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GO Weather EX v3.1Beta has been released


November 27, 2012 by admin

GO Weather EX supports the live wallpaper now! You can have a try now!

Features of GO Weather EX v3.1Beta:

1.Support live wallpaper!

2.Fix some crash problems.

Download the GO Weather EX: Please click here




  1. miki says:

    The application is good but make unbelievable mistakes and not correcting. Weather parameters in the same weather wigdet to see different units, metric and English so I have no sense of the data on the pressure in inHg and probably units of English people have no feeling for the wind speed in m / s. Please fix the unit

  2. miki says:

    Wind: 5.4 m/s ; Pressure:30.1 inHg -What’s this,why blending units ??????????????????

  3. Carmelo says:

    reduce ram usage please, sometimes it took to 15-20 mb in bckground with the widget on in go launcher ex

    • admin says:

      Hello, we will optimize this problem as soon as possible, and very sorry for the inconvenience to you

  4. miky says:

    I have had to uninstall the last version from Google Play (3.01 Premium) because the app freezes and stop updating, even manually. Actually, I am using Beweather and I don’t have that issue. Please, fix it in next versions.

  5. Carloz says:

    Can you consider allowing a combined option of all email on the widget so you can scroll and read all your emails in one screen.

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