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GO Weather EX v2.8Beta has been released


September 21, 2012 by admin

Here we released the beta version 2.8 of GO Weather EX. It has a new display now!

New feathers:

1. New main interface.

2. More weather information like the Weather Description and Wind Forecast

3. Easier to find the the weather information.

Download GO Weather EX: Please click here


  1. nainglinaung says:

    free golancher

  2. Si says:

    when will this app be fully compatible with Go Launcher HD?

  3. Marco says:

    Please remove the go launcher advertising!
    Thank you!

  4. ebola says:


    Like the new main visual but the icons of the bottom line are blurry (not all but almost (on HDPI and MDPI also)) so please realign the curves to the raster grid.


  5. Emanuele says:

    Can you please add some screenshots?

  6. megaloman says:

    have you fixed battery drain and memory lock-in?

    it’s annoying that weather ex stays in memory and locks google play too – the only option is to force close it from apps, please fix it.

    I guess, memory lock-in adds to the battery drain, so hopefuly, when you fix it, my phone’s battery will get some relief!

    • admin says:

      Hello, may I ask whether it refers to to GO the weather EX power consumption.?

  7. Paul says:

    Go weather sucked and is always going to suck, I’ve tried so many times and just end up going back to stock weather that came with the phone. With Launchers size I can’t fit anything new anyway

  8. dron76 says:

    Please, reverse the direction of the wind arrow! It should be started from source of the wind! Thanks.

  9. corvenik says:

    Please, agregate my city: Carmen de areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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