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(English) Go Locker3.09 Beta is released!


8월 15, 2014 by admin

Sorry :(


  1. GoGo말하길

    Really great. I have also installed go launcher and the only issue is that if you lock home key that then every time I press home key it looks like the launcher is coming from the bottom and sometimes it takes quiet long…Plesse try to find a solution

  2. Peter말하길

    love your product but have few suggest.
    1.On default theme wish you could adjust text size. Need it bigger. I can’t read at a glance
    2. wish it would display more then 2 notification lines.
    3. Would like to bypass lock screen (pin screen) with designated app (ie camera, phone)
    4. Weather forecast.
    5. Customizable second page of the locker. Don’t like settings and recent apps shown. Maybe widgets and gowidgets.

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