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(New)Mini Launcher V1.0 has been Released


August 10, 2013 by admin

Mini launcher

Mini Launcher V1.0 has been released in Google Play。

Download in Google Play.

Or download here: download Mini Launcher and download Mini Sidebar.

Mini Launcher is an original & customized launcher for Android 4.0+.It would give you the different experience with GO Launcher.

Main features:

1. Apply GO Launcher widget

GO Launcher widgets (contains weather, clock, switch, calendar,Cleaner) which only apply to GO Launcher before. Now, you can also use them on Mini Launcher.

2. Mini Sidebar

Mini Sidebar only apply to Mini Launcher. Provide you with the latest weather information, common switches , recent calls and messages, recently apps. You would have a faster and more convenient experience.

3. Scrollable Dock

Accessible by swiping left/right, with up to 5 pages and up to 5 icons per page.Keep your favorite apps on it.

4. New Apps

Filter your downloaded app within 24 hours.

5. Rename APP and replace APP icon

Custom app name and icon, which will make your phone more personalized.

6. Bulk Add

Add multiple apps to a folder at once.

———————————-Written By the Last———————————-

Although we try our best to develop ,there is some bug inevitably .
If you find them, please email us(Mini Settings -> Feedback) to help us fix it. We hope to bring you a better app in coming version.
Thanks very much.


  1. Anas Inc says:

    Nice ! Another New Brilliant Mini Launcher Has Been Released ! Must Be Nice as Usual

  2. Jennifer says:

    Tired to upgrade and now I’m getting an error saying that the package file is invalid. Loved the app, but can’t get it anymore due to this current situation I’m having with it. Please help.
    Thank you, Jennifer.

    • admin says:

      Hi,we suggest you uninstall it first and install again through Google Play.We would test the problem you said and fix it ASAP.Thanks for your support.

  3. susy alvarez says:

    Por favor enviar notificacion al correo

  4. Cheryl says:

    I am having the same problem & I love this it’s great & I want it back!

  5. daniella says:

    Please help me to install this application

  6. DJx says:

    Could you please, include customization options like number of homescreens, number of icons in dock, gird size on homescreen and customization options for the sidebar, chance to change the power control buttons and other practical stuff, the app is off to a great start so kudos to the whole team!
    Thanks in advance! I’ll keep an eye on this launcher, if the customization options will be added I will change from Nova to Mini.

    • admin says:

      Yeah,more customization options would be support in coming version.Thanks for your support.

  7. Go says:

    this mini launcher not support android 2.3 that’s sucks. it need to support android 2.3. app doesn’t support android 2.3 is junk. virus

    • admin says:

      Hi,Mini launcher only support Android 4.0+ now,2.3 would may be support in coming version.Thanks for your support.

  8. Go says:

    Junk app that doesn’t support Gingerbread aka android 2.3. i think go launcher developer need brain wash

  9. Go says:

    I will sue go launcher as backup if go luncher doesn’t list customer and users comment or feedback

    • Go says:

      I will sue go launcher as backup if go luncher doesn’t listen customer and users comment or feedback. It’s time go launcher need to change

  10. Go says:

    I will sue go launcher as backup if go luncher doesn’t listen customer and users comment or feedback

  11. jiayang says:

    Could you guys make one for gingerbread? 2.3.5

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