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(English) GO Locker 3.0 Beta


5월 19, 2014 by admin

Sorry :(


  1. smpv말하길

    Holy… great.
    Just install not see problem yet
    And sorry my English not good

  2. Karen말하길

    I’m having a problem. I use a gesture to unlock my phone. When I try to unlock my phone the keyboard pops up over the gesture screen. Then I can’t use the gesture screen to unlock my phone. I have to press the home button to get to the phone unlock screen. Then I can unlock my phone. For security reasons I don’t use the Go Locker backup options to unlock my phone. I am using the phone’s keyboard. Can you add options to turn off the smart learning? Thanks

    • Karen말하길

      Oops I meant pattern not gesture. Now I can’t even use the phone unlock. I had to restart my phone.

      • Karen말하길

        Tried using pin and couldn’t get to all the numbers. Tried gesture worked once. Second time the phone crashed and had to pull the battery. I am uninstalling on my phone. Will try again if you can correct the problem. The keyboard is on the screen as soon as I turn it on.

        • admin말하길

          Hey, Karen.

          Can I ask what is your mobile phone model and your android system version? That would help us to fix the problems


  3. Karen말하길

    I tried one more thing before uninstalling. When I set my phone’s security to none or swipe the keyboard issue stopped. I would still want to be able to turn off the smart feature.

    • admin말하길

      Hi, Karen, we will try to fix these problems on the release version. Thank you very much for your feedback!

  4. Alexis말하길

    I think a good idea, but strange not having old central direct access to the phone, messages and Unlocking
    A shame that there are no
    Sorry for my English

    • admin말하길

      Hi, Alexis.

      Sorry that we have desided to change the way to unlock. We hope that you would like our new unlocking. But if you still want the old one back, you can use the old version or download some themes which have the unlocking just like the old version.

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

      • Alexis말하길

        Gracias por la respuesta,
        lamentablemente los otros themes no cuetan con algunas caracteristicas, como las notificaciones en pantalla y el poder llamar o ver la notificacion.

      • Alexis말하길

        Thanks for the reply,
        unfortunately no other themes cuetan with some features, such as notifications on the screen and be able to call or see the notice.

  5. pedja_pex말하길

    v3.0 is great, new design is beautiful.Thanks Go Dev,you are the best team on world :)

  6. Leandro말하길

    Hola, cuando estara disponible en version estable?. muy buenso todos sus productos.

  7. Josh말하길

    Opening camera from lock screen takes 1 picture and then exits the camera app. Also, it lags on opening. Not nearly as fast as HTC blinkfeed launcher/lock.

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