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Toucher v2.0 now on Beta!


June 18, 2013 by admin

Keep you waiting for a long time, we’ve just finished a new overhaul of Toucher Settings, and fine-tune the animation of Toucher Point. So here comes v2.0

(New) Animation of Toucher Point movement, smooth and fluency

(New) ‘Preference’ UI redesigned, giving a visual style look of Toucher Settings

(New) Add ‘Featured’ tab in Toucher Theme, easier to preview new themes

(Fix) Missing favor app icons after update.


Screenshot_2013-06-18-18-28-35 Screenshot_2013-06-18-18-28-18

Looking forward to your feedback!


  1. 李杰成 says:


  2. Aung Ko Ko says:


  3. delia.endan says:

    I’m so thankful that I found this website very very happy and awesome

  4. jennifer seaman says:

    Im so totaly impressed with this.I’ve only downloaded the free ones but I love it. I want to know if its a trial period download or will I need to pay for it soon? Is it something I have to pay for every month or when I buy it is it mine to keep with no strings attached? Please let me know. Thanks, Jennifer :-)

  5. axix kham says:

    Awesome!!!!this is fun nice so nice…thanks

  6. reza says:


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  8. bonesetti says:

    Doesn’t work on kindle fire hd … opens but ALL themes lead to dead link websites

  9. 永不言弃 says:


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