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Next Browser 1.09 Beta has been released! Looking forward to your feedback!


August 31, 2013 by admin


Hi, here comes Next Browser 1.09Beta!  With some improvements on , we’d like you to have a try!

Download HERE

Change logs:

1.(Improve) Incognito Tabs : address bar icon

2.(Improve) RSS View : Custom RSS position

3.(New) Start page background : auto toggle by time

4.(New) Search engine : duckduckgo search

5.(New) Download : ask for saving path

6.(New) Pocket extension : one key save to Pocket: URL link -> long press -> Save to Pocket (Need to install Pocket extension)


7.(New) RSS View : Malaysia and Philippines local feeds

8.(Fix) Some crash and ANR problems

Want to know more and try?

Download here!

Looking forward to your feedback!!

And stay tuned, we are working hard to make it better and great!!!


  1. Vinod Rathod says:

    add image quality
    text only-low-medium-high

  2. Vinod Rathod says:

    Respected Sir,

    add this features

    1. display-fit to screen/zoom
    2. image-low/medium/high
    3. power full download manager
    4. and your ideas….

    Not Faster….Like Opera MiNi….plz improve speed


  3. jonas says:

    Perfect!! 99%

    Only need a option to keep the screen on!! Than 100% great!

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  5. pongcatia says:


  6. RAJIB BARUI says:

    I cant save a page while viewing. Plz help

    • admin says:

      Hi, which one do you mean:

      1. Save a page to file: long press the address bar -> Save link to file

      2. Save a page as a bookmark: Menu -> the star button on the above

      Hope it is useful for you.

  7. Go says:

    It has laggy and slow scroll down and pitch zoom on galaxy s1 android 2.4.6 and galaxy s2 android 4.2.2

  8. jay says:

    Please add an option to disable the right swipe to close tab. It’s rather annoying to close the tab when all you’re trying to do is scroll to the right. Also please add an option to disable extension menu when scrolling to the right. Please make the status bar visible when touching the address bar. Otherwise great browser. Thank you.

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