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Toucher v2.1 now on beta, new feature — ‘Panel shifting’ added


June 25, 2013 by admin


(New) Panel shifting

(New) Beginner guide in favor app&switches

(Improve) Reduce memory occupation


Dear all,

we’ve been heard from our users that Toucher need a better performance in large-size screen devices such as tablet, pad and Samsung Galaxy Note, because it’s not convenient to use Toucher because the main panel only shows up in the middle of screen. So here we did this improvement, add ‘Panel Shifting’ feature in Toucher Preference.


With this option on, once you click the point, the main panel will not be shown in the middle of screen. Instead, it will shows up in the nearest position of the point disappeared, in which case it’ll be easier for one-hand cooperation.

Here we offer you some screenshots in tablet and mobile phone(Click to check full picture).

Screenshot_2013-06-25-17-37-23  Screenshot_2013-06-25-17-30-37  Screenshot_2013-06-25-17-29-49 Screenshot_2013-06-25-17-28-37

Besides, we’ve added a beginner guide for new-installed users, which you may not need it:)

in Favor app & Switches, you can long-press the icon to remove, click the ‘+’ to add.




And we sincerely hope you join Toucher translation project, helping us translate Toucher into your language.

Check Toucher translation project:


  1. clem says:

    hi godev
    first of all many thanks
    you work is awesome,so much variations
    with your apps and launchers for our devices
    its a pleasure to support your work
    and load some beta-versions
    hope you may continue
    the new toucherbeta works so far
    as tested in (my) short break
    greetz clem

  2. me says:

    i love this app and using it.can you add reboot shortcut for next future.thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi, reboot feature need root permissions, would you please tell us whether your device was rooted or not? Thank you!

  3. nacho cheese says:

    On my kindle it says cannot open file so what do I do

    • admin says:

      Hi, we’ve send you an v2.1beta apk file to your email(which you leave here neck4592), any further question please let me know, thank you.

  4. me says:

    my deviced is rooted.

    • ozlem says:

      telefon numaralarına doğrudan çağrı yap sürekli izinler istiyor artık yukleyemıyorum

  5. rkk says:

    IHow Do I Add go Shortcuts Or A Regular Shortcut?

  6. Kedar inamdar says:

    I purchased ‘go launcher ex blue stripes’ theme however I’m unable to set it. I have go launcher ex installed and set as my default launcher. I cannot see this theme under the ‘installed’ tab. Please can you suggest? By the way…this launcher is indeed awesome!

  7. Katrina says:

    Parts of my touch screen stopped working top left corner htconex

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