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GO Launcher HD v1.19


November 5, 2012 by admin

Here is the new version of GO Launcher HD v1.19.
We need you guys to help us use it and tell me what you feel about the new features.

1.(New)Add GO shortcuts include(Press on screen->Shortcut tab->GO Shortcuts)
2.(New)Product presentation on slip page
3.(Improve)Notification can be showed on custom icons

If you have any bugs or problems, use the feedback button in “Menu-> Feedback” to tell us.

Download HD v1.19


  1. Rob Martinez says:

    I saw that the latest update mentioned something about themes not working? Is this to fix the problem with several themes when downloaded from Google Play Store the themes do not apply to the icons?

    I am hoping so, because I have several themes I have bought that do not work anymore for some reason.. I keep hearing it is due to some encryption that Google or something.

    Thank you,

    A response would be greatly appreciated.

  2. DiGaTTo says:

    Same problem with notifications, does not show missed call sms notification. Mentioning second time samsung galaxy tab 2 7 (3100) Samsung galaxy tab 2 10 are able make calls and send sms soon Nexus 7 could do the same

  3. Jeannette says:

    I can’t get the Facebook notification to work.I keep getting the ‘an error occurred. Please try again later’. I tried the latest notification beta.
    Acer iconia a200 tablet.

  4. ayds says:

    Love this launcher – but I bought a tablet that came stock with Go Launcher 1.05. How can I upgrade this? I have gone through the process, and end with an error “Application Not Installed. An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed”

    Would love to upgrade, to hopefully fix a bug where it often doesnt load my homescreen icons for SD card installed apps.


  5. Toni Pozo says:

    Saludos ,Mi pregunta es para cuando gO Locker for Tablet¿ Gracias

  6. 66 says:

    کارت خیله درسته!موفق باشی
    Good luck…!

  7. Susan says:

    When I turn my Kindle Fire off and then on again, my wallpaper is gone. How do I get it to stay? Thanks! Love this launcher!

  8. gc16chestnut says:

    On Go Launcher EX, you have a feature to hide locked apps from the list of running apps. Might I suggest adding the same feature to Go Launcher HD?

    Thank you.

  9. tisho says:

    Why can not the application icons arranged randomly on different pages at Go Launcher.If embarking on the first page to have 5-6 random applications can constantly come more. Theia but not where you want. and how to add new menu items str.v applications.

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  11. a v r says:

    Marvelously done plz include 3d effects next time

  12. Trevor says:

    I attempted installing the launcher into my kindle fire (non-hd, gen 2) using androxplorer, and it installs successfully. however, when i try to run the launcher, the open button is greyed out and no notification appears to let me select between the normal kindle launcher and the GO launcher. need your help for this problem!

  13. fcnyc says:

    i am having the same problem as Trevor above: when i try to run the launcher, the open button is greyed out and no notification appears to let me select between the normal kindle launcher and the GO launcher

    can someone help?

  14. hageso says:


    First: sorry about my bad English. Like this Padlauncher, but…
    Only the stock theme is working. My bought HD Pad themes can’t be added, the window closes immediatly.
    Hoping there is coming a working update… thank you

    A response would be nice.



  15. hageso says:

    Asus Transformer TF300TG

  16. oussi says:

    Will there be swedish version ?

  17. Andy says:

    It’s still lacking the hide status bar that EX and your new NEXT launcher feature. Can we see this added in?

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