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Toucher v1.7 beta — Point theme added & more


5월 28, 2013 by admin

Hi, Toucher v1.7 now on beta, adding a new feature: point theme!

To give your point a new look, find ‘point’ tab in Theme settings, we’ve already put in another 2 new types: ‘Lighteyes’ and ‘Metalswitch’, others will be released in next several days!

DOWNLOAD Toucher v1.7 beta


(Add) Point theme feature. Change theme for Toucher point

(Add) New theme — Hexa (now on beta).

(Add) three new languages: Italian, Portuguese, French

DOWNLOAD Toucher v1.7 beta

DOWNLOAD HEXA Toucher theme


  1. Carmelo말하길

    in hexa the option remember last page is not working

    please add a icon for open toucher

    fix the date problem in colorbar and blue light theme (it goes near the event description.. i sent you a screen via email feedback)

  2. sandyhadycool말하길

    GT SAMSUNG P6800

  3. hany말하길


  4. 张鹏말하길


  5. hades말하길

    I want toucher can’t be seen on go locker, locked screen.

  6. thiri말하길

    only i need you

  7. Line.Dev말하길

    sine 1 and a half day for now the GO Launcher Website is so slow that I cant even edit at least one of my themes. Nothing is working for me, no Go Locker Thheme Maker, no Go Launcher Theme Maker. Its very important for me to edit/update my Themes. Please find a solution for that problem. It seems like your server is really slow. I am using Google Chrome and I am from germany. I tried it with axthon too its so slow there aswell. It takes about 5 min to load a page of the Website. If I try to packaage or savea theme it say: Server is abnormal.
    My internet connection is fast and works fine. So its about your server. Is anyone other of you guys experiencing that problem too?
    Please help!

    Best regards

  8. 黎捷绳말하길


  9. dcombl말하길

    Please make the Toucher App and themes (code) separate, We would like to release Toucher Themes but due to the massive amount of code used per theme, it is not possible.

    Please speed up this process.
    We are eager to release new themes for your users.

    Thank you.

  10. tawthar 26t말하길


  11. Abioy말하길

    安装toucher 1.7后,来电界面无响应,删除toucher之后恢复正常。手机i9000,刷的RemICS 3.1

  12. abhishek말하길

    hiiii i want to devlop lock screen for go locker how can i make that by laptop

  13. 琪琪말하길


  14. 尼玛말하길


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