when is the next version comming out?

  120. elyab says:

    v.1 tested on Archos 80 g9 (Android 4.0.3). Works fine – no bugs detected so far.

    • elyab says:

      Now mentioned bug with drop-down apps list detected after restarting tablet.
      Switching off GO Launcher from Settings->Preferences solved the problem with apps (although didn’t close GO Launcher itself).

  121. [...] 100+ apps like I do then it becomes very difficult to find things. An alternative launcher such as Go Launcher HD or ADW Launcher Ex solves this problem but you will lose access to some of the Samsung Touchwiz [...]

  122. aburgthing says:

    Attempted to change the icons and/or apps on the dock but after removing them can see no path to putting anything back. Would like the option to remove the dock entirely as I don’t see much of a need for it on a tablet. Great job though, can’t wait for updates and themes.

  123. Aziz says:

    Great launcher.. I love it

  124. [...] You may or may not be familiar with the term “launcher”, in simple terms its your home screen and applications menu. GoLauncher has been available for phones for some time but only recently has a tablet version been released. Fresh out of Beta and now on v1.0 it has a custom dock for your most used applications and a fantastic screen to add/remove shortcuts and widgets. It is also far smoother than the stock Honeycomb launcher. Currently available from the developers website. [...]

  125. Sandra Chavez says:

    Widgets, in particular, the contacts widget no longer allow changing settings. Assuming you will be upgrading these for GoLauncherHD. Launcher is great, btw.

  126. Chris Lewis says:

    I was glad I stumbled onto this on the XDA forum. I was having trouble with EX loading the app drawer correctly and this worked great. A couple of items:

    1) Sometimes when selecting a widget to move/remove it will stay highlighted and the remove drop space at the top will not stay available. I can fix this by adding another widget.

    2) Would like to see themes available for the widgets.

    3) I liked the way ADW launcher expanded the page layout all the way to the edges instead of leaving a buffer around it. I’d like to see this implemented.

    4) I would like to be able to hide the dock and even the top menu bar. Allow for swipe up or swipe down to make them appear again. Or maybe make the dock on the side and even add a second dock for the other side. Just the placement on the bottom seems to take up a lot of space.

    5) I’d also like to be allowed to force landscape mode or portrait mode. That way you can make it look nice for the one layout and not worry about the other. I always use mine in landscape.

    6) It would be nice to have the system widgets laid out like the GoWidgets are and grouped together. So instead of seeing like 8 options for one type of widget you press on the one icon to see the 8 options. That would really clean it up.

    You added some great features and I’m not having trouble opening the app drawer. Great work! Thanks!

  127. Rex says:

    Just some bugs:

    1) Wallpaper alignment should be centred.

    2) App drawer sometimes does not show apps. Seems to happen regularly on boot… workaround is to force stop and restart go launcher hd.

  128. farib says:

    does notifications work with this?

  129. README says:


  130. farib says:

    why don’t you update this post? why is there no post for v1.01?

  131. Gary says:

    Love the HD Launcher, just installed and using v1.01.

    My only problem is when using grid sizes other than default my icons overlap e.g image from lower row covers description/name of app above.
    Also lack of settings options, there were more with Go Launcher EX, hope this will be changed in later version.

  132. Oskar says:


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