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GO Power Master V1.4 released


March 24, 2012 by admin

GO Power Master V1.4 released

What’s news:

1.(New) Add endurance in the Mode tab
2.(New) Support French
3.(Improve) Display of Consumption tab
4.(Improve) Switch indicators of the modes select pop-up box
5.(Fix) The problem of killing processes in widget
Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement in the beta version!


V1.4 released: Download

V1.4 beta: Download


  1. Michel Duarte says:

    When I run the command Optimize, it performs the optimization, but on the other hand it also causes go locker stop working, back to the locker default of samsung galaxy s i9000.

    • admin says:

      Hello, this is normal phenomenon, the subsequent version we will be adding white list function, a key optimization will not kill the user when specified program, please note prompted to update information, appreciate the support

  2. kubra grlic says:

    hi. Im using go louncher ex. I chose number password. but I cant remember my password numbers now. and there is not option “forget password”. it is not go locker. it is go louncer. you have to help me pleasee.

  3. moxfulder69 says:

    Hello, very good app ! Just a question, I use 1.41 version in french but I don’t find how to change temperature to celsius (and not farenheit). I didn’t find before the 1.41 upgrade…
    Many thanks.

  4. chiliboy33 says:

    Where is the link to down load

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