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GO Weather EX v3.0Beta has been released


November 11, 2012 by admin

We have released the beta version 3.0 of GO Weather EX. You can have a try now.

New features:

1. (New)More cities are supportted!

2. (Fixed)The clock and calendar can not be clicked.(You can set which app to be stared in the “Settings-Widget settings”)

3. (Fixed)Some crash problems

4. (Improved)Faster to refresh.

Download the GO Weather EX: Please click here


  1. Carmelo says:

    i suggest to reduce ram usage, sometimes i have 15-20 mb of ram usage in background
    phone is htc hd2, miui 2.3.7, kernel 2.6.32

  2. Lwin says:

    Thak so verymarch

  3. miki says:

    NEED TO customize settings the atmospheric pressure in hPa or mbar and not just inHg and visibility in km and not only in miles .Thank you

  4. dron76 says:

    Hello! Please, check the week days (their abbreviations) in 10-day forecast and wind forecast. They are wrong. For example, tomorrow (11 Nov) should be ‘Tuesday’, but in the app tomorrow is ‘Thursday’ and so on. Thanks.

  5. iRamSoft says:

    Wind speed – “level”? What is it?

    • iRamSoft says:

      And when at last the weather will be translated?
      Such as: Chance of Rain or Mostly Cloudy?
      Thanks in advance!

  6. Merrell says:

    Great update!

    Market auto overwrites with version 2.8… This causes the app to break. Had to set market to not auto update the app to work around the issue.


  7. miki says:

    Wonderful applications, but give, for most people, useless information,for pressure in inHg and visibility in mi

  8. Adrian says:

    Why this app appear in “Running Services” when I disabled Auto Update?

  9. Adrian says:

    Why this application needs permission to “Phone calls: read phone state and identity”?

  10. miki says:

    Wind: 5.4 m/s Pressure:30.1 inHg -what is it ??????????

  11. mucha6630 says:

    Please Polish launguage for weather

  12. BC says:

    How much the premium version?!

  13. iRamSoft says:

    Please return the translation of weather!

  14. miki says:

    Wind: 5.4 m/s ; Pressure:30.1 inHg -What’s this,why blending unit ??????????

  15. Mucha6660 says:

    Please Please Polish language for Go Weather :( wait wait wait

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