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<12.7 update> Evolution!The formal version of Next Launcher


December 7, 2012 by admin

Evolution!The formal version of Next Launcher

Smoother, more gorgeous, more exciting, the formal version of Next Launcher has been released on December 7th.

Notice: Next Launcher beta version  may not work at Decenber 8th, please install the formal version from Google Play if you like it.

Know more about the formal version of Next Launcher, please click the link below:

And the new video about Next Launcher:


At the end of 2012, we have a surprise for you! Next Launcher, designed by GO Dev Team, is released now!

Next Launcher is a new launcher application which is full of glorious 3D elements and dynamic effects. Fancy 3D visual elements, gorgeous transition effects and humanized gestures bring you a unique and splendid operation experience and visual enjoyment.


1. Various operation for icons: icons support rotation, reset, select, align and so on. Operation is easy and fantastic.

2 .Unlimited screen layout: placing icons or widgets randomly which forms your own home screen.

3. Stereoscopic screen preview: lots of screen display effects, dazzling animation of screen switching about adding or deleting screen.

4. Quick screen management: adding different kinds of elements in screen edit including application icons, folders and widgets. It’ll support changing wallpapers and themes soon.

5. Rotatable dock: inverting upward or downward the Dock can quickly switch among home screen, screen edit and screen preview.

6. Powerful app drawer: icons can be arranged by names or by time, and folders can be created by overlaying icons. Batch mode and operation of adding apps to screen are also available.

7. Beautiful scrolling effects: a variety of app drawer scrolling effects that provide a distinctive screen switching experience.

8. Fancy 3D widgets: 3D widgets that are based on Next Launcher are coming soon!


1.Please make sure your device has installed Google Play.

2.Phone performance:Android 2.3.3 and up; Dual-core models is better.

3. Suggestion:Watch the video of Next Launcher first, to know about the cool peration of the product.

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for our Next Launcher, please do not hesitate to tell us. Thank you very much!







1. (New) Enable/disable vertical direction effect when the app drawer is being scrolled (App-drawer–>Click ‘Menu’–> Vertical direction effect button (The 4th button))

2. (New) Gesture settings (Click ‘Menu’ on the home screen–>Gesture settings)

3. (Improve) ‘Home’ key action

4. (Improve) Dynamic effects of adding shortcuts to home screen from app drawer (App-drawer–> Click ‘Adding shortcuts to home screen’ button (Right at the Dock))

5. (Fix) The launcher may get frozen when return back app drawer when it’s still being animated

6.(Fix) Some bugs from users’ feedback


1.(New) Slide up/down on the Dock to switch the status of screens (‘Screen preview’ or ‘Screen edit’ status)

2.(New) Drag the icons which on the Dock (Long press an icon—> Drag it to the screen-area or reverse from the screen)

3.(New) Change the wallpaper (Long press the screen—> Wallpaper —> Choose a wallpaper)

4.(New) Whirl icons or reset them (Lone press an icon —> Click ‘Whirl’ or ‘Reset (3rd and 4th option in the pop-up menu))

5.(Fix) Some bugs from users’ feedback


1.(New) Different effects of Screen and Apps drawer (Menu->Preferences->Effects setting)

2.(New) Multiple select icons by sliding on home screen (Long press an icon->click ‘select’->slide across other icons)

3.(New) Arrange icons regularly (Multiple select icons->Long press one of them->click ‘Regular arrangement’)

4.(Fix) Some bugs from users’ feedback


  1. Francesco says:

    Can’t wait…

    I hope it’s something for everyone and not for tablet only :-)

    • fubee123 says:


    • V@no says:

      It’s actually quiet the opposite. It looks horrible on a tablet: it portrait only, 5×4 is the maximum grid

      • tom says:

        it’s fantastic on the tablet. you are not limited by the grid size as you can position icons wherever you want!

  2. ROD says:

    Really Really hoping it’s a smaller size launcher . Minus the games and apps market and video player and handbook etc. Just want a great launcher with great gestures and shortcuts.

    • Teds T-rex says:

      Me also. Otherwise ADW will once again, rightfully dominate this launcher into the ground.

    • phyoezayaraung says:

      I like go launcher.This luncher is a greatluncher.

    • Nathan says:

      I’d like to see a “lite” version without all the bells and whistles. I have a Droid X2 and this current version makes it lag like crazy at times, also the file size is too big. 70% of the options I’d never use.

    • Name begin with F says:

      full is better than lite
      太精简了 不对胃口啊

  3. Hisham says:

    Ok we hope somethig better than current go launcher …

  4. SAF Design says:


    Problably some STUPID thing.

    What do you say about Jelly Bean issue ?

    Now that WE DEVS have found a way to make it work with JB roms, you fuck the launcher to not work anymore with the fix.

    The fix was so simple, just creating an XML folder in the RES folder and copy the xml´s files from the assets in XML folder.

    Now this new UPDATE just don´t work anymore.

    Damn it !!!

    • MrWolf says:

      You mad bro?

    • Teds T-rex says:

      We’re glad you think you know what your talking about, but you don’t.

      Thanks for playing though!
      You win nothing, and you are awarded no points.

      (The fix your referencing is a WORK AROUND, not a fix, this will not correct all of GO!s thousands of themes that will never get updated, and the problem would remain for non-updated paid themes, which is GO!s problem to solve, not your fly by night rocket science that works with Apex and Nova)

  5. alaa says:

    Can’t wait

  6. soundy says:

    I keep an eye of what’s going on in android app, but Go Launcher is dominated by Nova / Apex. I don’t use GL no more with all the premium feature on all the adds on (weather, tasker, battery saver, etc), that we tested as beta tester without being aware of. I hate installing an app that keep saying “buy premium feature”.
    I pay for app that does a really great job like cerberus, tapatalk, juice defender, but not your damn stuff…

  7. Joe says:

    Can’t Wait

  8. Jed says:

    maybe it’s about the JB 4.2 update!!!!!

  9. Hesham says:

    I don’t really know what the fuck the GO Launcher haters are doing here!!!!???
    I really keep asking why why why. Go do something better than talk some shit to the best Devs that created the best launcher on the market (that’s not me saying bullshit it is the true read the numbers of downloads, themes available & …etc) and always remember it is FREE.
    SO IF U R HERE TO SAY some shit like (Apex, holo, nova, …… bla bla bla) so keep ur shit to yourself and go to the one u see it is a damn WOW.
    Notice something and take into consideration that I have bought both nova and apex but what can I say!!???!!!
    All ways go to GO LAUNCHER

  10. admin says:

    hahahahaa… ROFLMAO!!!

    • Michelasso says:

      Why do I have the feeling that you are a developer wannabe of a shitty launcher just envious of the great success of the (free) GO team’s applications?

  11. admin says:



  12. admin says:

    Why so many posting as admin here?

  13. admin says:

    All GL-EX lover is LOSER and CRAP-LOVER!!!

  14. admin says:

    The admin is TROLL!!!
    The devs is CRAP!!!
    The supporter is CRAP-LOVER!!!
    The user is FED-UP BY THIS CRAP ALREADY!!!

  15. admin says:

    Where’s the real admin here?

  16. moderator says:

    OK let’s clean this mess up.

  17. and then the troll admin say says:

    Guys I’ll record this and sorry for inconvenience.

  18. the troll user say says:

    C’mon guys please remove all this bloat and premium thing…
    This launcher is laggy now and way beyond ridiculous size!
    Get real dude!!

  19. the troll idiot supporter say says:

    Get a life dude!
    You don’t troll here and get lost!
    Why so much hater here?
    Just go and use other launcher if you don’t like!

    Meanwhile let me enjoy this GREAT and FREE launcher, I LOVE THE CRAPS inside!!

    Let me fuck myself!!

  20. the self fucker say says:

    Why I can’t stick my dick inside my own ass with this Go Launcher EX? UNINSTALLED!!!

  21. uninstaller say says:


  22. 9gager says:

    This funny post is featured in 9gag!!

    Devs what are you doing?

  23. vidura says:

    where is the suprise??

  24. Surprise?..

    Crash of USA? ;)

  25. Frank says:



  26. SDT says:

    Boltfree paid version.

  27. Wolf says:

    Any way its november 3rd
    Where is the suprise

  28. fuck you says:

    This is the suprise fuck you

  29. alaa says:

    Next launcher is awesome when it’s coming out

  30. Mohamedamin says:

    I’am checking it

  31. His says:

    Loving it, 2MB size, nice 3D effect, smooth on my single core device (i9000 with slim bean 2.9) ! I think this will be an awsome launcher next days (Don’t bloat it again with unecessary options) ! And hope it will be free launcher

  32. Frank says:


  33. monis says:

    Awesome launcher.

    as smooth as TSF SHELL but taking only 35 mb of ram. nice!

    Make it paid but don’t add unnecessary stuff.

  34. bad bone says:

    Can’t tell the difference between this and go launcher

    • bad bone says:

      Okay I see the difference now add this to the original go launcher and I’d love it Minus the bloAt

  35. António says:

    Thanks. For making better your browser. Go is gone, next is the new king

  36. Merrell says:

    Wow! Unbelievable performance! Can’t wait for the ability to create folders in the app home screen and to mess with transitions. Way to go Go Devs!

  37. jay says:

    Next launcher is off to a great start it fluid and smoother than Go Launcher, great response time and over smaller , but great performance, transitions would be amazing and the 3d engine is cutting edge cant wait for more updates

  38. admin says:

    wow! wat a great launcher…wen wil b d next release?

  39. sejmand says:

    That’s the future!!!

  40. rami says:

    Amazing. Light. Rapidly. Beautifully. Please support customize icons and put all go launcher included features except the features that have no unnecessary and cause slow and lack of speed

  41. vidura says:

    Is it work on android 2.1??

  42. Hisham says:

    Bring beta 2 please :D enable all fonctionnality, testing beta 1 for 1 day now and no problems at all !! Cant wait for the final release

  43. Shakarim says:

    Can’t wait beta2, with enabled functions.Will there be a task manager, please add it!

  44. Doug says:

    Am having one issue right now. The dock at the bottom is partially covered by the status bar. Hiding the status bar uncovered it fine, but I usually leave it visible. And if I have the status bar hidden and open an app, the status bar shows up for the app, but when I close the app, the status bar is no longer hidden in the launcher, the box to hide it is still checked tho.

    Love this so far, great effects, and seems to be fast also. Will switch to it as my main launcher after it is straightened around a little

  45. Mark says:

    Great launcher !!!

    Please enable quickly all functions…gestures themes etc…

    i can’t wait!!!

  46. slonov says:

    very very good

  47. Manish says:

    folder option is so nice but little slow & when we click an icon animation is good but it also slow opning…please add all functions….

  48. jed says:

    Wish it could work in froyo in the next update

  49. Lijo Philip says:

    Guys this is an awesome launcher no lag at all. reduce the ram usage as i usually say. Make it better by adding all the features. this is way better than all other launchers in market

  50. sebx says:

    OMG – on motorola defy JB it works with no single lag , more features is needed …. matrix come true .

  51. Dont work on Android 2.2

    • angelfire says:



      1.Phone performance:Android 2.3.3 and up; Dual-core models and 800*480 and up is better.

      2. At present, Next Launcher is a beta version that may not be stable enough. Your suggestions are gratefully welcomed.

      3. The beta version only provides part of basic features. Please look forward to the full version.

      • kooloala says:

        Hi !!!
        Great work !!! Smoothy and nice !!!!
        I have just a question…. I tried to set the alarm but that doesn’t seem to work … is that normal for the nextlauncherbeta2 version ?
        Thank’s in advance for a quick answer !
        Have a nice day fellows !!!
        Kooloala (c;

  52. Merrell says:

    Next Launcher is AMAZING on my old Nook Color running Jelly Bean CM10, and it’s even faster on my Jelly Bean CM10 Nook Tablet. Fastest and smoothest launcher I’ve ever tried on either one of them.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for beta 2!


  53. Scoot says:

    Wow… is perfect in GALAXSY S SCL, GB 2.3.6 but the animation for creating folder in homescreen an rename option for folder is laggy. But anyway is very fast an smooth. GREAT JOB!!!!

  54. George says:

    Works flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy S2, but so does Go Launcher EX. I’ll definitely be following development of this baby though.

  55. clem says:

    First of all thx a lot
    some good ideas mixed up with well known
    shell influenced basics its another and
    partly new expierence for our devices

    and some guys(nerds) around here should leave
    and build up their own launchers
    -its freeware you not forced to install-
    greetz clem

  56. kretos says:

    I found two bugs:
    1. If folder in app drawer is at the end of row then it is impossible to move icon that is in lower rows to the folder – it jumps to next row.
    2. It is impossible to move icons from folders in app drawer to home screen – folders do not open!

    Third – the memory usage is much higher than in GOL…

  57. Wayne D says:

    Hi there,
    There is some bugs with this launcher as I have created folders for my apps sometimes the apps aren’t in the folder any more such as the ezPDF reader that I have to access from opening up the PDF directly from the sd card.
    The vanishing apps that return later on.
    Otherwise this is a fine launcher which will no doubt get better & even better with apps that are suited to it.
    Thank you Go Dev Team.
    Wayne D

    • Joe G says:

      +1 for this issue. This bug also existed on Go Launcher Ex but happens way more often on Next Launcher.

      Apps installed on SD card pop out of their folders making using folders semi useless, they also disappear from time to time on the home screens.

  58. Ignistiare says:


  59. Karen says:

    Hi, so far works OK but ram is 49 mb which is higher than gl ex. If this is the opening version how much higher is it going to be? Go launcher ex is now running between 27-37. Which is an improvement. Not crazy about the dock options. Hopefully this changes. I like being able to put the icons I use most there. Also wish there were 3 dock rows like gl ex. Can you change row/column options on screen to 5×5 or higher? Also free movement of icons makes it hard to arrange in rows. Looking forward to see what’s next.

  60. [...] riguardo le potenzialità del progetto. Per maggiori informazioni vi consigliamo di seguire il sito ufficiale, mentre se voleste testare Next Launcher sul vostro dispositivo vi lasciamo il link al download [...]

  61. [...] recursos mais aparece bem estável e mostra o potencial do projeto. Para mais informações, siga o site oficial e se você quiser testar no seu aparelho é só baixar APK e instalar normalmente.Sobre o [...]

  62. [...] riguardo le potenzialità del progetto. Per maggiori informazioni vi consigliamo di seguire il sito ufficiale, mentre se voleste testare Next Launcher sul vostro dispositivo vi lasciamo il link al download [...]

  63. [...] le potenzialità del progetto. Per maggiori informazioni vi consigliamo di seguire il sito ufficiale, mentre se voleste testare Next Launcher sul vostro dispositivo vi lasciamo il link al download [...]

  64. [...] riguardo le potenzialità del progetto. Per maggiori informazioni vi consigliamo di seguire il sito ufficiale, mentre se voleste testare Next Launcher sul vostro dispositivo vi lasciamo il link al download [...]

  65. Vinceint says:

    When does this come out?

  66. [...] riguardo le potenzialità del progetto. Per maggiori informazioni vi consigliamo di seguire il sito ufficiale, mentre se voleste testare Next Launcher sul vostro dispositivo vi lasciamo il link al download [...]

  67. [...] Team has posted on his official blog the first beta of  Next Launcher, a brand new futuristic UI ready for the end of the year. [...]

  68. [...] de pantalla o soportar temas. Para obtener información sobre el proyecto es conveniente visitar su página web. Aunque cualquier novedad que surja, la publicaremos al [...]

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  70. Toni Pozo says:

    Saludos cordiales y felicidades por este nuevo gran launcher , mi consulta es si se puede utilizar en tablets , muchas gracias.

  71. Toni Pozo says:

    En mi S3 fun ciona genial es fantastico y percioso mil felicidades solo le faltaria dos cosas :

    1: poder editar iconos del Dock
    2: Poder poner efectos de transiciones entre escritorios

    por lo demas absolutamente perfecto una genialidad .felicidades

    P.D. serviria para TAblets ?

  72. Scooty says:

    Every thing is perfect but I would like to edit or change docks apps and icons. the rest is perfect


    • Stan says:

      Sure. Moore funtions will be presented in later versions. Please continue supporting us.

  73. DropShot says:

    Some bug reports and suggestions.

    Contact shortcut on homescreen is very small
    There is too much room left on top and bottom of home screen, you can’t move icons and widgets there,

    suggestion: please don’t bloat it with image browsers and similar stuff like you did with your go launcher

    It had potential to be the best launcher ever created

    works super smooth on Galaxy S 1 with CM10

    can’t wait for next version

  74. ROD says:

    where’s beta 2 or 3 … ?

  75. Roz says:

    where’s beta 2

  76. [...] Os desenvolvedores prometeram que, para lançamentos futuros, estão disponíveis opções tão fundamentais como poder alterar o papel de parede ou suporte para temas. Para obter informações sobre o projeto basta visitar a página oficial. [...]

  77. toni pozo says:

    No guarda El nombre de Los iconos dentro de Las carpetas cuando reinicias pone El nombre original al icono y no conserva el que se le ha puesto, un saludo .

  78. George says:

    Yes indeed, lets have beta 2 already.

  79. [...] o papel de parede ou suporte para temas. Para obter informações sobre o projeto basta visitar a página oficial. Nova launcher do Go Dev Team, muito mais atraente, esteticamente e funcionalmente [...]

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  85. [...] Os desenvolvedores prometeram que, para lançamentos futuros, estão disponíveis opções tão fundamentais como poder alterar o papel de parede ou suporte para temas. Para obter informações sobre o projeto basta visitar a página oficial. [...]

  86. Hisham says:

    Beta 1 : 34Mb ram usage
    Beta 2 : 37 …….
    Final : 64Mb ???

    And same effects as go launcher :/

  87. dctrbnsttr says:

    beta 2 repeatedly crashes on startup.
    logs sent.

  88. [...] pourrez trouver l’application ici même, ainsi qu’une vidéo de démonstration  :    SourceFormation Android en [...]

  89. Cuando podremos cambiar los iconos de la barra

  90. que hicieron para que un launcher vaya tan fluido con tantos efecto buenos me sorprende

  91. genial says:

    Wouaw…..simply amazing….

    We need just one more thing….just permit to uS to change icônes of thé dock please !

    Sorry for m’y bad english :)

  92. Esam says:

    I am using Galexy siii but not able to Download Go Launcher Ex.. It shows me a message that the Video is not availabel in your country.
    Anyone knows how to solve this issue?
    Thank in advance.

  93. [...] o papel de parede ou suporte para temas. Para obter informações sobre o projeto basta visitar a página oficial. Nova launcher do Go Dev Team, muito mais atraente, esteticamente e funcionalmente [...]

  94. George says:

    Beta 2 running smoothly on my Galaxy S2, using 32.8mb of RAM. Go Launcher EX using 46mb of RAM.

  95. sweetchloe16 says:

    works perfectly on my galaxy young using 16mb or ram (you can’t beat that)… whooa, why are there so many admins here, who is the real one?

  96. Chamed says:

    Tested Next Launcher, and I like its graphical design and fluency.
    Missing:Glide up/down to show status bar.
    Settings should be like one in GO EX.
    Options when holding icon on home screen are really cool, but icons should be little bigger and should have some explanation.
    Possibility to change dock applications.

    Ali in all huge progress and looking forward to next release!

  97. clem says:

    Hi GoDev!
    -optimize screenresolution
    -sometimes the dock disappear/restart function
    -wallpaper issue vertical mode
    -optimize icon orientation runs fluently,the effects are awesome…
    Thx a lot!
    greetz clem

  98. Triángulo? says:

    3 bugs
    -When you start the launcher (when the ‘loading wheel’) the indicator is always in the left.
    -The ‘add shortcut’ menu has the name in Chinese
    -When you delete a folder the icons go out in a funny way, but if you press the back key while it happens, the app drawer freeze and you need to restart the launcher. There are other problems with back key but only visual.

    Sorry for my English. You are doing a good job Go dev team. (but please, we don’t have unlimited RAM)

  99. Scooty says:

    Hi… two things…

    In beta2, When I press inside a folder the plus singn for add apps to the folder, the animation that appears with the apps is laggy and when I press the name for insert a name, again the animation is laggy too. The rest works perfect. Everything is fluid, smooth and fast except that two points that I mentioned. Please try to fix it and wil be awesome launcher. Thanks again and great job.

  100. Hali says:

    LOVE IT!!!

    Keep on developing it please!

  101. alberto says:

    Does somebody know about go launcher security 3.19.1? I found it on Internet, but it is not at the Market… who can explain this, please. Thanks.

  102. Merrell says:

    Feedback on beta.2

    Still fluid and fast!

    Icons are occassionaly lost (replaced with green android icon)

    When trying to add apps and folders from the app home screen, items in the top row are no longer selectable (it just selects the home screen currently being displayed). Did not have this problem in beta 1.

    Widgets such as GoWeather EX resize smaller after running an app that runs in landscape. The small size does not reset until removing & readdind widget or rebooting tablet.

    I see all the above issues on my Nook Color and my Nook Tablet.

    OS is Android Jellybean 4.1.2 on both devices.

  103. Michelasso says:

    All right, plenty of visual bugs on 320×240 screens (that’s what I have):

    - The widgets stay one line below. they do not go up to the top
    - The icon labels can get very corrupted
    - In the drawer the icons and the labels are all corrupted
    - Same in the menu panel.

    Otherwise from the little I could test it is amazingly fast! Even in my low cost phone. Please fix the above. My Phone is:

    - Galaxy Pop Plus (s5570i – same hardware of the Galaxy Y/s5360)
    - Gingerbread 2.3.6

    • Michelasso says:

      Actually I could dig the two issues a bit more:

      - Fonts and icon get “italicized”. The icons lose the color as well
      - The widgets can’t use the first and 4th row (I have only 4 rows in the small screen). They bounce back to the middle.

  104. Hyeseok says:

    I’ve tried it in my G-Tab 2. It runs smoothly and I like its detail effects. Can’t help waiting for its final version and its surprising themes. Fighting!

  105. petiox says:

    Realy realy good beta. Butiffull effect and realy smouthy.
    It would be cool if we could hide some apps in drawer…
    Sorry for my english

    • txfool says:

      You can hide apps in drawer. USe the menu in the app drawer and select “HIDE APP” !

  106. David. Smith says:

    I had a galaxy sII. & now have samsung note II.I had an opening screen that allowed choosing either golauncher, launcher, or Twlauncher. I changed phones & cannot find out how to put on note II.Could you please tell me how? Thank you.You

  107. Toni Pozo says:

    Se suele detener en muchas ocasione ,y es muy lento en arrancar en un galaxy s3 ,algunos widgey¡ts no los admite , por lo demas todo ok y esperando la beta 3 ,un cordial saludo,la estabilidad no es muy segura.

  108. ChikiBujia says:

    I have been playing with it, and i love it so far!!
    I was an avid SPB Shell fan, but switched to Go launcher because of all the customization options it offers. I am quite sure that once “Next” incorporates all the theming options Go launcher offers, it will be the BEST launcher!!!!
    Thanks for letting us try the Beta!!! :-D

  109. DropShot says:

    beta 3 pleaseeeeee need :) )))

  110. Kash says:

    Really liking this launcher so far, integration with social media/feeds would make it awesome as well regarding widgets etc

  111. HGS says:

    It’s very good.

  112. Toni Pozo says:

    Por favor beta 3 yaaa ,jijijiji un saludo y muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo

  113. EstherC says:

    I’m testing Beta2 and I love it!!! I can’t wait until the end of the year, please, put the full version asap!!!

  114. muash says:

    i think widget tab in the applications menu should be a must. otherwise it is a feature people will miss alot.

  115. 陈俊杰 says:

    A new phone I want to adopt you this ui can such ui system specially developed for our phone?Android-based problem

  116. Carolina says:

    widgets (gmail, weather channel, etc)do not work properly

  117. t'minik says:

    Looks really promising.

    We hope you will not blaot more and more next like you did with go launcher ex.

  118. Scooty says:


    In this beta, when I press inside a folder the plus sign for add apps to the folder, the animation that appears with the apps is laggy and when I press the name for rename it, again the animation is laggy. The rest works perfect. Everything is fluid, smooth and fast except that two points that I mentioned. Please try to fix it and wil be awesome launcher.

    Thanks again and great job. Waiting beta3.

    GALAXY S SCL / GB 2.3.6

  119. harikrishna says:

    So nice and beetar .

  120. harikrishna says:

    Plzzzzz impuruing and betar themes…

  121. harikrishna says:

    Plz falo my shajeshans.

  122. [...] the folks at Go Launcher have Beta 2 of what they are calling Next Launcher available. Here is the link. I'm running it on my Triumph with CM7 and really like what they've done. It's 1 process consuming [...]

  123. sebas says:

    Muy pero muy bueno me gustó mucho… Apuren en terminarlo porque esta excelente…

    Felicidades muy buen trabajo

  124. mmts says:


  125. charmed says:

    beta3 smooth,fast. Needs hiding apps in app drawer and glide up to hide notification bar. Also, changing dock icons would be nice too. All in all, I like it very much! :-)

  126. P. DENIS says:

    Excellent launcher, smooth, fast would be perfect for me when :
    - it will be designed for landscape tablet mode
    - it will permit to select (parameter in app screen) only the apps which aren’t already installed in launcher pages

  127. P. DENIS says:

    excellent launcher ,smooth, fast

    would be perfect for me when :
    - it will be designed for landscape tablet mode
    - it permit to display (switchable parameter in apps display) only the apps which aren’t already installed in launcher pages
    - it permit to select a different wallpaper for each page
    - it allow to select the desired apps in the dock

    • P. DENIS says:


    • Yin says:

      Feature suggestion:
      When multiple icons are selected in group on desktop(pending alignment) the position of icons should allow to rearrange. and this make edit icons more easier.

  128. LG.ART says:

    Hello Go Dev Team!

    I’ve made a theme for Go Launcher Ex and now i have question for you: What should i do for a Go Store promotion?

    You can find my theme here:

  129. jason says:

    its not too big of a bug but do you guys think you can fix the custom icon resize issue. I have a galaxy note but it might be for all devices. When the icon is resized larger, the name of the app gets cut off. Thanks so much for all the hard work!

  130. 张鹏 says:


  131. Wayne D says:

    Hi go dev team,
    Nothing to complain about but will be great to have the full app on my phone & the possibility of using themes.
    This launcher is very well put together.
    Thank you Go Dev,
    Wayne D
    Western Australia

  132. nfx says:

    Action overflow button? Really? It’s a shame…

  133. kishore says:

    no words to say. just WAAAAAAAW!

  134. kishore says:

    just WAAW!

  135. cheth says:

    In my phone Sony Xperia SL, WiFi app or WiFi Hotspot not work properly or error. Please check up and fix it. Thank you

  136. [...] GO Dev Team ha recentemente rilasciato sul suo blog ufficiale la terza versione beta del suo nuovo launcher alternativo con interfaccia grafica tridimensionale [...]

  137. admin says:


  138. 王锐 says:


  139. [...] foto: XDA Dev, Go Launcher Kategórie: Android aplikácie Tagy: Android aplikácie, Next [...]

  140. [...] the beta version apk of Next launcher from here.  Make sure you have allowed installation of apps from unknown sources in your [...]

  141. Scooty says:

    Hi, in beta4, some folders and icons disapear from appdrawer, please fix it.

    Thanks and great job!!


    • Stan says:

      Could you please let us know which icons got disappeared?

      • Scooty says:

        I restarted the launcher I everything works perfect. Only there is a lagg in the animation when I want create a folder with dock option. the rest perfect.

        Good Job!!!

  142. cichy_de says:


    I like your launcher very much. I installed it on my RAZR, but I wanted to install it also on my MIPS-based 7″-Tablet but there it isnt working (installing). Go Launcher works there very good, without any flaw. I thinks it’s only a configuration problem, so please provide a beta also working on this device. I will provide you information if you contact me.

  143. Amit says:

    good launcher, works smoothly on galaxy pop plus.

  144. Tony says:

    hi go launcher team

    congrats for new n awesome launcher it really smooth n stable even its a beta but it need some more work like home key is disabled please enable it n put option of hiding dock bar as in go launcher and once again thanks for this launcher really appreciate your hard work

  145. altair says:

    When for tablets???

  146. Triángulo? says:

    Congratulations again.
    I have a suggestion.
    Your launcher is going to be a highly customize launcher, but moving icons in the screens are too slow. I think that you should add a ‘editor mode’ in which for example you don’t need to wait until a icon is selected. But this is my opinion, and it’s your launcher.

  147. massimo says:

    per favore lingua italiana. grazie
    please language italian. tanks

  148. [...] Dev Team ha da poco rilasciato sul suo blog ufficiale la quarta versione [...]

  149. [...] Dev Team ha da poco rilasciato sul suo blog ufficiale la quarta versione beta del suo nuovo launcher alternativo con interfaccia [...]

  150. Sagy gersh says:

    This launcher is great so far the only thing is could you give a migrate ability like copying the screens of other launchers

  151. 张鹏 says:


  152. soundy says:

    Funny that you ask for sharing the app even BEFORE testing it !? Are mad ? How can recomend an app that I don’t know nothing about ?

    And about GL and the so called “hater” we’re hating we’re just disappointed by how it gone…

  153. soundy says:

    *oops Wer’e not hating

  154. Gryme says:

    The next launcher seems to be heading in a good direction keep up the good work devs!!

  155. BIZKIT says:

    Add go next locker?

  156. Gjuro says:

    Please enable align icons to grid in homescreens. Anyway great job..

  157. Scooty says:

    Hi, in this beta4, when I press in app drawer a folder for eliminate it, the icons starts go out from the folder and the launcher freeze. And again the icons that are inside of other folders, shows it place blank (like it was disapeared), please check it and fix it. I don´t know which applications are because I have a lot.

    Thanks, and great launcher.


    • Scooty says:

      I counted the icons, and I have 60 in app drawer but the launcher left ramdomly places of icons in blank. And I created another folder in app drawer with 10 icons for example, and when i long press and I try to eliminate the folder pressing the red cross in uper right side, the launcher freeze.

  158. MiDuarte says:

    One option that is missing is to hide/show the dock bar through gestures.

    The go switch widget not appear.

  159. Pierre D. says:

    Hi, the beta 3 worked without problems on my tablet (Acer A700 / JB 4.1.2) but the Beta 4 doesn’t : I only could use the Home icon (tablet not Next) to return to the standard launcher pages

    :-( ((

  160. Great job! Your new launcher is fast and smooth on my LG Optimus 2x. I am looking forward to new features like changing themes… Are you planning to make a theme factory for Next launcher? Would be great!
    But please stick to the good old GO Launcher as well. :)

  161. Chris says:

    Since you are following patterns from TSF and SPB launchers, have you considered adding a weather widget that is similar to SPB’s? Also, similar folder options to that of SPB? Will this new launcher be able to support live wallapapers? That’s something that SPB is lacking, so you would have an edge there :)

  162. Zoneroh says:

    Hi Go Dev Team!

    This launcher is amazing! I like it!

    The great question is…
    Will be free on the Google Play Store?

    Thanks! :D

  163. jojo says:

    Thanks…. great launcher
    working fine on my galaxy note.

    but not on my galaxy note 2.
    There is a problem parsing the package ( i get this error)
    hope u can fix it.
    like this launcher…

  164. 数码麦兜 says:


  165. Paul says:

    This is a GREAT launcher already. I use it on my RAZR at it is smooth as silk. I am trying ti on my Galaxy Tab 7.0 and it works good although I would like landscape mode to work. When this is done it’s going to blow all the other launchers away. Any release date yet?

  166. aditya says:

    this is one brilliant launcher, smooth as butter on the galaxy note gt n7000.. wonderful work guys.. cant wait for the full launch..

  167. brucehp says:


  168. ami says:

    i want theme in this launcher….galaxy ace icons are looks bad in the way its a superb launcher.thank u

  169. PALA-73 says:

    I have SGS3 I9300. (4.1.1)
    Installed the beta 4.
    Eveything working well.
    Nice Job.

  170. Gryme says:

    Next launcher runs smoothly on my galaxy note 2, ,can’t wait till the notifications work, only thing I don’t like is it uses anywhere from 30-50 mb of ram

  171. Paul says:

    Will Go themes work on Next in a future release?

  172. DJx says:

    Please give us the option to chose vertical scrolling in app drawer, other than that it’s awesome.
    Oh, and a scrollable dock and widgets in dock. Please, please, pretty please!!!!
    Very nice transitions guys! The launcher feels fluid and fast.

    • Bala says:

      +10 for vertical continuous scrolling. Apart from that everything working great for a beta. Keep up the great work guys

  173. DaT Franchise says:

    Wow do you retards know what a bata is? Its gonna have bugs you stupid fucks!! Also funny how ppl wanna bitch bout ram usage, apex and nova use about the same and as far as SPB goes try 75-110mb of ram used to run it. Most apps now are using more ram cuz new phones have more ram so all you with old ass out dated phones deal with it or get a new one. To all the fags that wanna pop off and cry bout how bad this launcher is, go get a wamburger and frenchcrys and make your own fucking launchers, ever thought bout that you crybaby pussys??? oh and one thing id like to know from all the haters, are you retarted or are you just that fucking stuped??


  174. Jeff says:


    I really like this launcher it seems a lot smoother, faster, and more stable then Go launcher ex (which has been my daily launcher for the past year or two). The only this I can say is you need to integrate some of the features that Go launcher ex has into this. The multiple dock rows, being able to change icon images, Go launcher ex widget compatibility, and the addition of theming (mainly so that I can change the look of icons). I really like the 3d look and feel and this really seems like its going to be the “NEXT” (forgive the pun) big launcher to hit android.

  175. myo kyaw thu says:

    How I do it, update of go power master?

  176. dustin says:

    please give us the option to only have one home screen. thats what i loved about go launcher in the 1st place so please give us that feature back when the official release comes out. and all the other goodies that comes with go launcher. so far the beta is super fast and snappy on the galaxy s3 keep up the good work

  177. jimking says:

    Compatibility with GO Launcher themes… (?)

  178. Trunapushpa says:

    My device is GT-B5512 (Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos) with 2.3.6
    Next Launcher is much much better (faster,smoother,smaller) than GO Launcher, but except one thing – GO Launcher supported horizontal screens, but this one doesn’t.
    I would love to have it.
    I hope support for horizontal screen is added in the final release.
    Waiting for it………..

    Go for NEXT LAUNCHER………….

  179. Gergo says:

    The best launcher what I have tired!

  180. Lorenzo says:

    You must improve in app drawer the possibility to choose if vertical mode or orizhontal mode… Find apps is too longer!! To find whatsapp you must slide 10-11-12 pages…

  181. justin says:

    Landscape pls?

  182. dou says:

    este launcher esta bonito. ami me va bien en s2 no tiene problema

  183. DirtyIdiot says:

    Cant wait for a update with afix for the bugs.
    Seems to be a absoloutly great launcher.

  184. DJALIGATOR says:

    V 3.23 very very bad
    V 3.21 NICE

  185. oneunit99 says:


  186. Paul says:

    This is really awesome, even better than GO launcher EX. & you say that ” Phone performance:Android 2.3.3 and up; Dual-core models and 800*480 and up is better. ” BUT it is running very smoothly in my HTC EXPLORER, even smoother than LauncherEX..!!
    I am really looking forward for the final version. Hopefully it will have more transition effects & options….
    Great work u guys KUDOS…!!

  187. JJshan says:

    Hide app please……

  188. thebadone says:

    I’m the only one who have a bug when i try to hide status bar in appearance setting? cose when i set on “hide” (choosing not so show it) i get the top part of the screen cutted, cropped. And so on with all the widgets im using, everyones are cropped like if the status bar isnt visible but it keeps stay there like an alpha channel who dont let the guy work perfectly. Thank you for your help.

    btw: im not using the beta version, just the latest official one.

  189. 张鹏 says:


  190. Oren says:

    i never see so perfect launcher so so beautiful,
    also i whant to know if is work on tablet android 7 or 10 like nexus 7 example

  191. Sacramenta says:

    Beta 4, Devices – Samsung Galaxy S II with Android 4.0.4, Samsung Galaxy S Plus with Android 2.3.6, Fly IQ 280 with Android 2.3.3.

    1. Some icons after restarting shows as green icon with android and label Loading. This glitch remains forever, helps remove and re-add the icons again only.
    2. Some widgets disappear after reboot or displayed in a transparent box. Also this bug is forever.
    3. Tap on the menu down not always work correctly.
    4. Some applications after updating duplicated in the application menu (on the Galaxy S II only).

  192. rayden says:

    12.34 EUR!!! ARE YOU CRAZY?
    I’ll go back to Go Ex

  193. Paul says:

    Biggest surprise? $15.99!! Uninstalled and pretty disappointed

    • Matt says:

      So did I…
      Uninstalled, and waiting for someone to do the same but cheaper…

  194. 3laa says:

    15.99$ not gonna buy this shit

  195. bad bone says:

    15.99… maybe 4.99 And the limit on only nine home screens Is the reason why I use the old Beta Go EX 2.83 with multi picture live wallpaper which gives you the ability to use all of your pictures anything you have any albums folders as your wallpaper and the ability to set up 20 screens good luck on the next launcher if you have any more beta-test I would love the test them but as four purchasing a launcher for $16 no thanks

  196. Randy says:

    Wtf $16? Way too much!

  197. arash says:

    16 dollars?! r u crazy?!?!?!

  198. immune says:

    16$ too much!!! Wtf

  199. Wayne D says:

    Hi go dev team,
    Can’t download launcher as my chinese phone dosent use google.
    That’s no good as I have followed development of launcher all the way.
    Wayne D

  200. Florian says:

    12,34 EUR is too much, don’t want to pay that amount without knowing if it gets as big as go launcher


  201. pascal says:

    Price is too high !!!
    I am ok for pay between 3 or 6€ … but not 12€ !!!
    (and don’t forget it’s us, the go launcher community who help you with test of beta versions !!! )

    Le prix est trop élevé !!!
    Je serai ok pour payer entre 3 et 6 € … mais pas 12€ !!!
    (et n’oubliez pas que c’est nous, la communauté go launcher qui vous a aidé en testant les versions beta !!! )

  202. Wayne D says:

    surprise its a launcher you all tested at a BLOATED price.
    no loyalty to those who gave their time testing for you.
    at half the cost I may have purchased
    Thanks but no thanks
    Its back to EX for MR.

  203. George says:

    Yes $16 is way out of line…….there are ways around that though…..Google is your friend…..

  204. Susanna says:

    I love GO everything. unfortunately every time I try to download and use it I have to uninstall it again for it being laggy or unresponsive and sometimes freezng up the phone. I do have a slightly older smart phone and from what I see some Droid X2′s it works and some don’t. But I will keep trying to install randomly and hope some day it works well enough to keep on my phone. But I love the idea of it!!!!

  205. jonathan says:

    It seems as though the latest updtes have made google maps extremely glitchy and always freezes it. Please fix this because maps is a very important app that I need

  206. EgFox says:

    12€34 this is a joke ? more expensive .. just for Apple Store ☺

  207. Arun says:

    add themes support like in go launcher.I am using it since beta

  208. Freakyno1 says:

    12,34€ ???? What The F…

    Sorry, but that’s crazy.

  209. t'minik says:

    15.90$ !

    That’s totaly insane !
    I’ll never spend so much in a launcher.

  210. ernest33 says:

    Ah ah LOL 12.34€ That a great joke ! Did you take us for apple fans boys ready to pay for whatever you ask !
    Anyway the good thing now… I have more space in my device…

  211. jackyspeed says:

    摩托的设备行货没有google play,也无法安装google play,是不是就不能使用本产品了?

  212. karan says:

    please give it for android 2.2

  213. Hamidreza says:


    thanks for great launcher,

    please add themes for launcher and from where

    can i download (next live wallpaper) and (next music widget)

    because these aren’t in google play.

  214. Tama says:

    Thanks for great launcher,… Please add option to hide icons in App Drawer… :(

  215. soundy says:

    12.34Euros ! What funny guys you are ! Installed for 5mn when it was beta and free and didn’t keept it, what make you think we will pay that expensive price ? Crazy fool…

  216. soundy says:

    12.34€ is the surprise “you have for us(!)” that you were talking about ? You’re right it’s a f@?!@??!? surprise !

  217. t'minik says:

    Yeah, strange idea…
    Probably you will get much 10 time more user (and money) for à 5$ app than for 16$.

    So good luck guys.

  218. Doug says:

    lol @ the price. You even inflated the price above that of most ios apps. Congrats gentlemen you have found the magic key to open the door that alows all of your customers to leave.

  219. Merrell says:

    Love the launcher, but price is way to high. SPD Shell is cheaper and they were the most expensive…

    Good luck on sales :(


  220. ???????? says:

    I am using TSF Launcher and I can say it is ten times better than this “Copy-Paste Launcher”!
    I do not know what you call an evolution here, because all the good stuff in this launcher have been copied from others (TSF, SPB …)!

    This Launcher is worth 1$ max!

  221. DJx says:

    The price says it all, I’m very disappointed, especially because you are asking for such a steep price, and also not giving anything more than in the beta4….also disabling the betas for us who helped with suggestions for improvements and development…I’m done with Next AND Go Launcher!!!! You crossed the line, and you are now just trying get as much money as you can upfront before people start giving bad reviews or get to know the launcher and understand that others do it cheaper if not free.

  222. yhtivan says:


  223. Mubashir says:

    ok my beta expired overnight, and now I can not do anything with my phone except dialing.

    how the heck I disable or uninstall the damn thing?

  224. Ed says:

    $15.99?????? Seriously!

  225. ldmeeds says:

    HAHAHAHAHA $16???? Fuck that shit!! I’ll give you $0.99

  226. ldmeeds says:

    Oh yeah, and fuck you too for disabling the beta version. Pretty fucked up to screw over your beta testers like this. We should have gotten this for free. Now you want to charge $16 for this fucking launcher. You all are a bunch of fucking morons

  227. Daniele says:

    Hi everyone,
    I love this new next launcher, it’s simple and very fast and it works very fine on my GS3! But I have a problem (perhaps, it could be a bug): I removed the browser’s icon on the bottom bar and I don’t find the way to add it! It’s a particular icon, so I would to add the same, not another general browser’s icon… Can we help me?

    Thanks in advance!

  228. 张笑 says:


  229. George says:

    Hey people don’t get pissed, just get even. Do I have to spell it out?? Just let Google be your friend….it’s really very easy to get this…without feeding thier greed. I wouldn’t have minded paying a fair price for this,but $15.99 is not a fair price at all considering most of the launcher is based off other peoples work.

  230. 姚春雨 says:

    希望 功能列表 图标 可以 不用排满一页 才能 增加新的页码。。

  231. GoDevTeam says:

    Those wanting to test the official version for free can go to . However we take no responsiility of a hidden backdoor or the launcher not working. If u do use it for free, do report on any problems you face. Thank you.

  232. admin says:

    Search on Google please… its been cracked… no need to buy this shit that much….

  233. GoDevAdmin says:

    Oh wait, its wrong, it should be:


  234. Wayne D says:

    Hi there,
    Is there some where else other than Google Play to purchase your product???
    I have an excellent Chinese phone that dosent use Google at all.
    Please answer my query.
    Wayne D

  235. Неведомая Ёбаная Хуйня says:

    Пошли ка вы на хуй,пидарасы ебучие узкоглазые,со своей сраным лунчером.Ебал я вас в рот.

  236. mohamedamin says:

    This ain’t free launcher, right?

  237. What? says:

    $16 for a launcher? hahaha!! You’ve GOT to be kidding!! A launcher is worth $5 max, good luck with that. BTW, Go Launcher EX is a bloated, slowwwww mess now. Why is it every time someone makes a launcher, they can’t keep it somewhat simple and fast? Devs always end up trying to implement every idea from every user and it becomes a huge app that sucks up resources and slows to a crawl. ::sigh::

  238. [...] Evolution!The Formal Version of Next Launcher Next Launcher, the successor to the very popular GO Launcher, exited beta over the weekend. You can now download version 1.0 from the Play store for a hefty $ 15.99. For the money you get a full-featured launcher that offers a wealth of customization options and visual effects, with 3D widgets that will come in a later update. [GO Launcher Blog] [...]

  239. [...] Evolution!The Formal Version of Next Launcher Next Launcher, the successor to the very popular GO Launcher, exited beta over the weekend. You can now download version 1.0 from the Play store for a hefty $15.99. For the money you get a full-featured launcher that offers a wealth of customization options and visual effects, with 3D widgets that will come in a later update. [GO Launcher Blog] [...]

  240. [...] Evolution!The Formal Version of Next Launcher Next Launcher, the successor to the very popular GO Launcher, exited beta over the weekend. You can now download version 1.0 from the Play store for a hefty $15.99. For the money you get a full-featured launcher that offers a wealth of customization options and visual effects, with 3D widgets that will come in a later update. [GO Launcher Blog] Related Tweets BelowTwitter Debuts Photo Filters, Just Like Instagram – Wall Street Journal (blog)By Shira OvidePicture-sharing service Instagram on Sunday stopped allowing its …Christopher Maloney goes on angry Twitter rant after his 'X Factor' U.K. exit – Examiner.comChristopher Maloney, the controversial "X Factor" U.K. contestant who came …Twitter #Weekendeats highlights: Happy Hanukkah! – Los Angeles TimesTwitter #Weekendeats highlights: Happy Hanukkah! – By Jenn Harris … Filed Under: Twitter News [...]

  241. Desh says:

    It seems a copy paste of TSF Shell & SPB Shell. Stop copying, bring something new stuff. Just don’t mix two great shell concept and call it a brand new launcher. Instead give link to these great launcher’s link (specially TSF) and ask for some money

  242. TechieINAK says:

    Guys…really? $16? I think not…as much as I enjoyed GO Launcher, there is NO WAY I’m paying $16 for a launcher.

  243. V@no says:

    Love it. This is really a revolution in launchers: why do we have to be limited to a grid, why can’t we place icons where ever we want like on PC?

    There are few annoyances though:
    1) the folder animation is painfully slow, at least one second and no control for it.

    2) starting an app is laggy because it waits until the “focus” circles finished animation, only then it launches the app. On contact shortcut it takes 2-3 seconds before you see the available communication options (Samsung Note II). This is unacceptable!

  244. Come On Man! says:

    Galaxy Note – launch using 300+ MB ?????? that’s absolutely ridiculous!

  245. mrmomoto says:

    I have a request. It’s just that; a request and nothing more. But hopefully, you guys working so diligently at GO will listen and respond with some wisdom.

    I’ve been using GO as my primary launcher since it first hit the marketplace. I’ve used it on 5 different devices and paid for it twice, i thought it was so useful.

    Lately, however, you guys seem to be laboring under the pressure of feature creep bloat. Ie, you’re adding a tremendous amount of features to keep up with the demands of an expanding market full of more powerful and faster devices and in doing so, have made it nearly impossible for devices which are barely a year old to run your otherwise fine software and other programs at the same time. I’m sure you’re aware of this as you’ve recently forked off a new project to answer that exact market need. Kudos and much continued success.

    However, might I suggest another route which might not seem so obvious? A minimalist version of GO with most of it’s initial functionality that clocks in at under 400k? Personally, I would much prefer a lighter version that did a few things right quickly, than a bloated version that did many things I’d never care to use.

    Once it was done with a limit set and had all the bugs worked out, I’m rather confident you’d pretty much have the launcher market for android cornered.

    Personally, I could care less for themes support. Nobody who actually uses their phones or tablets for useful work needs to be bothered much with themes beyond the ability to change wallpapers and perhaps the occasional icon.

    Thanks much for all your hard work. I hope you’ll consider my request. I’d certainly pay for such a useful app.

  246. Mr. Black says:

    C’mon guys! You know this launcher is way too expensive. Especially at the state of development it is right now.

    Go ahead and make at least a CHRISTMAS (Advent) offer for half the price!

  247. pader says:

    首先赞美一下 Next Launcher,感觉很不错,我手机比较老了是 10 年的 Moto ME525+,官方 2.3.6 系统,Next Launcher 是唯一一款让我觉得可以用来替换官方的桌面,因为 Next Launcher 流畅、美观、而且有一些个性。


    以前HOME键响应缓慢的问题已经解决了,但是使用时间长了还是有问题,而且这些问题从 1.0 到 1.01 仍然存在。






  248. amiya says:

    im using formal version of next launcher but its not working smoother like previous version of next launcher on my samsung galaxy ace duos s6802.hope u fix it…

  249. pader says:

    我又来了,经过这几天的使用,我发现在安装了新APP之后,我之前所说的Next Launcher图标标题消失,多处响应缓慢卡死的现象每次必现,希望多多改进。

  250. Creature Feature says:

    While I absolutely love GO Launcher, it’s a shame that it’s so costly to even try this one. Bought Chameleon Launcher, for example, and felt very burnt to spend so much on a launcher that I don’t use due to its lack of support for homescreen folders and other non-Chameleon widgets just don’t work so well with it.

    I think the price you’re asking is much too high, you should consider putting it on sale at a good price for the holiday season and let people get their hands on it to give you feedback and suggest what we, the users, think needs to be done to make it the ‘next’ great launcher!

  251. bill says:

    Looks pretty nice but it’s does look completely awesome.

  252. 刹那 says:

    型号SONY LT26i,CM10 FXP150,安卓4.1.2

  253. pawel says:

    Hi using a launcher hd on my hd 1080p device and grid sizes are to small for me can u tell me in which file i can czange custom grid size? To fit it on my tv properly? Would be nice 12×12 max to custom? ?

  254. Michelasso says:

    12,24€?! I mean.. more than TWELVE euro?? Are you guys sick in the head?? For something that in the beta version never worked on my phone? I could pay 3-4 euro. 12 demands an hacking!

  255. Dave says:


    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but here goes;

    Have you ever thought of arranging the screens like a cube, or at least, to appear like a cube?

    That would give 6 screens and only one would be two flicks away – gestures could still work off the diagonals.

    Adding more than 6 screens would still be handled in a similar fashion so the cube would have more than 6 sidea…

    Just a thought


    • Dave says:

      And by cube I mean that swiping up or down will take you to the screen on the top, or the bottom, of the cube.

  256. omar says:

    I gotta say this next launcher is just amazing, great work guys. The only suggestion I would ask for is the hide app feature that was in go launcher, there are app icons I want to hide instead of delete the apps. Thanks heaps.

  257. Неведомая Ёбаная Хуйня says:


  258. H Smith says:

    I hope the ability to hide apps in the app drawer will return.

  259. kretos says:

    The price is a good joke. The next logical step is to remove free GO Launcher and then close the business.

  260. jhonybravo says:

    Hey this is a great launcher.. But 1 important thing missing in this is we cannot change Icons. .. we cannot use Icon packs… Once i got this feature, I will never leave this Launcher.. Too good. ..Awsome..Thanks

  261. Easy Target says:

    Echo what others have said:
    Please enable grid align for icons and please allow changing of icons to customised ones.

  262. Stop! says:

    Stop with the push ads to my devices for this POS! I’m NOT gonna buy it no matter how many freakin’ ads you send out. Geez.. enough is enough.

  263. Xhris Dicken says:

    Needs to support some elements of old Go Launcher skings/themes and should have 3D widgets like SPB Shell!!

  264. Jose Vte. Enguidanos says:

    Hello. Go launcher widgets are compatible with the nexus launcher? You can make them to be compatible? Thanks.

  265. qqcjhz says:


  266. Xyu says:

    The 1.1 added customizable app drawer grid size (which IMO supposed to be there from the get go), however it now steals 2 out of 5 customizable apps in the deck. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Why do you force app drawer and freaking menu icon on us? You provide ability add shortcuts of these things on our own, yet, we can’t remove these two buttons.
    Because of this menu button I lost a folder with 15 apps I had there. Not the end of the world, obviously, but it’s not how an update should work, it should not destroy something someone made, at least move it somewhere else instead, maybe?

    All the innovations that Next Launcher brings us, destroyed by this stupidity, at least in my eyes.

  267. Xyu says:

    Wow and quiet bad bug was added in v1.1 on top of the ridiculous unremovable menu button: if opened a folder on home screen and then switched to another app via quick switch (press and hold home button), then pressing home button would open EMPTY home screen with only one icon of the folder that was previously opened.

    I’m going back to 1.01 for now. This is no way acceptable update.

    Anyone attempting update, make sure you have a backup, because downgrading will restore all settings to default, including your home screen layout and folders.

  268. matt says:

    Come on when will themes be coming to this $16 and it has like nothing and there has been 3 updates hurry up with themes :)

  269. myself says:

    And what about the landscape option?
    Instead of being best in each version , is going to be worst…

  270. Augusto says:

    I just purchased Go Next Launcher, love it, fantastic launcher BUT I cannot make it work in Landscape mode. How can I use a launcher than cannot be used with the screen rotated? We need a fix URGENT please.

  271. 瓜丶小楠 says:


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