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GO Locker V2.0 Beta1


August 8, 2013 by admin

Hi, here comes GO Locker V2.0 Beta!  With some improvements on , we’d like you to have a try!

We had added a new function ‘Powerful Mode ‘.


If you set a password with GO Locker, highly recommend to turn on ‘Powerful mode’, it prevents from entering phone without entering password.

For example, enter phone with notification bar, google now by long pressing home key,   the virtual button of recent app and etc.

Downlaod Here

Looking forward to your feedback !


  1. Biff Renkert says:

    The download link is not working. I’m thinking this will be exactly what I am looking for. I want my Galaxy S4 Active totally locked until I put in a PIN, and no chance of it butt dialing 911 like what happens when you use the default PIN lock provided with the phone. I’m excited!

  2. Biff Renkert says:

    Correction, download link is working. My company firewall is blocking my download. I’m installing it now. Whohoo!

  3. Biff Renkert says:

    Not quite, but getting close. If I have the TouchWiz/Home screen mode set to easy mode it works great, but if I have it set to standard mode I can lock the phone, pull down the notification bar and hit the home button to get into the phone. It will sometimes jump back to the lock screen after 5 seconds or so, or if I try to activate an app it might jump back to the lock screen, but more often it will allow the app to open and be used.

    • admin says:

      for the home button, please lock it with ‘Home Key setting’, then it’s not able to get into phone by clicking home button. You may have a try!

      • Biff Renkert says:

        I Got It!!! Whohoo!!! I had locked the home screen but it kept going back to the easy mode of TouchWiz. Once I changed the “Launcher after unlocking” mode to use the TouchWiz standard it worked perfectly. I can pull down the Notification bar when locked and when I hit the Home key it goes back to the lock screen.
        Thanx so much. This should stop the phone from running apps and dialing 911 while in my pocket, plus secure it if I lose it.

  4. Karen says:

    So far it seems to work as described. Everything on the notification bar tried to open and after a quick flash of that apparently the locker was back on screen and needed to be unlocked. At this point I can’t figure out how to make the notification bar not show on the locker, so this does what I need.

    • Biff Renkert says:

      Karen, What phone are you using?

      • Karen says:

        Samsung Galaxy S 4. I figured out how to hide the notification bar. I tried opening the notification bar and then pressed the home button while it was open. I also went right to the home screen. But if I press on anything on that page I go directly back to the locker screen. Then I have to put in my pass code to unlock my phone. Funny thing is my Samsung tablet 8.0 doesn’t go to the home screen if I try the same steps. I need to check my phone to see if I locked the home button.

    • Biff Renkert says:

      What happens if you hit the Home button when the notification screen is pulled down? That’s when mine will go to the home screen and bypass the PIN.

      • Karen says:

        Checked out my phone and I hadn’t locked the home button. After I set it to lock the home button nothing happens when I press the home button. Tried pulling down the notification bar and pressing the home button and the locker stayed on.

  5. roxas says:

    I need help
    when I use the player on the lockscreen it opens walkman while I use Google play music
    is there a way to change the music player??
    Thanks in advance

  6. Cris says:


    Option to use actual Launcher background for ‘slide answering calls’. e.G. Live Wallpaper.

    Accept call directly with slide.

    Whitelist for apps to bypass lockscreen. e.G AlarmDroid!

  7. sadeghy says:

    hi.plese locker change

  8. HJ says:

    Does anyone know how to put a delay on the lockscreen. F.E. I want the lockscreen to kick in after 2 minutes?

    Thanks :-)

  9. docck says:

    I hoped that someone from developers team noticed problem with notification area on 4.3. In next launcher it was fixed. Maybe in final version 2.0 you’ll do it

  10. Jeffrey says:

    I need better directions on how to add widgets. I know it is simple but I have no idea what to do. Nothing swipes left for me.

  11. Borut says:

    When I installed the GO Locker (I have PIN unlock on it), I am not prompt to enter SIM unlock when I turn on the phone, so I can’t connect to carrier because SIM is still locked. How can this be solved? In when phone boots you have to have a screen for SIM PIN enter to get the signal. Br, borut

    • Zav says:

      Same issue here. After phone boot, I can’t enter my PIN code to unlock my SIM card cause the prompt box is hide by GO locker. I have to disabled your app, get the prompt box, unlock my SIM and then re enable GO locker. It’s annoying.

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