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(Update) Magic Wdigets V1.01 is coming!


August 16, 2013 by admin

Magic Wigets V1.01is coming now!

It is still on sale, just download itn now:

What’s New:

1. (New) Display wallpaper when editing widget
2. (New) Add wind units
3. (Improve) Display of notification bar
4. (Improve) The style of dialog box
5. (Fix) The crash problem when editing widget




  1. Karen says:

    So far the update added the wallpaper behind the weather widget. That is awesome. Now I can adjust the transparency perfectly. Also that allows me to get backgrounds that match instead of clash with the wallpaper. Still checking out the other improvements.

  2. Tony says:

    Great Update but this app its sucking my battery power. Since I installed it my battery doesn’t last very long. I even tested this by unistalling the app. You guys need to do something about the background data that it consumes. It takes 28.77 mb of background data. I hope that you guys fix this issue. I love this app.

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