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  1. (Update)Mini Launcher V1.1 Beta


    August 17, 2013 by admin

    Download Mini Launcher and Download Mini Sidebar New features: 1. Apply GO Launcher Theme 2. Customize Screen Pages(Two fingers kneading) 3. Switch Fahrenheit to Centigrade if …
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  2. (New)Mini Launcher V1.0 has been Released


    August 10, 2013 by admin

    Mini Launcher V1.0 has been released in Google Play。 Download in Google Play. Or download here: download Mini Launcher and download Mini Sidebar. Mini …
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  3. Mini Launcher BetaV1.02


    August 8, 2013 by admin

    Update: Mini Launcher Beta V1.02 1. Fix bugs 2. Improve UI design 3. Improve interaction 4. Improve wallpaper scrolling 5. Add languages Click to download Mini Launcher and download …
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