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GO Weather EX v2.91Beta has been released


October 29, 2012 by admin

Here we have released the beta version 2.91 of GO Weather EX.You can have a TRY now!

New Features:

1. (Improved)The alert can be set to mute.

2. (Improved)The notice of the new theme.

3. (Fixed)The GOWidget and Systerm Widget may get crashed.

Download GO Weather EX v2.91Beta: Please click here


  1. miki says:

    NEED TO customize settings the atmospheric pressure in hPa or mbar and not just inHg and visibility in km and not only in miles .Thank you

  2. dron76 says:

    Please, reverse the direction of the wind arrows! The arrow should be started from source of the wind! Check it out! Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello, may I ask is the arrow direction of the wind direction in the wrong.?

      • dron76 says:

        Yes! Serious mistake. Check it out! For South wind an arrow shall be started from the source of the wind, i.e. the South!

        • dron76 says:

          I’m afraid you misunderstood me. The wind direction (t.e. letter) is right and meet the forecast. The arrow direction is wrong and opposite at all.

      • dron76 says:

        There was an example only. The mistake concerns all of wind directions.

  3. sdafa says:

    please add iso week number as fancy widget
    please add all transparent theme
    please add layout like that in fancy widget
    please add more customization like in fancy widget
    please add the weather detail when click the day in the list.

  4. koni5 says:

    Please add options automatically change the city on the widget at intervals.

    • admin says:

      Hello, what is the hope to increase widget automatically switching time setting function of the city.?

  5. Carmelo says:

    in the widget the weather description remain in english, but the program i visualize in italian (my default lang)

  6. Carmelo says:

    i also suggest a option for remove the weather icon in the program, i can clearly see the weather by the animation :)

  7. Peter_Griffin says:

    Why must the clock show a zero before the time on the weather widget? For example, it will show 0827 for 8:27. Please delete the ZERO!

  8. Sushmakar says:

    Its nice, waiting for its perfomance

  9. Mike129 says:

    Did you take away the live wallpaper functionality? I do not see it in the EX version.

  10. Alex says:

    Please add an option to change barometric pressure units to millibars rather than hPa.

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