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GO锁屏 V2.0 正式版发布


八月 19, 2013 by admin








  1. Cris说道:


    Option to use actual Launcher background for ‘slide answering calls’. e.G. Live Wallpaper.

    Accept call directly with slide. On my HTC One S with Viper Rom i must on incoming call slide Go Locker and push call accept button.

    Whitelist for apps to bypass lockscreen. e.G AlarmDroid!

    Option to disable vibration when screen is off on touch
    On my HTC One S the sensor buttons vibrates on touch when screen is off! Not accu friendly!

    Support for the Active notifications App:

  2. matt说道:

    Yes it would be good if you can Support the Active notifications App:

  3. Vladimir Diderot Paulino Polanco说道:

    I am a lawyer, I am new to android, maybe I am wrong, but what I want to see in a launcher is a solid production focus, a nice and easy agenda, calendar and notes wisely integrated in the launcher. Thats all I wanted to say.

  4. Pablo说道:

    Esta bien pero lo tienen que pulir. Critica: Tiene errores importantes presionas el botón home estando bloqueado se abre la pantalla de tareas y se cierra otra vez, al igual que si intentas ver las notificaciones.
    Sugerencias: Estaría bien que para acceder a los widgets de la pantalla de bloqueo o abrir la camara no te pidiese el código o patrón de desbloqueo puesto que por el mismo método desbloqueas el teléfono y haces las mismas funciones.
    Deberían poner la opción de bloquear al encender(muy importante)

  5. Gladys Tan说道:

    Hi, I have purchased Go Locker theme RainbowBar last week and have emailed you 3 times but didnt get any reply from you. It is not working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Can you please advise me? Would much appreciate that. Thank you.

    • admin说道:

      Hello, I ask whether it can provide contact information? We will install this theme package sent to you via e-mail, thank you

  6. shaymol mozumder说道:

    plz download

  7. 乱嚣张说道:


  8. nicholas riddle说道:

    I need go launcher for my android smart phone.

  9. Stan说道:

    Go Locker 2.0 still prevents the “remote lock” feature of Where’s My Droid from working. That feature works correctly with the standard locker, but with Go Locker I lock the phone remotely, wait a bit, turn on the phone, and I get a message saying I’ve entered the correct PIN, even though I’ve never been asked for a PIN, and the phone is indeed unlocked and usable. Any chance you can fix this, or work with the Where’s My Droid developers on a fix?

  10. jimking81说道:

    Please add the possibility to show the weather (with themes that have this feature) using the wifi and finding my location from a list!!!

  11. Ben说道:

    I’d like a email notification instead of music on the locker. Any chances?

  12. 睡到昏迷说道:


  13. arif wahyudi说道:

    kenapa getjar tidak bisa di apply..

  14. lee说道:

    hi world 无法直接分享啊,好图片想从社交网络分享,但点进去都没反应。

    • admin说道:


  15. black heart说道:

    go locker

  16. Venom说道:

    Hello! GO Dev team, please tell us where can we download the previous default theme (the one where you have music controls when u slide on the clock), or what can we do to get it back. I, for example, find the previous default theme more practical than this new one. Thankyou.

  17. Taylor说道:

    Hi. I have the ZTE avid. anyone else having Screen Sleep issuses?? Please email me for any help i love this app but it kills my battery.

    • admin说道:

      Hello, may I ask what the specific problem? Whether the detailed description, thank you

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