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GO Locker V1.56 released


November 16, 2012 by admin

What’s news

1.(Improve) Smarter prompt of Lock ‘Home’ key
2.(Improve) User experience of GO Locker settings
3. (Fix) Some FC bugs:

Notice: Slide answering calls may not work with Android 4.1.1 and up, we will fix as soon as possible.

The lastest version has been mistaken for malware by ‘Avast! Mobile Security’.
The lastest virus database version of ‘Avast! Mobile Security’ has fix this problem.
GO Dev Team


V1.56 released:Download


  1. sweetchloe16 says:

    First blood…

  2. anton says:

    thanks!!! but sometimes it is impossible to answer the incoming call. android 4.0.3

  3. MBS says:

    Is there a possibility to have Go Locker in both portrait and landscape mode (auto rotation)?

    I don’t understand why Go Launcher Ex can be set to auto-rotate whereas Go Locker is stuck in portrait mode.

    • Chris says:

      Yes, plaese update Go Locker so that we can get auto-rotation between portrait and landscape or I’ll have to stick to Holo Locker instead…
      Thank you!

  4. HmR says:

    Please, make it standalone.
    Often, when I changing my theme or close Go locker or changing settings, Go Launcher automatically starting up so I need to close it. Hate bloatware.

  5. Cyn says:

    The music player controls disappeared from my lock screen a couple of updates ago. I have tried adjusting all the settings to no avail. Any word on what’s causing this and when there will be a fix for it? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Will has been updated to the latest version? Latest version fixes this problem

  6. listen says:


  7. user says:

    Would be reeeally nice if in the “Pe”rsonalized”-settings the “Lock screen exit effects” could be improved, like the “Flip” effect, that the vertical bar at the end gets shorter and shorter before disappearing… ;)

    and a setting that after 5 sec. after the screen get’s black, THEN the locker is activating, not directly when screen is shut off… :)

  8. SergerDest says:

    Locker latest version does not work without GO Launcher, which is on my device does not work very well.
    Can you make the next version of GO Locker operable without GO Launcher. I hope for your understanding and sympathy.

  9. mstormo says:

    I love the locker! The multitude of designs available, the functionality..

    However, PLEASE add a timeout between locker screen and when key needs to be entered. I don’t mind that the locker screen comes on when you press the power button to turn off the screen, but that I then I have to type in pin/pattern right away is tedious. I want to have a pattern lock on my phone, but I don’t want it to kick inn immediately, but have a time-out of say, 5 – 10 minutes.

    This should be an EASY fix, QUICK to implement, and something MANY people would want! I’m sure many more would install the GO Locker then. (Besides the ones who want it free-standing, of course ;) )

  10. kishore says:

    Love GoLocker. But the only thing i need is to allow gosms popup notification appear over lockscreen like widgetlocker.

    • admin says:

      Hello, that significant information pop-up could have been a BUG, ​​had been made to repair, if you have the demand, we will make relevant records, thanks to the use and support.

  11. Mindy says:

    HELP!!!!! How come multi viewing is accessible on a locked phone! I use the default Go Lock and when I long press the back button on the Galaxy Note II everything is accessible! Messages, contacts, any apps! Am I doing something wrong?!?!??!

    • admin says:

      Hello, what it means to click on any program can directly unlock to use it?

  12. Alon says:

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 , and the locker cannot activate 3d themes- they look like empty squares on the Theme selection screen, and if you activate them the launcher doesnt work. Help!

  13. chris says:

    I still miss these things too.

    1) NO WAKEUP when pressing volume rocker keys or other keys (option). Kills my battery without.

    2) Time delay for entering pin/pattern (do NOT have to enter every single time)


  14. Frank says:

    My SII has troubles make the status bar shown in the Go lacker
    I would like to see the notifications like (what’s app, gamil, facebook…) in the go lacker on my SII

    is that possible?

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