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GO Power Master V1.7 Beta released!


June 16, 2012 by admin

Here we released the beta version 1.7 of the GO Power Master. Many new features supported. Please have a try!

If you have any problem, please tell us!


1.(New)Support the transparency Theme(Install the Transparency Theme v3.46)

2.(New)Add the Mobile Date Control, Auto-restore mobile date when screen is on

3.(New)Add the lock list, you can find it in the setting

4.(New)You can move it into SD card.

Download:Please click here



  1. Karen says:

    So far works well as the older version did. Transparent theme also works. Also remembered my mode settings from older version. I had tried it before but needed to delete to make space on device. Will keep trying to see how it performs.

  2. Sam says:

    have you resolved the bug that when the phone is off, profiles won’t change to current when i start the phone?

    • admin says:

      Hello, I am sorry did not understand what you mean, I refer to open the phone the program what the problem?

      • Sam says:

        i explain better
        if i make a profile that start at 09 am and i open the phone at 10 am, the profile won’t change, remain the old profile, not the current that would be the one from 09 am

        • admin says:

          Hello, only whether the intelligent power-saving state model can not automatically on a time switch? Other state mode switch to normal.?

          • Sam says:

            i think that for all profile there is this bug.
            for open the phone i mean make it on (so was off and no profile change at the start of it)

  3. ROD says:

    Y’all got a 4g and a application shortcut switch?

  4. zhuda says:

    I’m a user of Galaxy Note in 4.0.3.

    When Samsung updated its Note last month, Mobile data control doesn’t work via 3rd party application including Go Power Maseter. Mobile data (LTE / 3G) can be turn on/off only from the device setup menu.

    Juice defender (Battery saver) and other similar widgets also cannot turn on/off mobile data.

    This means MODE and New function ‘Mobile Data Control’ don’t work properly. Ironically, ‘Flight mode’ can be controlled by Power matser via ‘Alarm Mode’.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Is there any case try not to use Juice defender, there will still be the problem.?

      • zhuda says:

        I don’t use other battery saver application except Go Power Master. Also, Go switch widget also cannot turn on/off mobile network connection. When I click ‘Mobile network’ button, there is no changes.

        FYI, Airplain mode works well and it disconnects both radio and data connection without any problem.

        • admin says:

          ok, we will record your questions as soon as possible and follow-up, very sorry for the inconvenience

  5. Clara says:

    I’m using Samsung Notes… Can I check how to include Tibetan Language into Go Keyboard?

  6. Michelasso says:

    It is using far too much CPU, even more than the acore processes. When it is supposed to do nearly nothing (i disabled everything in settings. Only the widget is alive):

    $ ps | sort -k 3 | tail -8
    9763 10007 0:11 {e.process.gapps}
    17165 10158 0:14 {d.process.acore} android.process.acore
    6829 10096 0:14 {e.hartig.abtpro} de.hartig.abtpro
    2710 10142 0:15 {d.process.acore} android.process.acore
    1593 10032 0:29 {oid.inputmethod}
    17762 10138 0:31 {nna.foursquared} com.joelapenna.foursquared
    4577 10156 1:40 {t.gopowermaster} com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.gopowermaster

    My phone is a Samsung GT-S5570I, Gingerbread 2.3.6.

    • Michelasso says:

      I am talking about the last official release, v 1.71.

    • admin says:

      Hello, what is the GO Power Master takes up a lot of memory space?

      • Michelasso says:

        No, CPU time. It keeps running. As you see in the “ps” output (from adb shell) it uses most CPU than anything else. 1:40 (1 minute 40 sec. I just rebooted the phone), more than thrice of the previous process. In other words it is a battery drainer. Which is ironic since it is supposed to save battery time.

  7. Chibi says:

    Can’t add Go Contact EX and GO SMS Pro to Optimization lock list~
    It doesn’t show in the list of applications allowed.

  8. rinehart says:

    Hi, Have you tested on latest Android version – Ice cream Sandwich?
    On my brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, power consumption report – application tab is empty. Only hardware consumption report are shown. Could you check it?

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