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Add Permissions for Better User Experience


April 9, 2014 by admin

Dear user, you may find that we add new permissions in GO Launcher EX V4.16 and wonder what these permissions for, and will these affect my dail usage? This post is to explain the questions your may concern. We ensure you that we do these only to provide a better user experience to you.

Over the past 3 years, we are keeping listening to our user’s voice and learn that most of them rely on the functions like flashlight and switch for daily usage. But it’s a little annoying that you need locate the app, download and install it from Play Store. Therefore, we plan to build-in the most frequently using tools and widgets in the new version. And this new feature requires some permission.

What are these permissions for?


GO Launcher EX is always devoted to improving the product and bringing a better user experience to you. Your understanding and support is appreciated.


  1. Cris says:

    Do we need a build-in Flashlight? NO!
    Do we need a build-in Calendar Widget? NO!
    Do we need a build-in Contact Widget? NO!

    Do we need a Launcher that’s emulate a Android OS in a Android OS? NO!

    We need a fast, customizable Launcher! Please Go Team, dont overdose Go Launcher EX anymore!

    • Karen says:

      +1 I totally agree. I definitely don’t need switch. It is easily accessible from my notification bar. I already use Go weather. I definitely do not need another flashlight application. Work on speeding up load times when changing Go launcher and Go locker themes. It is now taking several tries just to changes themes. Fix the issues with Go launcher, locker and weather themes that are not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy tab 3. I have been sending in multiple requests and nothing is fixed. This applies to themes from Go Launcher, Z.T.Art and Freedom Designs. Thanks

  2. John says:

    Absolutely right. Optimize, speed up the launcher but stop adding things where there is already a better app

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