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Next Browser 1.06 Beta has been released! New feature Night mode, looking forward to your feedback!


July 12, 2013 by admin


Hi, here comes Next Browser 1.06Beta!  With some improvements on , we’d like you to have a try!

Download HERE

Change logs:

1.(Improve) Tabs: quickly slide, long press and slide to close all

2.(Improve) Speed Dial

3.(New) Night mode extension (Extensions -> Turn on Night mode)


4.(New) Import Chrome bookmarks folders (Menu -> Bookmarks -> Import Chrome bookmarks)

5.(New) Save link and Share link(Long press -> menu)

6.(New) Download notification: Notification bar

7.(New) Next View:readed tag


8.(New) Next View:Custom RSS feed( Next View -> add subscription -> Custom RSS feed)


9.(New) Next View:Germany local feed

10.(New) Support language:Greek

11.(Fix) Some crash and ANR problems

Want to know more and try?

Download here!

Looking forward to your feedback!!

And stay tuned, we are working hard to make it better and great!!!


  1. v1tru says:

    is there a way to keep the apk update automatically?

  2. Pedja_pex says:

    Vey is too slow for download,i cant download.

    • admin says:

      Hello, please provide a link to the download site fails to test the fix, thank you

  3. parkjaeeun says:

    Gjurdvj ougvjirf

  4. parkjaeeun says:

    Chhged 7xydgohov

  5. parkjaeeun says:

    Rmjmfjfye dechh qscfjikcce

  6. parkjaeeun says:

    적립금으로 유료어플다운~^^

  7. Go says:

    it didn’t fixed lag . pitch zoom and scrolling lag on galaxy s and galaxy tab 2.3.6 with 235mb ram

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much for using!

      I am so sorry about that, the problem you said we have marked down, and will deal with it soon. Thanks for your feedback!

      We will keep working hard to make it better. Stay tuned!

  8. syaofik says:

    Erorr go louncer….I’m no like…..
    Kurang puas dngan aplikasi ini.erorr….!!!!

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  10. Rolldogg says:

    Whenever I download this new version, it says it can’t install it. Do I need to uninstall version 1.05 first? This is the first time I’ve had this problem.

  11. Carmelo says:

    fix the force crash and hang problem when replace icon with a icon pack of +1000 icons! the pack is MIUI X5

    • admin says:

      Hello, thanks for your use and feedback, please provided your phone model, thank you.

  12. Ano says:

    No I’m pretty sure I won’t install this crap… You don’t need to force me to see Advertisements for this bullshit in go sms… Please disconnect all cables from your pc and never login to internet again you spammer…

    • admin says:

      Hello, there is currently Next browser does not have advertising information, may I ask where you saw ad?

  13. Diptangshu Mishra says:

    This is the most beautiful browser I ever teied.Downloading speed could be improved though.
    Looks like some people don’t know how to respect others’ hard work.

  14. WOW! I LOVE this browser

  15. KoNaing says:

    vrry good anf thanks.bye

  16. Igor says:

    Good and fast browser, but I really kiss one great thing: an ability to open links in other apps from the browser. I mean, if you have a link to mp4 file, it asks to download it, instead of asking which app to open with. I don’t want to download using this browser. I also want to watch videos online without downloading. This problem makes me stay on Dolphin.

  17. milton says:

    would like to do themes for next launcher 3d, where I find the software. is excellent and would like to learn.

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