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GO Locker V1.51 released


October 12, 2012 by admin

What’s news:

1.(Improve) Add a fresh style locker wallpaper
2.(Improve)User experience
3.(Fixed)Fixed some bugs/crashes
The lastest version has been mistaken for malware by ‘Avast! Mobile Security’.
The lastest virus database version of ‘Avast! Mobile Security’ has fix this problem.
GO Dev Team


V1.51 released:Download


  1. erwin de rooy says:

    Hi, I tried to install go locker but my device Acer iconia a700 tablet does not seem to be compatible with the go locker software, can you tell me if the software will be made compatible soon.

    Erwin de Rooy

  2. MrX says:

    Is it standalone? :)

    • admin says:

      Hello, GO lock screen GO launcherEX personalization extension, you need to use with the GO launcherEX supporting

  3. erwin de rooy says:

    Never mind I downloaded go locker and installed it myself, it works fine so maybe the go locker team should add my dive to the supported devices in Google Play Store.


  4. Nekeisha Eugene says:

    The settings feature within the application center where I am usually able to hide some of my apps is no longer available. Yesterday, when I opened the go sms app it prompted me to try a new long press feature, BMW I am unable to hide my apps as I previously did.

  5. Tom says:

    It is gooe

  6. JiaJin says:

    Will there be an optimized version of GO locker for the HTC One X and One S like GO Launcher’s optimized version? I’m kinda tired of the default sense lock, so I’m hoping to give GO locker a go, but the shake to wake function doesn’t seem to work with my One S and that annoying three-dots menu that keeps appearing.

  7. Marc Deamer says:

    Hi, I am using go locker on my Samsung Galaxy s2 but I am having an issue with ‘locking’ the home button. I follow the steps to do it but when im on the lock screen and press home it by passes go locker and pin entry.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for using GO Locker.
      Please update to the latest version to use.
      And according to the following set:
      Menu – Peripheral – GO Locker – Lock “Home” Key.

  8. Randy Caudill says:

    Changing gestures for glide up to lock screen calls Google play storr

  9. miad says:

    please make galaxy s3 lock screen theme for go locker that when you touch the water locker open……..

  10. sdafa says:

    please add theme for the “slide answering call”
    it will be nice to have something like htc sense?

  11. Nicole says:


  12. Merry says:

    Incoming calls always show as unknown caller, while once answered, the phone app knows who the caller is since it’s in the contacts. The problem is to do with international numbers. If I enter someone in my phone as +44 1234 123456 then I get unknown caller. If I add it as 01234 123456 then it finds the contact correctly. I often travel abroad and so want to enter numbers in international format. Could you please fix this?
    Also, is it possible to not lock immediately when the screen turns off but rather have a time setting for lock after screen turns off?

    • admin says:

      Hello, Thank you for your feedback, it is recommended that you save the contacts in the phone, do not save the card

      • Merry says:

        They are saved to the phone. It’s not to do with the location, but the format. It’s the +44 at the start of the number that causes the problem.

  13. Waut says:

    I’ve got a problem with the brightness. Since the last update of golocker when the screen shows the locker my screen’s brighness is very low. And it stays that way after unlocking. But I’ve set my brighness to auto and it’s every time. In bright or dark environment.

  14. wIN says:

    the slide to answer incoming call dont seems to work on my Note 2.when i switch on the the function and i need to slide up then another slide right to answer the phone call. Need Some help pls

  15. Seb says:

    Hi Admin
    After the update to jelly bean there is a problem: I can’t write the security PIN anymore. I do see the field, with the numeric keypad under it. but if i push the numbers nothing happens. all other security modes do function properly.
    Locker version 1.51

    • admin says:

      Hello, it is recommended to use GO lock screen incidental safety lock function, don’t set system coded lock function, thank you

      • Seb says:

        I have disabled any security setting in the system settings (unfortunately i do see the fourkey go locker theme on the screen and no other before or after). if i go to the GO Locker settings Security>Security Lock and choose PIN, then the “Choose your PIN” window opens, but if I push the numbers on the screen-keypad it don’t write something in the field above. the haptic response for pushing them shows me that the keypad do work.
        If I go to Security>Security Lock and choose Pattern, I can define a pattern and everything works fine (and the same with gesture). only the PIN doesnt. it worked very well before i updated to jelly bean.
        Locker version 1.51 // Samsung Galaxy S3

  16. Eugene says:

    Hello, Admin
    I have some problems after 1.51 update. I can’t change “slide to answer” function backgroung (locker a default theme background). How can I fix this problem? My phone is Motorola Atrix 4G. I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

  17. dan says:

    Just updated to Jelly Bean on my International Samsung Galaxy S3 unbranded. Go Locker does NOT work with jelly bean. The PIN function doesn’t do anything, you cannot type any numbers. Nothing happens.

    Uninstalled til fixed

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