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Toucher Pro User Guide


September 3, 2013 by admin

Hi, here is a brief user guide for Toucher Pro

Download it FREE from Google Play:


1. What’s Toucher pro

2. How to use Toucher pro

3. Q & A

1. What’s Toucher pro

Toucher pro is a small tool application which may maximize your Android multitasking capability. All the functionalities are fast accessible just in single touch away. It stays on top of everything, quick, easy and customizable. And we have dozens of theme styles for choosing.

Feature list:

- Quick access to most used apps or functionalities, such as weather, message, address book, screen locker, memory cleaner, flashlight, screenshot etc.
- Create your own shortcuts in one panel
- Shortcuts to 19 system switches, including WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Volume, etc.
- Fully customizable, changing tab colors, panel size, point size, etc.
- Supporting DIY point in Facebook Chat Heads and Android HOLO style.
- Virtual control keys to quick access to Home, Back & Menu (Rooted device needed)
- Various theme styles and skins (Keep increasing)

2. How to use Toucher pro?

  • Get start:

Once download Toucher pro, click the icon in app drawer, then you’ll enter the Theme setting menu of Toucher, and find a little cute point at the edge of the screen.

(Click the icon on the top-right to enter Preference menu of Toucher pro)

Click the point to get started — open the main interface of Toucher pro. Swipe down to check more features.



  • Main interface

In main interface, you’ll find the following features:

Lockscreen, Clean memory, Recent apps, Home, Flashlight, Theme settings, One-tap boost(Clean Master needed), Preference

For root users, you’ll have extra 3 features:

Back, Menu, Screenshot











For more features, click the tab buttons or swipe right or left. Right now we support 3 more tabs: Favor apps, Switches, Weather

  • Favor apps

In Favor app tab, we support 24 apps in 2 pages at most. Click to add, long press to remove


  • Switches

In Switch tab, you can swipe down to check more switches. We have 15+4 switches to use:

WIFI, APN, Brightness, Auto-rotate, Ringtone/Vibrate

Bluetooth, Airplane mode, GPS, Screenlight timeout, Haptic feedback

Battery, WIFI AP, SD unmount, SD mass, Auto-sync

Swipe down to use: Ringtone adjust for phone ring, media, clock, reminder


  • Weather

In weather tab, click the temperature to set location, temperature units, update frequency.(You can also enter in)



And we offer you various ways to make Toucher in your own style:

1. Theme settings – Point tab – DIY Point

In Toucher pro you can DIY point in Facebook Chat Heads and Android HOLO style:












2. Theme settings – Theme tab

All downloaded theme will be stored here, click to change.












3. Preference – Tab settings

You can select tabs and set color of tabs here. (Color: only default theme can be changed.)


4. Preference – Panel size

you can adjust the size of Toucher pro



3. Q & A

(To be continued)

Any further questions please let us know, you can leave your message here or send your feedback via


  1. Karen says:

    I like the new options especially DIY point. I now can have my most needed apps in one easy to use place. Nice work. Thanks

  2. swaemyae says:

    I don’t know this

  3. Anupam says:

    Hi, I was able to bring toucher quick window with two finger swipe down any where on screen. However now I don’t find that setting… can you please tell where is that?

    • admin says:

      1. Please upgrade to Toucher pro
      2. Update your GO Launcher to the newest version

      Then two-finger-gesture can be used properly.
      Any further questions please let me know. Thank you

      • Anupam says:

        Thanks for your reply. I don’t see toucher option in go shortcut under gesture setting. Any idea where to find it? I have toucher pro.

  4. Henn says:

    This is an app that I can actually get use of. If uddon’t know know u know!

  5. inigo says:

    do i need to have a rooted device

  6. yogus6666 says:

    i like this

  7. slayer says:

    Hola, la guía para usar TOUCHER PRO esta bien pero falta los comando o funciones ocultas, por ejemplo al pulsar 2 veces accedes al administrador de tareas.., si hay más comandos ocultos publiquenlos, gracias.

  8. robert lewis says:

    Hi, I am a reviewer and I just tried one touch for the first time. After 23 years of doing this you have an app that has such great potentiotial. It would be great if you cou ld add OT window page per window in home? Is there a way to increase the # of items in the app page or at least

    • robert lewis says:

      Sorry I hit the send button. What I was going to say was can you allow us to make more pages when you hit 28 apps? As I said earlier creating blank custimizable OT would totally change how we use it

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