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GO锁屏 V1.91 正式版发布


七月 26, 2013 by admin








  1. sylva说道:

    It’s a great one for Go_launch!I mean it’s a plight of fantasy

  2. XZM说道:


    • admin说道:


  3. 倪镒微说道:


  4. sudhakar rustum khillare说道:

    Jhhjhnubfjkohn lhvum

  5. Great work!
    I have one suggestion. Is it possible to make possibilities of change action of home button? When you are on the home screen in GO luncher the next touch of home button will start list of application?
    It is sad that my HW home button do nothing when I am on my home screen. ;-)

  6. zary说道:

    من یه گو لاکر ماه میخوم..مرسی

  7. lucas说道:

    I can´t bring the notification bar down while locked with the unlock with pattern setting on with this version of the locker. Please fix this

    • admin说道:

      Hello, may I ask is unlocked case you can not pull down the notification bar?

  8. cerita说道:

    ga bisa upgrade!! payah

  9. Venom说道:

    Where can i get the previous Default theme ( which was a lot cooler if you ask me )????

  10. Michael说道:

    When listening to a voice mail on Verizon visual mail, the phone will turn off the screen when placed next to your face then the go locker screen comes up and the voice mail will stop. Looked at setting can’t find anything that might relate to this. Another review mentioned this as well!! Incompatible w/ vzw visual vmail Stops playback of messages when putting phone to ear. Have to use speakerphone to listen. Devs unresponsive.

    • admin说道:

      Hello, please provide the phone model and the current use of the lock screen version, thank you

  11. MingZai说道:

    My Go Locker just keep crashing .
    My phone model is Samsung galaxy S2 .

  12. iraner说道:

    Hi I iraner
    I love all China and American just you
    Plz my country in your download

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