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Here comes the GO Flashlight, the best flashlight you will ever have


October 16, 2013 by admin

Everyone needs a Flashlight!
Here comes a new product by GO Dev Team — GO Flashlight
Fastest startup,Strobe/Blinking mode,Screen Light and more

☆Fastest startup
☆Strobe/Blinking mode
~Swipe to change the frequency sensitively
☆Screen Light
~Uses your full screen as a light source (works on all devices)
~More than 10 colors
☆SOS Mode
☆1*1 widget
~Add a widget for quick access
☆ Elegant design.
~The most beautiful flashlight


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  1. Karen says:

    Really bright. Great color choices.

    • admin says:

      Dear user, Thanks for your support:) If you have any suggestions, Please feel free to contact us!

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