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[7.24 Update]Toucher v3.0 now on beta1!


July 10, 2013 by admin

Dear users,

please try our beta version and tell us how you feel at:

Toucher has been growing 3 months with your companion, thank you for your support, now we’re trying to move one step further.

Here we introduce our new default UI — in replacement of old iPhone-style — for Toucher v3.0.


In this design, we keep the convenience of previous default theme, with the rich content of Toucher themes such as Colorbar and Blue Light.

Here is the preview picture for new Toucher v3.0 UI.


(Click to check more detail)

Functionally, we pick up most used features such as Clean memory and Flashlight on the main panel, and adding Time/Date and — most importantly — Weather, on Toucher. And on design, we choose flat design, to make it simple and beautiful.

Feature list:

1. Main panel: Lockscreen, Clean memory, Flashlight, Home, Recent apps, Settings. (For root users, adding 3 more: Screenshot, Back, Menu)

2. Favor apps

3. System switches: WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth…18 in total

4. Weather: based on your location, city, weather statue

5. More: lots more on their way


(Click to check more detail)

We know this will be tough for our user who has got used to the old iPhone-style UI, but we’re trying to make Toucher more useful and more stylish and fashion-forward. So we need your advice, tell us how you think.

Looking forward to your feedback!


  1. Pedja_pex says:

    Where is the download link?

  2. clem says:

    …dont want to use go weather plz
    make some occasions to hide some shortcuts…

    • admin says:

      Hi clem,
      1. Weather feature can be used directly, in other word GO Weather will not be essential for Toucher. So this will no be a problem.
      2. Would you please describe the issue in detail? Did you mean Toucher point should be hidden in some occasions?
      Thank you for your feedback!

  3. hasan says:

    The weather won’t be updated till you install GO Weather, am I correct…? Why not give the user an option to select the weather app the choose to use?

    • admin says:

      Hi hasan,
      weather feature can be used directly, in other word GO Weather will not be essential for Toucher.
      It’s based on your location to get weather data, Toucher get weather database all by itself.
      Any further questions please let me know.

      • hasan says:

        ok cool! I like the concept. The UI looks great too. But will it be using GPS or Network Locations for location update for weather? Because if it uses GPS it’ll consume battery and at the same time consume more RAM. Which is why I said to add the option of selecting the in built weather app which the user is using or the in built feature of the toucher.

        • admin says:

          Hi, weather update frequency is optional to set, you can also choose to update manually. We’ll reduce the battery consume in the best of our way. Thank you!

  4. nicole says:

    Looks great!

  5. Rakesh says:

    this looks great….
    beter of it occupies less space…
    ir go products are awesome but they are taking a lot of internal memory

    go launcher 16mb
    go taskmanager 8.5mb
    go weather ex 11.4mb

    others are fine with optimum memory …

    and go twidget isnt working could u solve it??

  6. Rakesh says:

    my sugession is
    1. Could u change the red colour… it is reflectiong more so its better u replace it with another colour as of VIBGYOR

    2.The clean icon can be changed

    • admin says:

      Thank you for you suggestion, we have re-design the clean icon, please wait patiently. And we’re trying to find a better color in replacement of that red. Thank you, any further questions please let me know.

  7. dcombl says:

    Please allow theme support ASAP and PLEASE END loading XML files from /assets/ and change to /res/xml/ or /res/raw/ for all future GO! Apps theme engine.

  8. Grant Redman says:

    Phones gone phunnie forced closed.

  9. heriyanto says:

    Ayu astri penjelajah lautan mahligai cinta…

  10. Frew Nicol-Schwarz says:

    Hey, I was wondering if there would be anything along the lines of gesture control?

    • admin says:

      Hi, did you mean whether there is gesture control in v3.0? Yes! Slide left & right to switch tabs, up & down to check more feature in one tab!
      Any further questions please let me know.

      • rhiza says:

        Admin, Dev app team,
        PLEASE add a BACK button in the toucher app just like the iPhones’ assistive touch. And I hope it does not require rooting. It is a big help. Please guys, I know u can do it.

        • admin says:

          Hi rhiza, sorry to tell you but ‘Back’ button need ROOT due to Android permission regulation, we’ve already done what we can do, so thank you for your understanding. Any further questions please let us know.

  11. rujira says:


    • admin says:

      Hi, would you please tell us what you think about v3.0 in detail? We’re trying to make v3.0 better and better, and your advice is precious to us, thank you!

  12. Ravivarman says:

    When we can download this new 3D design application ?

  13. Micoolol says:

    Hallo erstmal alle zusammen, könntet ihr mir netterweise verraten, ob man bei Eurem Programm,,Go Wetter” die,,Wind-Geschwindigkeit” auch in km anstatt die gewohnten mh einstellen kann?

  14. magorrias says:

    I would like a shortcut to open the app. With a shortcut I can associate a gesture to open it.

  15. ibelooney says:

    Am asking for a lot of feature can go make their own Pie launcher that can go on Go Launcher EX like a addon with Toucher added in that pie or add toucher feature in the pie launcher

    Also can u add more switches like NFC or more contrôle over the switcher like (power toggle)

    Even add more panel like 4 more to the 9
    And add widget and shorcut or folder support

    • admin says:

      Hi ibelooney, thank you for your feedback!
      1. more features are on their way!
      2. we’ll looking forward to add more switches, thank you for your suggestion.
      3. panel can be added or removed in v3.0. In future we’ll support more tabs like widget or music player. Please wait patiently

      Any further questions or suggestions please let us know!

  16. Abhijith Trivandrum says:

    Suberb app dev….

  17. juancub says:

    Support android 2.1??????

  18. Rohan says:

    Great development!
    With these added features, you guys are taking this app many miles ahead . . .
    It looks amazing :-)

  19. pemsuk says:

    แอฟดี และใช้งานสดวก

  20. Sushant says:

    Hloo I like this app very much I want to suggest you that you should give the option of back button without rooting android devices then it will very helpful for me so plz give option of back button without rooting process then I could give you five stars I hope you will think about it and do the changes and provide back button without rooting plz do it I will be very thankfull to you

  21. Sushant says:

    Pls add back button without rooting process ihen it is the best app in the world and everyone could gave you 5 stars

    • admin says:

      Hi Sushant, sorry to tell you but ‘Back’ button need ROOT due to Android permission regulation, we’ve already done what we can do, so thank you for your understanding. Any further questions please let us know.

  22. rhiza says:

    It’s ok. But i am hoping you can add a BACK button on the toucher app.

  23. rhiza says:

    Please add BACK button without devices being rooted. Please.

    • admin says:

      Hi rhiza, sorry to tell you but ‘Back’ button need ROOT due to Android permission regulation, we’ve already done what we can do, so thank you for your understanding. Any further questions please let us know.

  24. A. Simone says:

    I like Toucher just the way it is now. Will there be a way to keep it like this? But if you do change it will there be a way to choose certain tabs because I don’t want the weather to appear if I’m not going to use it. And also we should be able to use features without rooting our devices. Oh and one last thing,, is it possible the Go Apps could take up less space. Thx A Bunch. -A. Simone

    • admin says:

      Dear A. Simone, thank you for your feedback.
      1. There will be a new option called ‘tab settings’ in v3.0, where you can select which tab you want to show.
      2. Sorry but right now Screenshot, Back, Menu need ROOT due to Android regulation. We’ve already done what we can do. Thank you for your understanding.
      3. Yes we’re trying to reduce the apk size as better as we can, it’s not an easy work you know…Thank you :)

      Any further questions please let me know.

    • admin says:

      Hi, please try our beta version and tell us how you feel at:

  25. andie shim bumanglag prasaya says:

    Nice job… more style… for my toucher thank’s

  26. manbat says:

    Don’t need another clock, weather or temperature display on the homescreen…keep it simple or have delete options to keep old look….maybe ?

  27. sathish says:

    Add lotz of pointer themes n app themes….

  28. John says:

    Does Toucher v3.0 support Android 2.3.6?

  29. Clint says:

    Will there be a way to us toucher as a lock screen?

  30. 韩佳陆 says:


  31. Michael says:

    This is a much better design… and ‘Thank You’ for allowing the native weather app to get weather data.

    Can we still customize the main panel like we could with the older Toucher default theme? Will you be making the favorite apps panel expandable (swipe left or right to add more apps) or only for root? Also, why doesn’t the Toucher point show up on the lock screen of GO Locker anymore?

  32. mokhtar says:

    Hello.ok go luncher & toucher

  33. Derek Bonnalie says:

    Oh so sweet.

  34. not impt says:

    I really hope the system switches would include a volume toggle. Personally, this is the only thing i want for toucher and it would be perfect for me. Any other additional options would be a bonus.

  35. Rahul says:

    isn’t a week over? time for download link. you should bundle launcher and toucher in an app.thanks for lovely apps.

  36. Rahul says:

    Thanks .I have downloaded now.its really nice.Please go launcher dev team don’t go. You all doing nice job.thanks again.

  37. sajid khan says:

    Its gud… But some timeit hanged up my mobile…. So I csn restart my phone… N widget also take more time to update…. But it make my phone feel gud…

  38. art says:

    Dear developer

    I wish you fix the lock screen delay issue in 2. Version

    There’s about 5second delay after you press device home button and lock screen by using toucher immediately

    But this wont be a priblem if you close app by using toucher’s home button

  39. Juan Jurado says:

    Please add/give us back the possibility to access toucher from the lock screen. That option was so useful…. It is the reason why I installed it. Was able to access or switch to anything I wanted without unlocking the phone. This was efficient less touches to the screen to achieve task.

  40. Simon says:

    I miss an option to hide the Toucher point when in full screen mode (e.g. videos, games)

    • admin says:

      Hi, you can long press the point to hide it in notification bar. May this help you.

  41. john says:

    I hope there will be a wifi hotspot switch.. thanks

  42. Vinnie D says:

    Hi I was wondering how to download this I’m ready looking forward to it

  43. lauranne says:

    I like this apps

  44. zubair says:

    Plz dont make this as a paid app ..

  45. zebra says:


  46. zebra says:


  47. Vinnie D says:

    I would really like a download link since its been well over a week would love to test

  48. william says:

    Its a very good app

  49. Vinnie D says:

    Please…… You said the beta would be out in a week from when this was made so I’m a little anxious To try it out thanks

  50. PresaOliver says:

    Can this app work on my samsung galaxy mini?? I hope it more compatible to more device.. Sorry, i am indonesian and my english not realy good..

  51. tareq says:


  52. art says:

    Beta version wil be release today !

  53. admin says:

    Dear all, please try our beta version and tell us how you feel at:

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