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GO Weather EX V4.07 has been released!


June 9, 2013 by admin

Hello everyone!

GO Weather EX V4.07 has been released!

Download :Please click here

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Below are new features:

1. (New) Loading page with dynamic effect.
2. (New) Re-designed and dynamic advanced feathures into page.
3. (Improve) Weather sharing.
4. (Fix) No response problem after clicking Google purchase button.


  1. siyamak says:

    not install in my phone,i dont kn0w!:-|

  2. Ron says:


    I’m using GO Weather Ex for a couple of days now. I’ve purchased the full version. I would like to know which weather service it uses.


  3. avzoo says:

    With the last release.. the widges are not working properly.. time is not getting updated automatically. I have to remove the widge and add it again to get tje updated time!

  4. dj_dass says:

    I have the same issue that avzoo. After last release widgets are not working. It’s not updating at all. The only way to update it for me is to restart phone… :(

  5. Nicki Foley says:

    Does it update as paid version?
    I paid for the paid version so when there are
    Updates does it stay paid and why when you have the
    Paid version to you still have to pay for backgrounds
    And skins? What did I pay for?

  6. Linton says:

    Latest Version also ot installing on Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830i pleas help thanks and keep up the great work!

  7. Richard Cooke says:

    Yep, time is broken on the latest update of Go Weather Ex.

    It now freezes regularly and only deleting / re-adding the widget fixes it (until it stops again).

  8. Dibyendu says:

    site is good.But I want a to z videos.thanks for York site.

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