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GO Power Master V4.0 Beta(New Experience)


April 17, 2013 by admin

Here comes the GO Power Master V4.0 Beta.

We have a big change and it is a long way to be perfect. If you find some problems , please email us to help solving problems in order to encourage us in giving you a better application.

  1. (New)Power testing

  2. (New)Cool black visual interface,better user experience

  3. (New)Extreme mode

  4. (New)Add smart control switch to saving mode

  5. (Improve)Notification bar optimization

Download the Power Master: Please click here


  1. Carmelo says:

    new version is really cool
    hope to see
    -getjar service finally removed
    -option for hide default gopowermaster profiles
    -fix the time change profile (if i open my phone at 8 o’clock it won’t change to a profile of 7 o’clock for example)

  2. carleon says:

    Idk how to work this I’m on a kindle fire

  3. AA says:

    i just installed the go launcher,
    how do i remove the bar bellow the dock? the one that has three vertical dots and opens the launcher settings?
    haven’t managed to find that option…


  4. earlgambary says:

    this app is so fantastic that it increases ma love for android phones. keep the good work up please, cheers!!!

  5. Ted E. Bear says:

    I can’t get Go Power Master to do two things: 1) Widget on home screen is white only – have downloaded black theme but can’t apply. I get a pop-up saying there’s no widget on my home screen, and 2) paid for upgraded version but cannot activate CPU Smart Control – I get a notice that can’t activate root control. Using Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with latest software. Email reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  6. abid khan says:

    Realy ienjoy.very keep mobile cold and easy.if you not insttal.plz don’t mistake. hurry up.

    • admin says:

      Hello, I’m sorry I did not understand what you mean, specifically refers to what the problem is?

  7. camilo says:

    what does “score” mean? can’t find it anywhere.

    • admin says:

      The higher score you get,the better battery save you are. Keep it high score will help you extend battery life.

  8. Alex Kim says:

    I have a question for you.
    When I changed modes, I normally changed data option not to use.
    But whenever I changed other options then it just changed as original option.(which is on)
    Is there any method just stay as I set up?


  9. David Dawson says:

    Having same root issue on a Nexus 7, it has no phone. How do I get root access?

  10. Leandro says:

    I purchase GO Power Master premium features pack in 09/23/2012 22:19. No more download in google play ? I need to pay again to get premium features ?

    Thanks, I love this app. :)

    • admin says:

      Hello, I would like to ask is can not be used after purchase advanced version?

      • Leandro says:

        I check premium features and all are working. I dont need install advanced version its automatic identified my purchase.

        After same configurations my Galaxy S3 battery duration is 2days and 20:00hrs, moderate use. :) Thanks again.

  11. Radek says:

    Go Power Master is fantactic!
    I have Premium version 4.03

    I found some bugs:
    - Switch mode by time not working fine – i can define new modes, but application not switching modes. Switch mode by by power not tested yet.
    - after change mode (manualy) Screen off optimalization and CPU smart control sometimes are disabled.

    Sorry for my english ;)

    But – application is very nice. Thank you for your grate job!

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