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(Update)Mini Launcher V1.1 Beta


August 17, 2013 by admin

Mini launcher

Download Mini Launcher and Download Mini Sidebar

New features:

1. Apply GO Launcher Theme

2. Customize Screen Pages(Two fingers kneading)

3. Switch Fahrenheit to Centigrade if you like on Mini Sidebar

———————————-About Mini Launcher———————————

Mini Launcher is an original & customized launcher for Android 4.0+.It would give you the different experience with GO Launcher.

Main features:

1. Apply GO Launcher widget

2. Mini Sidebar

3. Scrollable Dock

4. New Apps

5. Rename APP and replace APP icon

6. Bulk Add

———————————-Written By the Last———————————-

Although we try our best to develop ,there is some bug inevitably .
If you find them, please email us(Mini Settings -> Feedback) to help us fix it. We hope to bring you a better Launcher in coming version.
Thanks very much.


  1. tux. says:

    Feature request: folders in the app drawer.

  2. 박지훈 says:


  3. Go says:

    mini launcher must support android 2.3 . overall a lot of people still in android 2,3
    one again we are very unhappy with mini launcher that aren’t support android 2.3 . Think about peoples. what kind people are you?

  4. shaymol mozumder says:

    place download

  5. Jan says:

    Please add android 2.3 support

  6. amiya says:

    i want it for android 2.3.6

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