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(English) GO Launcher EX v4.13 beta4


2월 15, 2014 by admin

Sorry :(


  1. des말하길

    Still no widget overlap or reflection dock. Do u guys not know how to make these features?

  2. peter말하길

    Thought you guys were going to have full screen folders.

  3. PD말하길

    Hi Team..

    Sometimes I am not really sure what are u really focusing on?

    We as customers pay a good deal of money for the app and it seems like the lfeatures are simply not important!

    Really the below are important?

    Reduce the number of occurrences of the notification in theme preview;
    Remove the pop-up dialog of deleting screens;

    The 3D core has issues n nobody seems to be really worried about it.. Full screen folders… Dock to hold more 5 icons… Faster launcher… I as a developer myself see these important issues… Not sure why you as a great team is not interested in the above….

    Time to look at what a customer wants guys… Or the customer will try to find in other things what he really wants… Frankly I am on a verge of removing the launcher.. Frustrating even when I own a Galaxy S4

  4. Boris Gutovic말하길

    I had a Prime version of Go Launcher,now i have lost them,how can i return it. It was a giveaway version.

  5. Cris말하길

    Feature request :
    Lock desktop without lock functions in the app drawer!

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