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GO Weather EX V4.15 has been released!


August 30, 2013 by admin

Hello everyone!

GO Weather EX V4.15 has been released!

We did some optimization in this version.

1. (Optimization) Make background visible in those interfaces: 24-hour forecast, daily forecast, rain forecast and wind forecast
2. (Fixed) Some devices might be frozen while open the current weather page
3. (Fixed) Some devices might be crashed while sharing weather info.

Download :Please click here


  1. Carmelo says:

    please disable start splash screen

  2. Thiago says:

    App is crashing if I try to add new cities or when I go to read the msgs. I already unistall and instal again. I paid for the premium package but its
    very unstable.

  3. Michel M. says:

    I like the toucher a lot. But i reall missing an Appdrawer link. Thanks

  4. Amalia says:

    How retrieve data related to weather take?

  5. Trés manification cet application coool

  6. Salvador says:

    Good Afternoon:

    I have a problem with my GO Weather PRO becauses its no recognaizing my ubication its fixed in one place… i went to configuration and ubication and its not working is the same…

    what should i do?


    • admin says:

      Sorry, I can’t understand what you said. Do you mean the Pro version become to free version after updating?

  7. zamani says:

    man ino nadaram

  8. 3. Aseg鷕ese de que Aseg鷕ese de que el enlace los hiper-enlaces es eficaz .

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