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GO Launcher HD v1.18Beta


October 18, 2012 by admin

Here is the beta version of GO Launcher HD v1.18.
We need you guys to help us use it and tell me what you feel about the new features.
Please update Dryad Theme and Thanks Theme at the same time to adapt the new desktop menu.

1.(New) Add Notification plugin to show unread messages for applications(Menu->Notification)
2.(Improve) Reconmend HD themes in “Featured”(Menu->Themes->Featured)
3.(Fix) “Check version” for update

If you have any bugs or problems, use the feedback button in “Menu-> Feedback” to tell us.

Download HD v1.18Beta
Download Notification plugin
DownLoad Dryad Theme
DownLoad Thanks Theme

Hello, everyone! Thanks for your continued support of the GO Launcher HD.
We are committed to provide the global users the coolest apps and the most useful features.
We hope you to register and login in the websites below. And after selecting your own country,you can be on the translation.

Translation address of GO Launcher HD:


  1. Mary Comiskey says:

    ok im having a problem with the go sms pro. i used to get a flash up message to say that the receipient has received my message but not i dont and also beside the mesage there would be a little orange bubble with a tick to say that the message has been sent and now that doesnt appear if you can help to get this setting back i would be really grateful. i even uninstalled the app and re downloaded it but it didnt work. please help.

  2. Jeannette says:

    notification badge doesn’t show if you use a custom icon.
    if there are any notifications and you open the program it will make go launcher crash when you exit.
    sorting of the app drawer apps doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    I have forwarded several of the crash reports to you.

    this is on an Acer a200 running cm10 jellybean

  3. Ron says:

    Is there any way to make the icons in the app drawer larger?

  4. Manfred says:

    In this version the sort function in the App Drawer does not work.

  5. jamie painter says:

    Your new update to go launcher ex really sucks. It changed the look of my go launcher preferences screens. I hate it, my theme ones were much better. I have everything in the ultimate eye phone theme brionic..It had my custom font and was black and green snd plain..damn it this really sucks

  6. Julie says:

    I am also having the problem with the GoSMS receive message notification in which the little envelope appears to notify that the other party received the text. Not sure what is meant in prior message about custom icons. Would you possibly be able to help me out? Thanks- much appreciated!

  7. Weeping Cyst says:

    Love the program. Go Contacts does not import groups. All group folders are empty in Go but all contacts remaims.

    A ‘Go Browser’ would be great.

  8. simonho says:

    Always keep restarting my phone after that will show this massage (currently unable to download, please try again later). Can u help me fix this problem for me. Thank

    • sumit jain says:

      yeah and i also readed in a post comments of v 1.17 HD where a phone was completely bricked due to using this launcher in phone.

  9. Toni Pozo says:

    Saludos amigos ,mi consulta es para cuando go locker en go launcher HD , muchas gracias

  10. nookkub says:

    Go launcher beta

    • Toni Pozo says:

      no te entendi perdona ???????????, cual es ese podrias darme enlace o algun dato mas yo solo conozco para tablet el 1.18 HD gracias

  11. Lornahampson says:

    For some strange reason all my pictures in gallery and all my music was deleted. I’m terribly upset about this can you help me.

  12. sumit jain says:

    First of all , Clear it whether this go launches HD is for phone or For Tablet. i receded one comment where a phone was bricked due to using this launcher in phone. he was not rooted and was only told that he was out of luck. so i don’t wanna brick. please be clear.

  13. Thomas says:

    I’ve had nothing but a good experience using the different themes and for the usage, not one hiccup. and the voice recognition is so much better than the factory Google and Samsung options on my gs3, i was very frustrated that they were constantly crashing and incorrectly recognizing my speech, but the go’s was spot on from the word go. completely satisfied customer here.

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