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GO Contacts Pro V1.0 Beta


January 10, 2013 by admin

GO Contacts Pro, a new design of communications app is coming in the new year!

This is a upgrade of GOContactsEX with new Android4.0 interactive and visual experiencesmaller and faster. You can use it to:

  • T9 Smart dialing with contacts first letter, spelling Quick Search, Number fuzzy search

  • Filter call records,specifically the missed calls

  • Delete specified call records

  • Group management

  • Smart merge duplicate contacts according to contacts name and number

  • Sync contacts with Google

  • Information management

  • Bulk SMS

Here is the first beta version of the GO Contacts Pro. Have a try now, click here to download.

Hope you like it !


  1. Carmelo says:

    great idea, can you integrate with gochat?
    make also some themes

  2. Carmelo says:

    and add a option for open dial pad tab as default page

  3. YKEN says:

    Open these widgets for other launchers too.

  4. sadfa says:

    one important feature missing from gocontactex is the call confirmation.
    when the contact group name is too long, the select box is not visible.
    sms list style is not left aligned. editor doesn’t have a full size editor.

  5. zenos says:

    can add call vibrate on connect

  6. kulung Rai says:

    Also make the go dialer also . It would be even better

  7. PUTIN says:

    Thanx for new work!

    Pls make black interface

    and sorting: Surname, Name

  8. Oleh says:

    Dear GO Team. Do you have plans to make Go Dialler for dual-sim smartphones? I can call only by first sim, but not second. Please answer

    • Francis.R. says:

      Yes, Is it tecnically possibly do go contacts for dual sims cell phones? The customization in these cell phones is stopped in dialer, contacts, and to send sms. Sorry for the english.

  9. SEMION says:

    shows not all contacts (59 from 312).
    also shows in detail of contact 4 skype and other fields in amount of 2, 3, 4…

  10. farib says:

    1- does not recognize some of my contacts! their numbers are listed in sms view instead of their names.

    2- does not clear missed call notification when checked.

    Xperia P

    • kebin says:

      Can u give me some example numbers that can’t recognize contacts. The length of these numbers? Do these sms show contacts names with system default sms app?

  11. Sammie says:

    Can it be made that next launcher is complatible with andriod 2.2

  12. Aivan says:

    In the contacts phone number recorded in international format with the prefix +7 (Russia). When you call the number of the program drops the prefix and is trying to dial a number without him, and the call is canceled. Sony XPERIA P.

  13. Olger says:

    Hi There,
    I’m liking GoContactsPro beta a lot. Only downloaded it yesterday and finding it fills the gaps the stock contacts app JB has. One thing I’d like to see is a scrollable bar on the left of all the groups (in the group view) so that changing groups doesn’t require going back to the group list. And maybe select some additional info in the contact list to be deisplayed under the name? Ie address?
    Also, I found this activity: “com.jiubang.gopim.contacts.CombineManuActivity” which should probably ne “CombineMenuActivity”?
    Looking forward to the next release!

  14. Olger says:

    Just on that group view thing I mentioned, I just had a look at Go Contacts, and that has the group view pretty much the way I like it. Unfortunately that FC’s a lot on my CM10 Defy+, which Go Contacts Pro beta does not. And the latter seems a lot more responsive.

  15. Olger says:

    Some additional findings:
    - All fields in the contact are single line, fields (such as addresses and notes) are only partly visible if they span multiple lines. Anything that’s too long should be wrapped to the next line.
    - Some fields have an action (such as phonenumbers) but others not; tapping an address field should open the navigation software (like the stock app does). Website field should open in the browser.
    - Some field names are truncated, ie “Work Fax” is displayed as “Work”, same as the “Work” field. That gets confusing.
    - Default ringtone field should go to the bottom of the list I feel. It’s not something you need often.
    - Some fields (relationship) are not visible.

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