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GO Locker V1.63 released


January 11, 2013 by admin

What’s news

1.(Improve) Compatible with neXt Launcher
2.(Fix) Some devices can’t Lock ‘Home’ key
3.(Fix) Some FC bugs

The lastest version has been mistaken for malware by ‘Avast! Mobile Security’.

The lastest virus database version of ‘Avast! Mobile Security’ has fix this problem.

GO Dev Team


V1.63 released:Download


  1. Carmelo says:

    i’m still waiting for a widget that enable or disable the golocker with a single click

  2. iRamSoft says:

    Doesn’t work with neXt Launcher v.1.13.1

  3. MrX says:

    Please fix this asap(copied from last update):
    Why don’t the Go Locker Themes still do not work with android 4.1.1 and above devices? I’m getting complaints from my customers that once installed the thumb in the themes page of Go Locker appears balnk, just like it use to happen with GO Launcher themes.

    Do you have a workaround fix for this issue that we can do to the themes themselves or do we have to wait until you fix it in the Go Locker app itself?

    BTW, this is lickely the issue because it only happens with PAID Go Locker Themes and only in 4.1.x devices.

    Your PAID themes are not working on 4.1 Galaxy SIII, Note 2, Nexus devices.

  4. 孙守宏 says:

    htc 的t328w手机,解锁后,打开任务栏,点击相关程序,又会再次打开原来的锁屏程序,不知道是为什么?

  5. madjid says:

    please make key in go locker for on/off volum keys

  6. Matthew says:

    I love using the Four Key theme since it lets me customize which apps I can access from the home screen.

    One suggestion would be to have the option to put a timer on the locker so it only activates after a certain amount of time is passed so if you’re sending a lot of texts, you won’t have to frequently unlock your phone with the code or pattern.

    I seem to be having a problem with the Go Locker since I installed an app called HD Caller ID. Now the stock locker pops up first before the Go Locker and I always have to unlock both. I’m using a Motorola Droid 4 with ICS.

  7. Paul says:


    Is it possible to fix/change following issue? It is not possible to change the delay on Go Locker. It looks like it is set to 2 seconds and it is not possible to change this setting. Like in Widgetlocker I can choose the delay for the timeout. This is very handy!!

    Also what the deal “Lockscreen delay list”? What does it do?

  8. John Setia says:

    I really love this application, and I’ve been using it to replace my HTC desire lockscreen which is really laggy, and sometimed not too responsive.

    Go Locker is a great application, BUT there’s only one thing that has been bothering me. Can you please make the Go Locker disable while on call (Or any selected application)?

    Because everytime I am on the phone, Go Locker automatically locks the screen when the screen turned off, and after I finished my conversation, I have to slide to open and key in my passcode before I can press the END CALL button. It’s a bit too much just to press END CALL, or when I need to key in numbers on an automated call.

    Thank you for making this application. I really appreciate it.

  9. Steve S. says:

    Hello, I have emailed this issue at least 4 times now. On my GOLocker theme “Revolve” at noon the clock shows 00:00. There is no such time in standard clocks or military/European/24 hour clocks at noon?? So at 12:30pm it shows 00:30? It’s very confusing and not to mention, wrong and I really hope you fix this.

    • admin says:

      Will the current use of the lock screen version?

      • admin says:

        I would like to know whether other lock screen theme there have the same problem? Or only in this theme?

  10. Steve S. says:

    And please know that all settings in phone and GOLocker are set at 12 hour and even set to 24 hour it’s still wrong.

  11. Tobi says:


    is it possible to improve the locker so that i can add widgets to lockscreen similar to widgetlocker?

    Best regards

  12. Sam says:

    Hi. As you have already noticed. Most ROMs now have transperent Nav bar. But in your locker its showing the picture from wallpaper on that area where the Nav bar. Moreover if you press any of Nav bar icons it unlocks the phone which makes it useless. So the big question is how to disable Navy bar on go locker and make the locker expending on all size. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello, what is the program click on the notification bar icon can directly unlock this?

      • Sam says:

        Not notification bar, Navigation bar, if u press Back or Expend it overwrites the locker, and again, its more importent just to hide it and it will look perfect, any chance you add that to your last update? that Go Locker will be FULL screen due to ROMS that hide navbar. TY!

        • Sam says:

          No comment? Im sure its not so hard tomake the Nav bar to disappear and the locker to extend screen. Using “mist” locker theme.

  13. micro.j says:

    Hello,Thanks for the new one but CAN you make an option that disable the volume key for waking up the device?? Thanks A Lot Again!!

    • admin says:

      Hello, Thank you for your feedback, we will fix the problem as soon as possible

  14. matt says:


    is it possible to improve the locker so that i can add widgets On the lockscreen like 4.2 that would be Awesome

  15. scott turner says:

    I want to change shortcuts on Evo 3D locker to use my Gosms and not my stock

  16. Christine says:

    Hi there,
    I have an anti-virus + anti-theft app that worked fine until I installed Go Locker. My problem isn’t the anti-virus feature, but rather the anti-theft feature. Before I installed Go Locker and enabled the Security Lock, my phone was able to recognize when an incorrect pin or security pattern was used. It was able to locate my phone’s whereabouts, take a picture with the front-facing camera, then forward it both to my personal e-mail. The app I’m using is called Lookout. Please help me resolve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. I will be looking forward to your reply.

  17. Ash says:

    Why is the Time and Date settings in Go Locker gone? I am not a fan of the 24 hour time format and would like the 12, but have searched and can’t find the option to change it.

  18. Lovell says:

    hellow i’m from korea and i use Go Locker and lancher but i don’t know when begon this problem but now if i touch Go locker icon,then just opened ‘my theme’ what is it? i can’t change my go locker theme and also i can’t lock my screen how can i open my go locker

  19. RalfD says:

    I am still searching for a lock screen, including an ICE-Button (ICE = In Case of Emergency). Several are offered, but none for GO Locker.
    Functionality: A button on the screen (kind of red croos), if touched, it displays stored emergency information (Emergency contact person, blood group, doctors adress, allergies etc.)
    In “classic” mobile phones, in the adress book, emergency services world wide recommend to have one number stored ICE which is the emergency contact (parents, family spouse etc). So when you have an accident, one knows who to contact. BUT: with a locker, nobody can access the contacts database.
    And I do not want to have an emergency unlock of the whole phone, nobody should acces to my personal data.

    I would be very happy, if such an extension to GO locker would be available.

    Thank you very much for your reply.

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