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GO SMS Pro 4.8Beta Released


May 8, 2013 by admin

Hi, here comes GO SMS Pro v4.8 with the new Google+ social features. And the premium version supports more features now!


1. Same price, Premium users have more privileges

a. Support all backup-types, no space limit

b. GO Share supports 10 Mb files, retrivable time up to 30 days

2. Free features available: Backup to SD card, New emoji for ios 6.0, FB avata sync

3. Support signing in GO Chat with Google+

Download the 4.8.1 Version: Please click here


  1. Shauni says:

    if i can say some suggestions for this great app, could be to optimize performance using gochat and gochat search (the scroll is very slow while searching for people)

    also why not delete the plugin page and create some sort of menu with that plugins?

  2. Rakesh says:

    Dear Admin,
    i have been using ur go products sinnce past
    two and half years they are out standing but i
    have few issues..
    go toucher: All the favorite apps that are
    installed in sd card are not retrived when i
    restart my fon.
    I need to re select the favourite apps again
    and again…
    could u solve this…
    and to download ur new beta versions from ur
    website is frustating me .it always download a
    zip file .. but no apk fule in it..
    another issue is.. next browser cannot be
    installed in sd card it is consuming a 5mb of
    internal memory ..i have a low internal
    memory so could u solve to instal next
    browser in sd card..
    and where are ur new products next browser
    and home+ apps… qhen are they released
    All the go apps are are out standing…
    they re-desigm my droid ..
    especially ur product go sms and go launcher
    are out standing…
    can u update go sms fb chat plug in.. the
    inteface is quiet booring.. plz up date its

  3. Pedja_pex says:

    Why can not I install this beta version 4.8, use version 4.78??

  4. Rakesh says:

    dear admin..
    ur go sms product is out standing..

    but i have a small issue with go fb chat plugin..
    it hasn’t been updated in a long time…
    the interface is quiet bioring…
    and it is always reconnecting many times..
    so if u could solve this prob..i will be great full..

    thNk u

  5. Pedja_pex says:

    When will it be available in this version Google Play, because I can not install this beta version?

  6. djc says:


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