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GO Launcher Questionnaire[3]


October 15, 2012 by admin


To understand the users’ frequently-used functions and your suggestions on GO Launcher, we designed the third questionnaires, invite you to assist in the investigation!

Questionnaires address :

1. Which of the following is your frequently-used functions in GO Launcher EX?
A. Vertical wallpaper mode
B. Custom gesture
C. Glide up and down action on the screen
D. Screen edit
E. Overlap icons to create folder
F. Swing icons
G. Show/hide the screen elements(status bar,dock,indicator ,etc)
H. Share
I. Notification
J. Auto-fit icons setting of the dock bar 
K. Gesture of the dock icons
L. Delete the dock icons
M.Resource management(image、music、video)
N. Search
O. App & game center
P. Running
Q. Recent
R. Change the wallpaper of the tab
2. You think which of the following functions is unnecessary in GO Launcher EX?
A. Custom gesture
B. Swing icons
C. Glide up and down action on the screen
D. Screen edit
E. Show/hide the screen elements(status bar,dock,indicator ,etc)
F. Custom icon size
G. Indicator style and position settings
H. Vertical wallpaper mode
I. Share
J. Notification
K. Auto-fit icons setting of the dock bar 
L. Gesture of the dock icons
M. Resource management(image、music、video)
N. Search
O. App & game center
P. Glide up and down on the app drawer
Q. Screen or app drawer effects
R. Blur the app drawer wallpaper
S. Sorting icons of the app drawer
T. Change tab background of the app drawer
U. Running
V. Recent
W. GO music player
X. GO photo browser


  1. ROD says:

    On it!!

  2. Tran says:

    my hope is our opinion’ll be recorded and go launcher will have a good change :D

  3. Scooooobie says:

    A little too late for this. I like the effort you’re making to start to listen to your users but at the same time, a lot of us may have already switched launchers.

  4. majid says:

    I have htc chacha after installing go launcher the 0 key does not work…
    for dialing a number, first i must press the green(call button) on keyboard then i can dial

  5. Remove pls hard size instant theme!

    No more 3M of apk!

  6. SEMION says:

    Thanks. We need at least TWO modes of Launcher (like in GO SMS): lite, with minimum functions (without app center, music, videos – just desktop + widgets and app drawer); and full mode with all features. If can be done user mode, where we can choose wich component to use – it will be GREAT.

    • pocaracas says:

      I just did this search on the play store “go launcher ex lite”… nothing decent came up.

  7. Cres says:

    No need for this if you don’t even listen to us for a long time.

  8. mahpooya says:

    recent and running tab must have their own direct accessible function, in go functions.(for example, in Gesture of the dock icons. select function then recent!)
    and if is possible that you create a new gesture with double click Home key, we can set it to running tab, like iPhone.

  9. scott says:

    2 more suggestions to make go launcher comparable with Nova & Apex launchers. If you implement this, I’ll continue to use Go launcher instead of switching to Nova.

    1. Allow ability to select number of icons in dock bar. Currently set at 5 only. Good to enable user to select however many icons they want in the dock bar, similar to Nova.

    2. Allow for more custom gestures. Currently only 1.

    Thanks & look forward to seeing these in the next upgrade.


  10. Jörg says:

    Will you provide us with the result of the Questionnaire?

    Thank you!

  11. cdub says:

    where is the ability to replace app icons?????
    i keep getting something saying i have nothing to select and need to save icons!!!???
    what is going on? am i going crazy?

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