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GO Launcher ThemesFactory v1.3


September 12, 2012 by admin

GO Themes Factory is a website for GO Launcher theme making.

It contains all of the theme element. You can replace any of them, including the whole style, font color, icon, background, etc.In order to meet the user’s personalized requirements, We also provide more personalization options!

v1.3 Changelog:

1.(New)Set the generic icon scaling size

2.(New)Some elements use transparent picture

3.(Improve)Prompt .9.png image

4.(Improve)Navigation district UI interface

ThemesFactory site:

If you have any bugs or problems, please send the feedback to tell us.

Feedback E-mail:


  1. anikush says:

    Please convert this into an app.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for using.
      Can you briefly describe the specific situations?

      • bill says:

        i think he means where we can download it and run it from our computers instead of running it from a website…

        • admin says:

          OH~Thank you.
          We have recorded the feedbacks and will consider its feasibility.

  2. Tiago Serra says:

    Yay about time the icon scalling, no more appfilter XML editing :)

  3. Anton says:


    Can someone tell me how to add custom icons to the theme?
    I’ve seen people on Market have GO Launcher themes with maybe 200-400 icons.
    I understand something that i need to upload som .apk but how do i download for example firefox.apk to my computer? and if i want to have maybe 50 more icons do i have to download all the 50 .apk’s first?

    Maybe im stupid but i am stucked!


    • admin says:

      Hi, yes, Frist to download third-party icons.
      Then, you can settings:
      Icon – Most used icons – Add – Add application icon.

      • Anton says:


        So lets say i want to add 50 custom icons, then i need to download 50 .apk files first?
        What happens when for example “Dropbox” updates, is my icon still gonna be replacing the original icon?


        • ξriah says:

          The icons, you can find on Google Images or something. Just look up an icon. Make sure it’s a png image, and has a transparent background. Otherwise you’ll have that annoying white background most images have. Download the image, then upload it where you want it to be on the theme.

          • Anton says:

            I understand that but i also need to upload .apk file for the app. Because it says “Only APK-file supported” when i upload a icon. But where can i find such .APK-file? =)


  4. Jennifer says:

    it said packing failed, what to do?

  5. Anton says:

    Does anybody know how to put a lock screen and a theme in one apk? I’ve seen people selling “Theme and Lockscreen” on Play Store, both in one app?

    • Joe says:

      You have to download the themes factory (OLD) offline version, and add both APK’s.

      • Anton says:

        I have that one installed alreday, can i add the lockscreen .apk together with the theme .apk right in the theme factory?


        • Joe says:

          Yeah, click “Merger” at the top when you open themes factory. Then add both APK’s

  6. GJ says:

    It’s impossible to connect to the site theme maker. It keeps on loading loading and loading. but never you can start to created.

  7. shwetank says:

    Can I sell the theme made in the market. I mean can I upload it as a paid app?

  8. rio says:

    sucks, always packaging failed

  9. Ivan says:

    THANK YOU GUYS! you probably created THE best launchers out there! I´ve been playing with themes for some time and had the problem of my themes getting bigger and bigger as I added more Icons, is there a way to use SVG (vector) graphics instead of the jpg and png?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your valuable suggestions and comments.
      We have recorded your feedbacks and will consider its feasibility.

  10. Scax says:


    I have a lil question. How can i merge Launcher + locker + widgets themes in one apk ? It would be nice to do a tutorial or a mergin app .

    P.S did you plan to add more settings to Dock factory part ? Multiples dock bars and dock icons would be welcome :)

    Keep your work :)

  11. Patrizia says:

    If I try to load a graphic theme created by your application on-line Gplay store there are three messages
    1 – 4 This application requires permissions that users will be warned
    2 – This application requires 1 functions that will be used for the filtering function of Google Play android.hardware.touchscreen
    3 – The APK is not aligned.
    For the required permissions, how do I know if in future i have problems with google? can i easily upload and sell a theme created by me with your procedure?
    With regard the “Zipalign” for the signature. will have to study what it means and how to give my sign the application? thank for your responce

    • Scax says:


      for the permission you don’t change anything its made by go team, you don’t gonna have any problems with it.

      And for zipalign place your apk in the android-sdk/tools folder, in the same folder hold shift and right click on a clean area and select opend commande lines from here.

      After that tape zipalign -f -v 4 your_file.apk your_aligned_name_file.apk

      and press enter

      for exemple i want zipalign golocker.apk commande is:

      zipalign -f -v 4 golocker.apk golocker1.apk

      where golocker.apk is original file and golocker1.apk is zipaligned result :)

      i’ll hope that help you :)

  12. Patrizia says:

    Hello again! I see that the GO Launcher Theme Maker (online) have the ability to add new icons. It ‘s great!
    I added all these interesting icons for my theme box with green check (common tools is the ultimate choice before “my request” button). Then there is another button to add other icons. Yay! For example, i will choose to add Evernote and see this icon down after the ​​research area, but when I click on the button “Add icon” and uploading the icon image, I have a surprise, “only apk file supported “. I looked around a lot and there are many difficoult tutorials that explain how to change or add icons. I’m so sorry for this question but all tutorial are in english and i’m italian I’m not a programmer and also do not know how to compile a apk file and don’t understand how is possible do it. I would just continue to load the icons I created for the theme as I did for all the others so far. Can you explain in a simple way how to load additional icons? The responce that you give to Anton (a bit ‘higher up on this board) not is easy to understand. Maybe you give to him another responce for it :) I also thought of making a copy of my applications apk (legal) on my pc with the manager apk (reading around ‘a bit’ I can do), but this system is very complicated for designers who just want to draw icons this online application perfect.
    Once again, thank you very much for the great work you do for us!
    PS: Hope in your support for this!

    • admin says:

      Your problems can be solved by:
      Icon – Most used icons – Add – Add application icon (just support apk ).

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