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Description Translation for GO Launcher Prime


June 7, 2013 by admin

OK, here is the Google Play page description for GO Launcher Prime, which is the key to unlock paid features of GO Launcher.

We need your help to translate the description of the prime version.

Leave your translation below please!


The best launcher app with 10000+ themes, more than 50,000,000 download, powerful 3D core for speedy and smooth operation, and utility functions with imagination.

GO Launcher Prime unlocks the following features in GO Launcher:
☆ Option to block ads from GO Launcher
☆ Two finger gesture options
~ Swipe up
~ Rotate CCW
~ Rotate CW
☆ 4 more kinds transition animaiton
~ Crossfade
~ Flyin
~ Cards
~ Curve

☆ More features on the way
~ whole screen folder (next version)
~ scene modes (next version)
~ more screens and docks
~ app locker
~ more transition animation
PS. Now the price is 60% off and would be raised to $9.99 while all features completed.

1. You need to install the free version of GO Launcher to use GO Launcher Prime
2. For download issues or Play Store errors such as Error 941 please contact Google at
3. For more details:

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  1. Carmelo says:

    please fix the hang and force crash when replace a app icon choosing it from a pack of 1000+ icons

  2. Gryme says:


  3. Scott says:

    Can you help me please i paid for the test version of this and now I can’t use it please tell me why?????

  4. Scott says:


  5. Goodjob says:

    Лучший лончер с более чем 10000 темами, более 50 миллионами загрузок, мощным 3d движком для более быстрой и плавной работы, а также массой полезных функций.

    Go launcher prime нужен для разблокировки следующих функций в Go launcher:
    1. Возможность отключить рекламу в Go launcher;
    2. Возможность использования жестов с двумя пальцами:
    ~ сдвиг вверх;
    ~ поворот CCW;
    ~ поворот CW;
    3. Четыре дополнительных эффекта анимации:
    ~ … (it’s hard to translate -you can use English here)

    And I don’t know what is ccw & cw.
    To be continued… ;-)

  6. Yoann says:

    Here the french translation :

    Description :
    Le meilleur des launchers avec plus de 10000 thèmes, plus de 50 millions de téléchargements, avec un puissant 3D Core pour plus de vitesse et de fluidité, et des fonctions utiles.

    Go Launcher Prime déverrouille ces fontions dans Go Launcher :
    - bloquage des annonces de Go Launcher
    - Gestes à deux doigts
    - Glisser vers le haut
    - Rotation CCW
    - Rotation CW
    - Effet de fondu
    - Effet Flyin
    - Effet de cartes
    - Effet Curve

    Plus d’options seront bientôt disponibles :
    - Dossiers sur la totalité de l’écran
    - Modes d’écran
    - Plus d’écrans et de docks
    - Un verrouilleur d’applications
    - Plus de transitions
    PS. Maintenant le prix est soldé de 60% et nous le monterons à 9,99$ quand toutes les fonctions seront présentes.

    I hope that I have been helpful :)
    Thanks for all

    PS : When will be available the 3D Core for all devices ?

    • Goodjob says:

      In my second reply I continued translation from « ☆ More features on the way».

      • Goodjob says:

        I missed and posted a comment in wrong place. Sorry again.
        Trying to help you get authentic Russian translation, cause google translate is awful.

  7. Maggs says:

    There is no way I would pay £10 for this launcher, I’ll change launcher altogether, okay you need money but you are just greedy!

  8. peter says:

    How bout paying with getjar gold?

  9. charlie says:

    Somebody stole my camera from my house (gopro hero 3) and log onfrom my computer

  10. bilel agrebi says:

    Lancheure androïde

  11. Lalo says:

    Hello, the Two finger gesture options do not work. Thank you

  12. LaveporMeth says:

    awsome..its very nice for my phone..

  13. LaveporMeth says:

    if it still possible plz.dont add advertisement in Go launcher for free..

  14. Andy says:

    Please add go sms premium to prime

  15. siyamak says:


  16. greybard says:

    Please lower the memory usage and please get 3d in the paid version. Besides that the functionality and design are beautiful!

  17. tanyawat says:

    I like good

  18. tanyawat says:

    I like verrygood

  19. TJ Richards says:

    Corrections to your translation:

    GO Launcher Prime unlocks the following features in GO Launcher:
    ☆ Option to block ads from GO Launcher
    ☆ Two finger gesture options
    ~ Swipe up
    ~ Rotate CCW
    ~ Rotate CW
    ☆ 4 additional transition animations
    ~ Crossfade
    ~ Flyin
    ~ Cards
    ~ Curve
    PS. Now 60% off. When all features are completed, the price will be $9.99

  20. soundy says:

    I was sure that even Go Launcher was going premium like all other GL stuff.
    You asking for free translation by user to sell a premium application! WTF ? You want translation, then pay for it or give away for those who help you.

    REALLY BAD BUSINESS. I’m done from long time now with your products, but I keep reading what’s going on here.

    Apex/Nova are way better, even if they are paid app.

      • Goodjob says:

        I think you are not right.
        I used GL for a long time and for free.
        And now I want to help GL developers. And if they want to make some features paid – it’s alright. The only thing I’d like to ask – no ads.
        What really is strange – you ask for translation and forget about it.
        Hey, are you still there?

  21. Cesar Keuleyan says:

    I love this launcher, hi’s the best but when I installed it, and the Go Launcher EX Prime, but no chenges plzzzz help!!!

  22. jimking says:

    After last update the contacts widget not works properly. The settings are not working the contact photo appears small. Please fix this and give us the previous full mode for the contact photo!!! The fc choosing Next Wallpaper is still there. The rest work ok…

  23. Goodjob says:

    P.S. If it is still possible, please, don’t add advertisement in Go launcher free version.
    Best regards.

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