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Toucher v3.03 beta coming, ‘Panel Size’ and ‘Backup & restore’ added.


8월 15, 2013 by admin

Hi there, here comes Toucher v3.03beta.

(Add) Preference – Panel size

–now you can adjust the size of v3.0 UI panel

(Add) Preference – Backup and restore

–backup the whole settings of Toucher to SD card (favor apps, themes, point & panel settings, other options), restore those settings any time you want.

(Improve) Adjust the animation of weather tab

(Fix) Volume adjust sensitivity


Screenshot_2013-08-15-20-09-13 Screenshot_2013-08-15-20-09-29 Screenshot_2013-08-15-20-09-35 Screenshot_2013-08-15-20-09-42Screenshot_2013-08-15-20-09-49


  1. Karen말하길

    Download Here doesn’t work.

    • admin말하길

      Hi Karen, sorry for that, would you please try download it again? Thank you!

      • Karen말하길

        Thanks. Got the update notification from play store today. I like the ability to resize the panel. Still have to try the backup option.

  2. Gryme말하길

    Can’t download bad link!

  3. clem말하길

    …beta is coming !!! so be patient…

    • admin말하길

      Hi Clem, we’ve provided the new beta link for Toucher v3.03, would you please try it and tell us how you feel? Thank you!

  4. clem말하길

    …great Update to change panel size…
    in germany the new version avaible
    in the play store right now…

  5. John말하길

    Spanish language?

  6. Aman Dahiya말하길

    can you please new and more toucher pointers, like iphone ones and the option to use custom image

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